Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mary J

Mary J Blige has done songs about being verbally and physically abused but she forgot to mention she was the abuser not the abusee. I saw a clip of her hitting her husband at her album release party. The bad press didnt hurt her album sales because there wasnt any bad press really. Chris Brown career is almost over for hitting Rihanna but Mary J gets a pass because she is a woman. Oprah has banned Chris Brown from her show so we will see if she has venom like that for Mary J too.

The titans had alot of dumb penalties and lost to the chargers on Christmas. I froze my rear off out there to watch a blowout. Chris Johnson is the only Titan going to the Pro Bowl unless a few get selected as alternates.

Alicia Keyes sold over 400 thousand,mary J over 300 thousand and young money cash money sold over 100 thousand all in their first weeks. After so many albums flopped this year these sales prove albums can still sell in this economy. Another megamillions winner in new york so congrats to the winner and nyc for being a lucky spot.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Reality Kicks In

Tigers wife wants 100% full custody and she wants the pre nup torn up so she can get 300 million(half his fortune)instead of the 80 million she thinks is chump change. The worst part of this new information is she said Tiger should only have "supervised" visits with his kids. Is this woman serious? I know alot of women especially the women Nancy Grace has on everynight hate Tiger and what he did but supervised visits with his biological kids is a crime. Just because a person likes to have alot of sex with consenting adults doesnt mean they will resort to becoming a pedophile. Not only a pedophile but with your own kids is just a prediction any person is wrong to jump to based on Tigers actions. The judge should toss any supervised visits talks out unless she can prove Tiger is a danger to his kids in anyway.

Some of the women Nancy Grace has on there riding Tiger like a rodeo show, are women who have never been married or are on their 2nd or 3rd husband. They may have cheated before and they are being hypocrites to paint Tiger as an animal who will have sex with anything even his own kids now. That is when the sensationalism goes too far and Tiger can end up looking like a victim. It happened with Barry Bonds the government kept going at his family and friends with threats if they didnt snitch on him meanwhile other players are breaking records using steroids and hgh and no one seemed to care. Barry came out looking like just another player instead of the only one cheating(if he did).

Another crazy story is I talked about Keith Bulluck in my last post and now he is out for the season with an injury. This was probably his last game as a Titan and it will be hard to win the last two games without him and David Thornton. The titans need 4 teams to lose out and the titans have to win out to make the playoffs this season. I will be at the game friday against the Chargers on Christmas screaming until I cant speak anymore. Its the last home game of the season so it will be nice if they win. It would have been nicer if Fisher had started vince young earlier to give the team a spark and they wouldnt need a miracle to make the playoffs. The titans also could have beat the colts and ran the table 10-6 to get a wildcard playoff spot. The chargers dont need the win but they are so talented and cocky they will want to play the starters the entire game. If one star gets hurt for the chargers it will be their own fault for not resting the players. They cant catch the undefeated colts anyway so they are just risking injuries unless they fear the players would get rusty and tight in the playoffs if they dont play for a few weeks now.

The title "Reality Kicks In" is about what happened when I was in line for the lottery today. I realized as the machine locked up and delayed my ticket printing that this could be anywhere,anytime and any lottery state. The same 2 seconds it takes to print my ticket, there are hundreds of men and women in other states and my own state buying their own ticket or tickets for the same game. Thousands of people hoping and praying during that same 5 minute span and multiply that by the hours and days between lottery draws, im going against millions of people and millions of tickets to win. I always felt like it was me against the ball machine or computer but its a whole lot more competitive when you factor in those people. The powerball is 106 million for this wednesday drawing and the megamillions is 162 million for this tuesday drawing. If the megamillions rolls over Christmas may have a 200 million jackpot up for grabs so check, or to see what game your state has or a state near you has.

I saw the "Lottery Changed My Life" shows on TLC again and when the lottery winnings bring drama some people say,"I wish I had torn the ticket up." How selfish can you get to tear up a winning ticket. When people hear that they are happy you blew your money and are suffering because you could have easily given that ticket to a charity or person who needed it. Lottery tickets are good, cheap presents but if that person wins be prepared if they dont give you some of the winnings unless you have a signed contract before. A persons word and a handshake is worth the paper its printed these days.

The holidays have the higest suicide rates so try to stay positive and you dont know what happens when you die so you may as well hang around here and spend time trying to improve the life you already have.
(Update Merry Christmas)

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Blind Side of remakes

The Blind Side is a big hit at the box office and people act like they are shocked. Im not surprised because "Webster" and "Different Strokes" were big hits and this is basically the same type story certain people love. The difference is webster and arnold didnt grow up to go to the alma mater of the host family which im sure was a coincidence*coughs* and they didnt become millionaires who could reward the family. Arnold and Webster were so small they would have to become jockeys if they wanted to shine in a pro sport.

So many kids need to be adopted so its great when good people take kids in. It has been said that some people are choosing kids they think will be great athletes and help out the family. I cant prove anything like that. Keith Bulluck(really nice guy) had a similar situation in his life and he plays for the Titans so ive met him and ive read about his background story. They could make movie out of his life if they wanted to but make sure the Titans win the super bowl at the end.

Elin Woods is turning into the new Rihanna according to the media. The real Rihanna isnt selling as well as she is being promoted plus she is half naked in mags,videos and everywhere you look. That innocent victim role was too "hard" for her to maintain for too long. The wild freak inside rihanna was dying to grab her ankles for the public again as soon as possible.

Tiger is allegedly heading for sex rehab now to try and get his wife back. Oprah has been suggested for Tiger too rehab his image but if his wife is leaving he should dodge oprah like she dodges treadmills. If his wife is going to leave anyway then why go on Oprah and get clowned. Tiger needs to be sitting next to his wife on Oprah so she can throw sucker punches at him like Robin Givens did Mike Tyson in that interview years ago. Elin is after the loot just like Givens except Elin has some sympathy while Robin is a machine designed to debone mens wallets from a mile away. Elin admitted she never dated or was attracted to black men before Tiger but something about him was different and not the money. Elin will file in California to get more money and also has a pre-nup that was recently redone to get more money but Jesper(golfer who introduced them while Elin was his "nanny") says she isnt about money...uh yeah right. Im not saying she is wrong but come on at least keep it real the money is what matters because people say she needs money to take care of her kids but Tiger is a billionaire those kids will never need anything. That money is so Elin can travel the world and ball like she was actually a famous model and not a nanny who took some model type pictures in high school.

Powerball is 92million and megamillions is 140 million so get those lucky Christmas,Hannakuh and Kwanzaa tickets to give out.(I dont know much about other religions except Christianity so if giving lottery tickets would offend your group dont do it. I dont want you blaming me for you getting cursed out by family,rofl.)

RIP Chris Henry

Monday, December 14, 2009

Open Season

Violence is still getting the double standard treatment. The same people who thought it was cool for Tigers wife to hit him with a golf club are defending a womans right to murder her husband. If a man has a weapon, is trying to strangle,drown or she is in immediate danger and she grabs a weapon and he dies that is one thing. Mary Winkler shot her husband in the back while he slept and she unplugged the phone so he couldnt call 911. Her young daughter also witnessed this murder but she only got 7 months and women in tennessee and around the country giving her a thumbs up.

When a man is dead you can say he beat you,yelled at you and raped you. Some of the women who use this defense dont have any witnesses to the abuse and no bruises. The man can have a clean police record but because she is alive and crying the jury or judge believes her. Tigers wife and the women who abuse and definitely the murderers are all wrong to respond with violence to a disagreement. The woman below wasnt in immediate danger she hired a man to kill her husband now she is trying to use that Mary Winkler joke of a trial to get off death row and out of jail. Men and women need to learn to walk away because right now courts favor crying women but you may be the one chick they decide to put on ice. Oh yeah the Open Season title was because its Open Season on men in america if women can walk free after murder.The money she used to hire a hitman she could have just hired a divorce lawyer.

Death-row woman plans a Mary Winkler defense
Monday, December 14, 2009 at 2:27pm
By E. Thomas Wood

With the state of Tennessee trying to set a date for her execution by lethal injection, convicted murderer Gaile Owens is pointing to the controversial case of fellow husband-killer Mary Winkler as one reason her sentence should be commuted to life in prison.
Owens, 57, was convicted in Shelby County in 1986 of being an accessory before the fact in the 1985 murder of her husband, Ronald Owens. Last week, Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper asked the state's Supreme Court to set a date of execution for Owens, arguing that she had exhausted her appeals.
In response, Assistant Federal Public Defenders Gretchen Swift and Kelley Henry today filed a motion asking the high court to give them until Feb. 5 to make their case on behalf of Owens. They argue that Owens is "the only Tennessee death row inmate who was offered a plea agreement to serve life in prison prior to trial (approved by the victim's father) and who accepted that plea offer because of her extraordinary remorse, only to be forced to trial based on circumstances out of her control."
Prosecutors in 1986 did offer both Owens and the man she hired to carry out the murder, Sidney Porterfield, life sentences in return for guilty pleas, contingent on both of them accepting the deal. Owens accepted, but Porterfield refused, and so the offer was withdrawn and the pair was tried jointly for first-degree murder.
Swift and Henry contend that "no court has fairly considered evidence that Ms. Owens was a battered woman — the victim of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse." They call the imposition of the death penalty on her "truly disproportionate" in comparison to the fate of Winkler, the Selmer, Tenn. woman who was charged with first-degree murder in the death of her preacher husband, found guilty of voluntary manslaughter, and released from prison after serving a seven-month sentence.
"Ms. Owens, a battered woman who accepted responsibility and a life sentence for her role in her husband's murder, is certainly not the first woman that Tennessee should execute after 180 years — especially when other similarly situated women, like Mary Winkler, have served less than one year in jail for similar crimes," the attorneys assert.
A year ago, the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of appeals rejected Owens' arguments that she had received ineffective assistance of counsel when trial counsel failed to adequately investigate her background and failed to overcome the state’s hearsay objection to one of her penalty-phase witnesses. That ruling also turned aside her claims that prosecutors violated her rights by failing to turn over letters between her late husband and his lover and that the trial court unconstitutionally prevented her from offering, as mitigating evidence, testimony that she wanted to plead guilty in return for receiving a life sentence.
Nashville-based Judge Gil Merritt dissented from that ruling, arguing that the court's majority opinion misconstrued the facts of the case.
In addition to revealing elements of Owens' defense strategy, her filing also corrects the historical record on the execution of women in Tennessee. Although it has been widely reported that Owens would be the first woman put to death by the state, her lawyers say in a footnote that four women were hanged in Tennessee between 1807 and 1820. Owens would be the first woman executed in the state for some 190 years.

2009 countdown
Thanks to everyone who bought picks at youcapper,of course you can too. I will start offering some free picks here in 2010. The titans won against the rams 47-7. Vince Young got hurt and Kerry Collins came in and slowed down the offense just in case Chris Johnson moved so fast you couldn't see him. Johnson needs to average 160 yards in the final 3 games to beat Eric Dickersons season rushing yards mark.

In music alot of albums have been flopping lately and of course the artists blame the label,fans being too dumb to follow the growth and in Chris Browns case he is mad at stores that wouldnt carry his music. Brown had to know that his career was almost over after Rihanna threw him under the bus and he should try to stay humble and "play the game" so he can get back in the door. The music industry is shady so you can do what they want or you can keep your pride and just drop hot music on small labels or give it away free on mixtapes. If you choose to make your living this way then you have to stay out of trouble and cant cross certain lines. Oprah coming down on Breezy was pretty much the end. If you see a guy dancing while working register 5 at a Walmart in Virginia then its probably chris brown.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Jersey Bore

I read a story that MTV's new show Jersey Shore is losing sponsors faster than Glenn Beck. The show is full of stereotypes about Italian Americans and groups are protesting. The same groups protested the Sopranos but you know Tony wasnt having that so they were shut down real quick. I like this story because it should wake black people up to be more vocal about shows that are ignorant and full of stereotypes and maybe they can change or be cancelled.

Spike Lee criticized Tyler Perry and Perrys response was,"That pisses me off because Spike is acting like those people dont exist." No one is denying there are blacks like the loud ignorant acting people in Tyler Perrys movies but why is it every tv show and movie he does. In Perrys mind its ok to exploit these stereotypes for profit because he has no shame. I can remember when Perry was on Tom Joyner after Dave Chappelle walked away from comedy central. Perry said,"I would do anything for 50 million dollars,Dave is crazy to leave." Perry has no shame or dignity he just cares about money and I dont care how many times he tosses in Jesus or a bible verse in his shows to justify that ignorance we all know he cares about green more than he cares about pride in his works.

On the bright side the megamillions is at 100 million right now and the powerball is 52 million. The numbers and stats given about lottery winners going broke and having a high divorce rate have been exposed as made up numbers. They were created by CPA's or financial people who wanted to scare people who have sudden wealth to hire them. Also the numbers were thrown around by certain religions to make their members think gambling and any money you win will curse you to failure. Now that we know those stats are fake and global warming stats have been faked too you just need to make your own decisions in life and use common sense. You live once so as long as you arent hurting anyone else emotionally or physically then do your thang.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Patronize the crew

Make sure you visit Amp's site and Ron Mexico's site. Tiger is up to about 10 women on the side and that doesnt count the women who were paid to sleep with him. Tiger should have stuck with the escorts full time so he wouldnt be in this situation of snitching. Some compared this to Tiger dad dying but no one would heckle a man for his dad dying but they will tease Tiger about nailing a Perkins waitress with the face of a 60 year old man.

The titans made mistakes and had bad play calls to help them choke against the colts. Now the titans need a miracle to get into the playoffs. I copied this from cbs:
New England: 8-8 beat jags
Bal:7-9beat pitt
Mia:8-8 beat jags and houston
NYJ: 7-9 beat cincy
Pitt: 7-9 beat mia
Hou: 6-10 beat new england
Oak: 6-10 beat denver and baltimore
Buff: 5-11 beat New England
San Diego: 9-7
Cincy: 10-6 beat San Diego

If all of that happens and the titans win out they would get in at 9-7.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VH1 goes hard

VH1 has helped Tiger Woods dirt come out to the public. Jamiee from the first season of Tool Academy saved evidence that she had sex with Tiger 20 times over a 31 month period 3 years after he was married. I dont know who does the screening for VH1 shows but they need raise. They had a future murderer on Megan wants a millionaire and now they had this homewrecker on Tool Academy.

I watched both seasons of Tool Academy and Tiger may want to get an STD test or two because Jamiee was involved in the biggest sex swap circle. Jamiee boyfriend was not only cheating on her he already had a girlfriend before he met her. So they kicked Jamiee off the show and brought out his oldest girlfriend. It sounds confusing but it reminded me of that sex circle chart they do when one person in a city has an incurable std and they make circle of each partner until they have about 300 names and a whiteboard of people who wont be able to sleep until their tests comeback clean.Tiger has apologized and if his wife allegedly beat him with a golf club after rumors of an affair but she may cut off a body part now that there is proof and an admission by Tiger.

Speaking of VH1, I watched the first season of Tough Love and now im watching season two. Taylor from season one is back and she looks busted now. The rapper Willie Northpole is dating her own the show right now but she looks awful compared to last season. She was the second hottest chick on the show last year now she is the worst looking and even the hosts mom looks better than her now. Life hit her ass like a ton of bricks.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Cheaters pay now?

The titans game was fun again. Vince Young took the titans 99 yards with just over 2 minutes left in the game to win it on 4th and 10/goal as time expired. CHris Johnson ran for 154 yards and a touchdown so he is leading the nfl in yards and on pace to make eric dickerson cry when he breaks his single season record. I was yelling and of course people were getting drunk and hugging.

The big story of the weekend off the field/course/court was Tiger Woods getting beat up by his wife or driving while impaired and crashing. I dont know if he was wasted like Gucci Mane or if he needs to start playing some of those beyonce songs to motivate him to leave an abusive household. I dont condone cheating but the correct response to a cheater is not violence so his wife was wrong if she hit him. Some women think the story is funny but most men dont. After the way Chris Brown was thrown under the bus by everyone in the media and entertainment industry its not cool to see women laugh this one off. The double standard is garbage and it should change. The mature reaction to a disagreement is to talk it out or to leave. I think Tiger was trying to leave but his wife and the golf club tried to change his mind in the street. His wife sounds like she has a better swing that David Duval but thats another story.

I remember the way women laughed at the lorena bobbit story and men thought she should be locked up for life. Chris Brown tried to defend his actions by saying Rihanna hit him first but people werent trying to hear that. Rihanna has a history of violence with her brother and other men she has hit with glasses,her fist and broken property but none of that mattered to the media. Even when she was making her album promo rounds to interview she knew that playing victim may help sell records but the real her started to come out when she started talking about loving casual sex and talking about the size of mens genitals. Chris Brown may never recover from this.

Tigers wife could be arrested if they can prove she hit him or caused that accident by hitting his suv. She should be arrested but Tiger is a rich man and he is saying the classic battered woman things like "my wife is a hero" and "it was all my fault". Many women and men everyday tell the police not to arrest the person who beat them because they love them and now Tiger is using his money to keep his wife out of jail. Tiger sent away the police times and wont let them see his face so actually his wife sent them away and she left the house but Tiger hasnt. This happened Friday and it took 13 hours for it to hit the media. So the police dont want to look like celebrity justice is getting her off but I know if police came to my house on a possible domestic abuse charge they would not leave unless im in handcuffs or I make a statement. Now after giving them the runaround all weekend tigers lawyers told him he doesnt have to talk and he is choosing not too.

TMZ is like the mob I dont know how they get all this stuff but they have been right on with the story so far as evidence comes out. Now the police "say" they are trying to get a search warrant for tigers security footage on his home and the medical records for the hospital.

Now to go in a different direction, I was watching Cheaters and at the start they said,"Some investigative services may be charged",What the....? I think they are covering their butts for the people who call and they waste money and man power following their spouse for a month and never catch them cheating. It still doesnt make it right. I guess Maury Povich will start charging men when the test says,"You are the father",since that makes it a more boring show without the drama of "you are not the father."

The cross selling of powerball and megamillions in the same states will lead to one national game in 3 years so I dont like that idea so I better try to win before that happens. I dont like the idea of trying to beat out 50 states for one jackpot. I heard discussion of a world lottery so that would be the end of my lotto days I would just start driving to a casino to gamble because if I buy a world lottery ticket and some skinny dude in Laos wins the jackpot ill be sick,rofl.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy your holiday weekend.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kobe the sensai

The titans just beat the texans on monday night football. Vince just said that Kobe Bryant gives him advice and just texted him. Of course now by relation I cant make fun of Kobe anymore since he is supporting VY. The titans are 4-6 and it would take running the table and other AFC teams choking for them to make the playoffs.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oprah shuffle

Oprah is planning to announce her retirement today effective september 2011. This will give her more time to spend with Gayle on an island in the pacific and whatever else she likes to do. She is getting big bucks to start her own network so the show may end up over there or she can just sit back get fatter and collect the Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz checks. They showed some of Oprah big moments and when they got to her failures they forgot to include the multiple molestation charges at her girls school in Africa. Oprah said she didnt want men or boys at the school so the girls would be safe but she didnt realize women can be sexual predators too. Its not really in Oprahs nature to speak highly of men unless you are President Obama.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chris Johnson and Bud Adams>>>

I just got back from the titans game and now they are 3-6 and 3-0 under vince young as the starter. Chris Johnson had 132 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving with 2 touchdowns. It was a about 70 degrees and the women must have known it because they were in shorts and skirts. Miss Black Tennessee was near my row so she would have made it a great game to be there even if they had lost,rofl. I dont play Fantasy Football because I dont know how to make any real money doing it but if you do play then Chris Johnson should have been your number one running back the last 3 weeks.

UPDATE: I just watched Bud Adams on youtube flipping the bills fan and players the bird. I saw the hookem horns symbol live but I was too busy flirting with girls to catch the funniest part live. Next time ill pay closer attention to owners box. The commissioner of the NFL was in his box so even if he laughed at him he will have to fine him anyway. I think it is funny but if it was another owner I may have a different opinion. He is 86 years old so at that age I would have a do wtf I want attitude too, especially if you are that rich.

UPDATE two: Bud Adams was fined by the NFL 250thousand dollars. That is the same amount the patriots were fined for the spygate situation. So either you overcharged Bud Adams or you undercharged the Patriots because they cheated their way to 3 superbowls so 250thousand isnt much to pay for 3 superbowl rings.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Knoxvilles finest

The video in this story is pretty crazy because the victims dont want to press charges. They arent doing it because they dont believe in "no snitching" they dont want the football team to lose. Three UT vol players tried to rob these two guys outside a gas station. Im a titans fan but if a titan sticks a gun in my face I dont think ill be as flip about it as these two guys.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

McDonalds Sweet Tea

I guess those mickey d's contests are real because a woman near me won the one million dollars. She bought a one dollar sweet tea and won a million bucks. She is 23 so she says she will buy a house,car and continue college. Of course the 19 year old in south carolina said the same thing and now he owns a wrestling league and live in tampa bay with a new baby and wife.

The titans won sunday in san fran so next up is T.O. and the bills sunday. It will be another classic game so the old oilers jerseys will be on and they havent won a game this year in those things. A 21 year old guy Joe Cada just won the world series of poker. He is the youngest winner ever. He had to give up half his 8 million in winnings to his friends because they gave him half of the entry fee. They do none of the work and get half his money they sound like an ex-wife in california, ba-zing.

Happy Veterans Day and thanks for your service to our country.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Congrats Yankees on 27th Championship

The yankees won their 27th world series championship last night. I thought about how so many people said george was crazy to get rid of joe torre and bring in joe girardi. Girardi just won a world series and no matter how much success torre had in the past, it was time to move forward.

This situation reminds me of the titans thinking about firing a popular coach like jeff fisher. Torre is a hall of fame manager with many championships but fisher on the other hand has had six winning season in sixteen seasons and no playoffs wins since 2003. Fisher has a big ego and acts like he is the best coach ever but Bud Adams is waking up to the facts and you cant argue with the lack of playoff success under Fishers reign.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lotto vote

The powerball and megamillions both being sold in tennessee could be months away. The vote happened Monday now they just have to prepare the machines next year. North Carolina thinks they will be ready by January 31st so maybe Tennessee can beat them by a week.

"On Monday, Nov. 2, the Tennessee Education Lottery Board of Directors today unanimously voted to offer a second mega-jackpot game in Tennessee, which is expected to bring an additional $10 to $15 million annually to education programs in the state.
“Bringing Mega Millions into our portfolio of games is a win for both players and education,” said Rebecca Hargrove, President and CEO of the Tennessee Lottery. “It’s clear that large jackpots generate excitement in Tennessee. Adding Mega Millions will mean more sales and additional dollars for the education programs we fund.”
The decision to allow states the option of offering both Powerball and Mega Millions has been prohibited until a recent agreement was reached in a joint meeting of all U.S. lottery jurisdictions. Although additional details must be finalized, Tennessee Lottery fans can expect to begin playing Mega Millions in early 2010.
“It’s clear that a large percentage of our players support a mega-jackpot game, and I’m optimistic about the success of adding another such game,” said Hargrove, who is Chair of the Powerball Group and has been a longtime and leading proponent of cross-selling both games.
Mega Millions is currently played in 12 states with a combined population of 160 million. Powerball is currently available in 33 jurisdictions (31 states plus the District of Columbia and Virgin Islands) with a combined population of 125 million. The current Mega Millions jackpot is $50 million; the current Powerball jackpot is $66 million."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Titans win, Titans win!!!

I just got back from LP Field and VInce played well chris johnson rushed for 228 yards a new franchise record. The defense and special teams played well too. I know this makes them 1-6 but let me celebrate for a night,rofl. Its november already and make sure you turn your clocks back one hour.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

UT Black Jerseys

The titans are 0-6 but finally the owner forced jeff fisher to start vince young so we will see if vince can save the season again like he did his rookie year. Fisher waited until thursday to announce vince the starter so instead of 2 weeks for vince to get ready he has 2 days as the official starter so he is being set up to fail so fisher can try to say." I told you so." Ill be there probably in the rain sunday so Go Titans!!!

The Tennessee Vols are wearing their black jerseys tonight and they look really good. I may actually buy one they look so good. Lane Kiffin was name dropped in a Lil Wayne mixtape song and the people of this state love football so much they put the lil wayne name drop in the paper. They said it may help Kiffin with recruiting and Kiffin already thanked lil wayne. The titans had some special red jerseys years ago but they never wore them so it would be nice to see them rock something new anything but those cursed oiler jerseys they keep throwing back to. Kiffins wife was the topic of an internet lie that said she would pose in a sports illustrated swimsuit issue. She denied it but alot of guys around the country were hoping it was true. As soon as their plane touched down for his press conference this year Kiffins wife was one of the top ten hottest women in the state.

I was in the Dollar General store today balling out of control like I always do,rofl, and I noticed a Tennessee Lottery machine. The lotteries across the world cry foul whenever people say they target the poor but come on how else can you explain it in a Dollar store? I bet there are no lotto machines in upscale stores with valet parking and with fresh rose petals on your way to the dressing room. I dont see it as wrong or illegal it may be morally or ethically wrong but I just want them to admit they do it. Poor people wont stop playing if they admit it just like the rich wont stop playing out of guilt of not really needing the money.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

59-0???/ Limbaugh facts

The titans got beat historically on sunday. 59-0 is the worst beating of any team in nfl history since 1976. Bud Adams was in houston swimming in his money vault like Scrooge McDuck so he didnt care. Kerry Collins had negative seven passing yards on Sunday but Fisher is still going to start him. Im looking for any excuse to not go to the rest of the home games until Vince Young starts or Jeff Fisher gets fired. This guy has won 2 playoff games since losing the superbowl and no playoff games won since 2003.

This team is on a rocket path to becoming the LA Titans in a few years because when the fans stop selling out games and the NFL forces blackouts Bud Adams or if he is dead his family will sell off the team to an owner who will keep them in nashville or the team will move to LA or whatever city wants a team. Houston lost the Oilers/Titans and the NFL gave them another team so the only hope here would be the NFL gives nashville another team. The worst thing about Tuesday is instead of showing Shark Tank on ABC locally they show Jeff Fisher Live. The last thing I want to watch after a Titans loss is Jeff Fisher acting cocky like he can do no wrong. Right now I see the offensive and defensive coordinators are on here so maybe Jeff ducked out like he did sunday after the game when he dodged the radio interview. They are on here laughing and joking around I want to throw the tv out the window."The game kept snowballing", really you are joking around after a big loss like this. You dont care,the other coaches dont care,the owner doesnt care and the players know it so they dont care anymore. Fisher showed up and danced around the softball questions.

The Florida Powerball was won by a rich doctor. They showed his 3 million dollar mansion in a gated community. He has been married for 3 years so he wont be smiling if the trophy wife leaves with half his money and the first wife goes to court to get more alimony. He didnt need the 232 million dollars but he bought a ticket like the rest of us so congratulations to him. Of course the other millions of people who pray for a lottery win because they are unemployed or barely making it check to check in this economy may have deserved it much more and also they may now become atheists over this but hey he bought his ticket and the island he buys to store his wifes shoes is his business you know. Some lottery players were upset with a child molestor in michigan who won the lottery and his victim was encouraged to take him to court to get some of the money but legally he was a free man and had paid his debt to society. So all lottery stories are going to be heartwarming Disney tales folks.

Oreilly and Limbaugh said they couldnt find any racist comments or racially insensitive comments so Media Matters was nice enough to find 28 for them and I put them below:

"Media Matters has documented at least 28 examples of Limbaugh making racially charged remarks
Limbaugh has an extensive history of making racially charged remarks about minorities. Media Matters has documented numerous examples of Limbaugh's racially charged and insensitive remarks about minorities, including his comment that "in Obama's America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering" [The Rush Limbaugh Show, 9/15/09] and that "Obama's entire economic program is reparations" [The Rush Limbaugh Show, 6/22/09]. Examples include:

•"We are being told that we have to hope [Obama] succeeds, that we have to bend over, grab the ankles ... because his father was black."
•"I do believe" Obama is an "angry black guy."
•"[I]n Obama's America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering."
•"Obama's entire economic program is reparations."
•Obama is "more African in his roots than he is American" and is "behaving like an African colonial despot."
•Obama is "Halfrican-American."
•"Obama has disowned his white half ... he's decided he's got to go all in on the black side."
•Sotomayor "a reverse racist" appointed by Obama, "the greatest living example of a reverse racist."
•Obama "wants us to have the same health care and plan that he had in Kenya" and "wants to be the black FDR."
•Latching onto LA Times op-ed, Limbaugh sings "Barack, The Magic Negro."
•"God does not have a birth certificate. Neither does Obama"; Obama "has yet to prove he's a citizen."
•Limbaugh on Gates controversy: "Here you have a black president trying to destroy a white policeman."
•Limbaugh suggests Obama would not have acted on Somali pirates if he'd known they were "actually young, black Muslim teenagers."
•Limbaugh suggests Democrats, media believe "you can't criticize the little black man-child."
•"The government's been taking care of [young blacks] their whole lives."
•"The days of [minorities] not having any power are over, and they are angry."
•"[M]inorities never do anything for which they have to apologize."
•Limbaugh: "The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well."
•Limbaugh says "NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips."
•Limbaugh declares basketball "the favorite sport of gangs."
•Limbaugh invented "racial component" to Hackett's decision to withdraw from Ohio primary race.
•Limbaugh on Survivor series: "African-American tribe" worst swimmers, Hispanics "will do things other people won't do."
•Limbaugh suggested Colin Powell only supported Obama because of race.
•Limbaugh: Gates is an "angry racist."
•Limbaugh called illegal immigrants an "invasive species."
•Limbaugh repeatedly calls Native Americans "Injuns."
•Limbaugh says Democrats' interest in Darfur is securing black "voting bloc."
•Limbaugh says that if "feminazis" had remembered to oppose "affirmative action for black guys ... they wouldn't face the situation they face today."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Limbaugh dumped

Limbaugh was dumped from his group who put in a bid to buy the Rams. Rush turned it around and said he is a victim and this was an order from the White House. That makes no sense when Goodell is so conservative along with his wife and most of the owners in the league. Rush Limbaugh knows what to say to get press to cover him and of course im talking about him too.

Wisconsin won the powerball last night so its back down to 20 million but that megamillions is still 200 million for friday night. A woman in Ohio with a mental illness started a riot in Burlington Coat Factory when she said she would pay for any persons items under $500 because she just won the lottery and didnt want the money. She pulled up in a limo so that had people fooled but the limo driver took her to the bank and found out she was lying so he called the cops. People ran out of the store with stolen goods after the hoax was revealed. After such a great lottery story yesterday about the powerball and megamillions selling in the same state in 2010 and probably the biggest one I have heard since tennessee getting the lottery. Its unfortunate to hear a story like this but its more about mental illness and the need to get treatment to those in need than it is a lottery story.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Powerball and Megamillions in same states???

(The story below from LotteryPost is big news because it would mean no more long drives for tickets. I mention the possibility in some states of it happening but now it could happen next year in any lottery state even here in Tennessee. The megamillions rolled over to 200 million so get your tickets before friday night and Powerball is 30 million for tonights drawing)

"They are the two "marquee games" in American lotteries: Mega Millions and Powerball. Each lottery state currently has one, but not the other. However, the Mega Millions consortium and Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) have reached an agreement in principle to cross-sell Mega Millions and Powerball in all U.S. lottery jurisdictions.

The agreement means that lotteries from across the United States, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, will be able to choose to offer their lottery players both jackpot games via their respective retailers.

States that currently sell Powerball and other lottery products will have the opportunity to begin offering Mega Millions tickets to their players via authorized lottery retailers. As a result of this agreement, Mega Millions states will then be able to offer the Powerball game to complement their existing game mix. No firm date has been set for implementation, although it is hoped that it could be in early 2010. It is also hoped that this could be the beginning of several joint initiatives.

"Lottery Post members have been waiting for this day to come for years," said Todd Northrop of Lottery Post, the Internet's largest community of lottery players.

"This new agreement will not only generate more player excitement, but should increase sales of both games, as players will have access to a mega-jackpot game four days per week, instead of just two."

"For states with computerized drawings, the addition of another game with real ball drawings should also help bring more players back to the ticket counter," Northrop added.

Mega Millions is currently played in 12 states, with a combined population of roughly 160 million. Powerball is currently available from 33 lotteries (31 states plus the District of Columbia and Virgin Islands) with a combined population of roughly 125 million.

At first, both could in effect become national lotteries, if all or nearly all of the existing jurisdictions — including the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands — elect to participate. More than 285 million people live in areas with these lotteries.

But an even bigger game is in the works as well.

"If we develop a national game, it will probably be at a different price point," said Tom Shaheen, president of the Powerball group. "It might be $2. It might be $5. It will be a single game, but we haven't worked out all the details of that yet. The other two games, I believe, would remain intact."

Such a super lottery could happen by next fall, said Chuck Strutt, the Powerball group's executive director.

The hope is to raise more money for state treasuries.

In March, New Jersey Gov. Corzine's proposed budget suggested adding Powerball as a way to raise $10 million more a year for coffers of New Jersey, one of the 12 Mega Millions states. Other states, including Massachusetts, had similar budget assumptions.

One reason revenues should rise is that as jackpots soar, so do ticket sales.

When Mega Millions rolled over last night, its jackpot grew by $30 million, because it was already huge. As a result Friday's jackpot will be $200 million.

(Last night's numbers: 17, 31, 34, 45 and 51, with a Mega Ball of 24. Ten tickets won $250,000.)

Powerball, on the other hand, grew by "only" $5 million on Saturday night, because its jackpot was relatively low. Tonight's annuity jackpot is $30 million.

Increased sales should also mean giant jackpots would rise much faster — and get hit much sooner — perhaps heightening the frenzy.

Small jackpots, on the other hand, might grow more slowly as they wait for the higher payout to reboot.

Such consequences might spur modifications to either or both games, as well as lead to new games.
Although states do not have to opt in, they'll probably be under great pressure to do so, for fearing of losing revenue.
One impetus for the merger came from observations that many people crossed state lines to chase giant jackpots.
If New Jersey, New York and Maryland offered both games and Pennsylvania didn't, Pennsylvania's lottery revenues might fall, as people from neighboring states buy Powerball tickets at home."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

0-5 is a joke/Goodell wants Limbaugh

The titans are 0-5 and I had to watch this blowout in person sunday night. Fisher put Vince Young in once the game was basically over and he put Lendale White in with him instead of Chris Johnson. Titans fans want to see Vince Young and Chris Johnson in the same backfield with their speed not the same lineup from 2008.

Goodell came out to say owners shouldnt say anything negative about Limbaugh. Goodells wife works as an anchor/reporter for Foxnews and Limbaugh is a god to them so the writing is on the wall that this deal will get close to going through. The owners are rich and some even Billionaires so most people with that amount of money are republicans because they believe in helping the rich get richer and stay rich. The San Diego Chargers owner and team have donated more money to the republican party than any other NFL team. Sharpton popped up in this now so I dont know if that will motivate people to support Limbaugh or go against him. Sharpton was last seen hosting WWE Monday Night Raw as the fans decided to boo him. I dont know how this will turnout but it is an interesting story.

You lucky people in Massachusetts,Michigan,Texas and Maryland will be getting Powerball to go with your Megamillions jackpots next year. It would be nice if Tennessee had both multi state games so I could save gas instead of driving to georgia or illinois for tickets when the megamillions is high. Right now powerball is 30 million and megamillions is 170 million.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Limbaugh hits roadblock

A few NFL players are saying they wouldnt want to play for Rush Limbaugh if he buys the Rams. This is big news because Tiger Woods who never stands up for anything has made a billion dollars(before taxes) over the course of his career. That kind of news plus Michael Jordan before him never taking a stand makes alot of athletes want to stay as marketable as possible. By "marketable" that usually means doing backflips,tap dancing and smiling more than Cuba Gooding Jr during an Oscar speech and in every movie he made since Boyz N the Hood.

A player cant help it if he is drafted by a Limbaugh owned team but they can avoid going there as free agents and if drafted they can leave when the contract is up. I watched PTI and Wilbon took the stand against Rush owning a team. Wilbon pointed out that people keep talking about the McNabb comments only but Rush makes offensive comments against blacks everyday especially the current president. Playing the "Barack The Magic Negro"song,"The NFL is like Crips and Bloods fighting without weapons", are just a few of his insulting comments. Rush also told a black caller to take the "bone" out of his nose.

Kornheiser trotted out the "if you meet him in person he is so charming" lame excuse but Wilbon stood his ground and shocked me. Kornheiser admitted he was impressed to see athletes coming out swinging on real issue like Jim Brown and Ali used to. In the 80's and 90's the pro players just wanted to shoe deal and commercial so they didnt want to ruffle any feathers by having an opinion. Jordan really influenced Tiger Woods because Jordan famously said "Why should I care about Dr. King I never met the man?" and he also said "Republicans buy shoes too." Which of course is true all political parties buy shoes but "no comment" makes you sound like less of a jackass.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

You are not ready for a game show

I was flipping between Court tv and Bernie Mac and I caught a glimpse of something shocking on Family Feud.

Host: "Name a city famous for music?"
Contestant whose race will remain anonymous:"Florida!!!"
Host:"I dont know if Florida is famous for music or if it is a city now but show me Florida"
Incorrect Buzzer:"Buzz,Hell no,Buzz"

Honestly if they put up "DUMBASS" in big red letters on the screen I wouldnt have minded at all.
Let me breakdown the comedy of the "Fail" and what he meant which even im ashamed to admit I know. Im assuming he meant to say Miami. Even if he meant Miami I think he meant Uncle Luke,2 Live Crew,Trick Daddy and Trina type music. This isnt BET man Family Feud isnt thinking that way. Even if he was thinking of the latin music down there the islands of origin would get more credit for the music than a city in Florida. The only reason this is so funny and you have to hunt it down on youtube(when someone smarter than me puts it up) is because the host of the Family Feud is that J Peterman guy from seinfeld. The look on his face when he said that line should win him 3 emmy's.

You dont have to be a genius to go on a game show but make sure before you go that you consider your audience and the best answers to win. You also dont have to be a genius to play the lottery and that has been proven by the 97% of people who win millions and are broke 3 years later. The megamillions is 145 million and the powerball is down to 25 million.

The jets traded for Braylon Edwards. So the 3-1 NY Jets can trade after only one loss but the Titans are sticking with what they have after opening up 0-4? Thanks for nothing Jeff Fisher(I reserve the right to change my opinion if a miracle happens and they make the playoffs and win).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Anti Semitism>>>Racism?

I was watching PTI today and Tony Kornheiser was talking about how Rush Limbaugh isnt a bad guy and should be able to buy the St Louis Rams. He said it wasnt a big deal what Limbaugh said about Donovan McNabb that eventually got Rush fired from ESPN. Of course Mike Wilbon smiled and agreed with him but Mike is so mad when a young black athlete skips college to go pro and become a millionaire(has nothing to do with this topic but just shows you what a horses ass and sellout wilbon is). Tony and Wilbon dont think racism exists anymore because he also defended Bruce Pearl a few weeks ago when Pearl made a joke about a member of team being in the KKK or related to people in the KKK. I didnt think it was funny or cute because I live in Tennessee(same state Pearl was talking about) and I dont think there is anything funny about lynchings and cross burnings and other murders the KKK have admitted to and promise the world they will do more of.

Kornheiser said Pearl is welcome on his show for life and its just a coach with "personality". I remember a group who had ties to Nazis 70 years ago tried to buy the rights to Giants stadium recently and Kornheiser talked about that for 2 weeks and eventually the deal fell through because Jews in NYC shut it down. I really want to win the 100 words on Deadspin so I can blast Kornheiser and ESPN for being so relaxed on racism against blacks but anything they think is anti semitism they are allover that. Pearl is jewish just like Kornheiser and so is the heavyset and infamous Dana Jacobson who was given a pass and kept her job for saying "F-Jesus" and other offensive things to Christians(ESPN DOESNT CARE ABOUT CHRISTIAN PEOPLE). I think both racims and anti semitism are still alive but if you work for ESPN unless it offends you directly then you think everyone else is just too sensitive. Bobby Bowden was asked a question by a female reporter and he said,"Just like a woman" so of course ALL the women at ESPN now are calling him an old sexist. When you as an ESPN employee get offended thats all that matters at ESPN so this network keeps getting more powerful and more evil. So to wrap this up ESPN thinks racism is dead and black men are too sensitive and need to get a sense of humor but sexism and anti semitism is alive and well,gtfoh. All 3 still exist in some form but ESPN only wants them to work to their benefits.

UPDATE: All that crap ESPN said about not covering Erin Andrews or Ben Roethlisberger because of the legal case has been proven wrong again because Miguel Cabrera had a wild weekend with no charges filed and ESPN covered it. Also Braylon Edwards had an incident that he allegedly punched Lebron James friend with no charges filed but ESPN didnt mind reporting both of these rumors the next day like facts but when they had the EA and Ben cases they ignored them for a long time to protect the possibility her tapes implicated ESPN insiders and Ben was the first guest on Shaq's show on ABC(under the disney umbrella with ESPN). ESPN has so many conflicts of interest and you cant trust anything they say because they will omit whatever will cost them money or bad press. The internet is the only place sports fans can locate the truth because ESPN wont give it to us.

Monday, October 5, 2009


The titans havent won a playoff game since 2003 so Fisher needs to do something soon. I wondered how the titans would react after losing the first game on offense,second game on defense and third game on special teams. They lost this game by all 3 phases of the game failing. The jags stomped the titans out. Garrard threw for almost 400 yards and 3 touchdowns. The next two games are against peyton manning and tom brady. The colts game is a code blue on sunday night and that means all of us loyal home fans wear light blue and its the NBC sunday night game so the titans have to play well since the entire nation will be watching and the stands will look like an ocean. Fisher finally made the local media mad enough to criticize him. He pulled the old"I already answered your question" card. So the media hates that from terrell owens and Fisher did it too.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good tv?

Im watching "Rehab party at the hard rock"(court tv/tru tv) and this season is getting really bad now. Anytime I see Deebo I know its scripted so poorly that I think 3rd graders wrote it. Its ok for reality tv to be scripted but the stuff they have Deebo going through each week is insane and making me feel dumber for watching it. No matter how bad the writing gets you know its an hour of drunk sweaty women in bikinis so thats a positive in my book. The simpsons,cleveland show,family guy and american dad(fox) were all new sunday night but after that titans choke job(they have led in each of the 3 losses) I just fell asleep and missed the shows. Ill have to catch up on First 48 also has new episodes.

Its "always sunny in philly"(FX) started back up too and when tv is just awful like it normally is I can watch football on the weekends. A new show called "2 months 2 million"(G4) gets you excited about playing online poker again. They rented out a mansion in vegas for the summer and they are trying to win 2 million in online poker in 2 months. They are in las vegas so they keep getting sidetracked by hot women who believe it or not are attracted to millionaires wow what a shocker. "South Park"(comedy central) and "Parking Wars"(A&E) will start up in october so watchable tv is finally around the corner.

"Surviving Disaster"(Spike Tv) is really good and its useful information just in case. Also on Spike im watching ultimate fighter for the first time ever and its ratings are higher than ever so others want to see Kimbo Slice as much as I do. Even if he loses they need to have him in the UFC because a fight between Kimbo and Brock Lesnar would be the biggest pay per view in MMA history. The show wont have the usual coaches fighting at the end because rampage jackson left ufc for good to play Mr. T on the "A team" remake. If the roles in hollywood dry up he may have to crawl back like Tito Ortiz had to do once he knocked up Jenna Jameson and needed more money.

Behind the Music with Bobby Brown didnt disappoint. The Lil Wayne one didnt tell me anything I didnt know but that Bobby Brown proved he is lucky to be alive. Bobby said he would see someone driving a car after a concert and he would buy the car with cash, drive it around all night and then leave it in whatever city it was. He doesnt know how many cities it happened in and cars he abandoned over the years. I watched a documentary on CNBC "Dirty Money" it was about high end prostitution and it was pretty good. It reruns october 6th at 9central10eastern. I dont believe the women who write the books and show their faces but the disembodied voices of women still working in the business online were very believable.

Update: I left off "Shark Tank"(ABC) its a good show. They had a show with George Foreman that was alot like this but it wasnt this good. Now they have one guy Kevin O leary who I think was on the Joan Rivers show "How did you get so Rich"(TV Land). The African American man on the show is one of the guys from FUBU. He keeps bragging about doing 6 billion in sales which is impressive but its 2009 homie and Dave Chappelle turned wearing FUBU in america into a punchline years ago. 6 billion is still alot of money. The powerball rolled over to 190 million so thats my best chance of getting rich like the FUBU guys "say" they are.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Titanic like season

The titans are 0-3. It has been pretty ugly around nashville. Most of the people who defend Jeff Fisher,Chuck Cecil and Kerry Collins are finally turning around and wondering if this team can bounce back. They lost the first game because of no offense, the second game because of no defense and the third game because of special teams. That has to be some kind of NFL record for failure.

I dont know how Deadspins new comment ninja work but I had about 4 comments approved this weekend for the first time since my banning. The guys thought I was funny or they just wanted a chance to take pity on an underdog. The megamillions is 88 million and the powerball is 170 million. Deadspin has a new "bad beats" gambling stories on tuesdays so ill keep you posted if they print one of my stories of losing money.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update day JVM,Lottery winners

Ok ill update the JVM show and give out some credit along with updates on the Bronx lottery winner and South Carolina winner trying to be a young Vince McMahon. So I woke up and caught the end of the JVM update tonight on the Hofstra rape and I gave credit to police in the last article but I was wrong. The prosecution pressed the woman on her stories getting confused and told her about the tape and she decided to come clean. The police are the ones who held a press conference after only 2 days and showed the mens faces and names to the world. The police also went into intimate details of what happened in the bathroom according to the woman. Jane Velez Mitchell brought up a good point about how the police here acted and the police in the Yale murder acted. They didnt release names of suspects at Yale and they waited on DNA evidence to comeback. The accused murderer was freed and spent time at home while these accused rapists were shown to the world as "monsters". JVM said race could have played a factor but its sad that innocent men went through this. JVM threw most of the blame on the cops but at least she did a story talking about the false claim being exposed. Ive learned to settle when it comes to the media being fair and unbalanced.

Jimmy Groves was being honest when he said he was the winner of the Megamillions half in the Bronx. To come forward before the press conference and then doing a press conference doesnt make sense if you really hate the attention and people asking for money like he said. Half of his neighbors are saying move away while the other half are saying "spread the wealth" to them. Good luck Jimmy to you and your family.

I thought the only millionaires I would read about on Deadspin were athletes and owners(most are billionaires but still complain players are overpaid). Today the site came full circle to all my interests(lottery,sports,women,making bad decisions with money and women) by posting a link to an article about Jay Vargas. You may remember he is the 19 year old South Carolina powerball winner who said he would go to college with his money and learn how to make it grow. Well something happened on his way to the freshman dorm...he bought a wrestling league/reality show. "Wrestlicious" is the name of the show and you can see episodes on youtube right now. The owner is named "JV Rich". The story says he is the youngest powerball winner ever so congrats on that part but it also says he is married now so that was fast man. He said he was single at the original press conference so she moved in fast on him. He also moved to Tampa,Florida. I have heard of younger winners of the lottery but I guess they werent powerball winners. He won 17 million but I dont know how much he has left now.

Update: Big Ben is still running around in the pocket looking for open wide receivers a week later thanks to Chuck Cecil only rushing 3 and 4 lineman. Guess what Chuck 5 is more than 4 or 3 thats why the 5 steelers lineman were able to block your 4 or 3 defensive lineman. You dont have albert haynesworth demanding a double and triple team anymore so guess what try to mix in a blitz or two at the end of the game so the titans can win. If that game was played at home the titans may have gotten booed again. I would never boo the titans but I wouldnt have been sitting there complaining. Ill be out there probably in the rain sunday so try to beat the Texans this year and not choke like the end of last year. Titans players and coaches keep saying that this years team is better than last years team but you beat pittsburgh last year and you lose to them this year so start backing up your talk on the field. I dont know if next season will be uncapped but if it is and eventually every season after is uncapped then cheap Bud Adams will put me and my friends out on the field before he pays a good player the money they deserve. An uncapped year sounds like a dream to the redskins owner dan snyder and the cowboys owner jerry jones but the small market teams with cheapskate owners see our tickets being worthless because we can watch your teams lose from the comfort of our own homes.

Clear Your Name/Yeezy not a criminal

The past few nights Jane Velez Mitchell has taken her man hating to another level and she has declared a "War Against Women". One of the stories she lumped in with the murder at Yale was a story of a woman who claimed she was raped on a bathroom floor at Hofstra. JVM called the 5 men "monsters" and other names and she showed their faces everynight on the air. Other news organizations didnt show the faces because the men hadnt been convicted of anything. Well in a few hours I will see if JVM apologizes to these men because now the "victim" has changed her story. The police noticed her story kept changing and when the told her there was cellphone video of the incident she now admits that it was concentual sex with FIVE MEN at one time.

When people are found innocent it doesnt get the same coverage as the original story so I doubt JVM will even bring it up. She would have to change the show from War against women since made up stories like this and women blaming the wrong guy as the father of their child intentionally dont make national news. The poor guys cant file charges against this woman for ruining their names. For the rest of their lives when some employer,girlfriend or even their kids Google them they will see a rape incident first and maybe the retraction further down. Richard Jewel in atlanta was thought to be the bomber of the olympics in 1996 but he was found innocent. I cant remember the name of the real bomber but I remember Mr Jewels name. Thats why Richard Jewel won a lawsuit and he is living off that money because he would have a hard time getting another job in america. If a woman allows you to pay child support knowing its not your child you should be able to charge her with fraud and get some of that money back(in a perfect world). Just because those 5 guys chose to get freaky in a bathroom like Humpty Hump they shouldnt have had their faces shown all over the country and world by JVM until they were convicted. This rush to get news out is insane and violating many rights. JVM has a passion for hating men and she needs to issue an apology right away.

Speaking of apologies I never thought I would have anything bad to say about President Obama but he needs to apologize to Kanye West. President Obama knew he was miked up and knew he was being filmed but he called Kanye a "jackass" anyway. Kanye campaigned for him and performed at his inaguaration. KW name drops the president in many of his rhymes. Kanye has always done stuff like that at awards shows so President Obama knew what kind of guy he was before that taylor swift stuff. If he felt like he was a "jackass" he should have turned down his help in the election. I dont like anybody who is two faced and they are cool with asking for your money or your time to help them out but behind your bad they are calling you names. That was really shady and I was waiting for the media to ask the President about it but Jimmy Carter started talking about the south being full of racist people, so the media jumped all over that. I am from the south and live in the south so that isnt really news to me I wanted to know the presidents response to insulting Kanye just to look good in front of the reporters. I remember Bernie Mac(rip) introduced President Obama at a fundraiser and some of the people didnt like his material so President Obama ripped him right there in front of people. We didnt know how sick Bernie was and that he had risked him life just to show up and perform for the future president only to be ripped. Bernie died soon after that so I doubt the president apologized for turning on his supporter just to please that small crowd.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chris Myers loves Beyonce

Chris Myers always seemed really boring on ESPN and he has since moved onto Foxsports. So this past weekend he talked about a player going from the super bowl champion steelers to the detroit lions as "Going from dating Beyonce to dating Whoopi Goldberg." Its hard to attack this topic because some people hit him with the sexism thing and the racism thing but he was just dumb to think anyone would be cool with that comparison. You can say alot of things in private and they can seem like facts to any man with eyes but you cant say that publicly because its rude. I didnt see The View so I dont know if Whoopi ripped him a new one but she could easily attack him and almost end his chances of being any bigger than he is right now. Its not so much about being too sensitive and its ALOT more about most women in this country are alot closer to Whoopi than they are Beyonce in the looks department. Thats why more women relate to Oprah Winfrey than a Tyra Banks and its reflected in their ratings. The average american woman is a size 12 dress size.

Speaking of Tyra Banks I was flipping between her show and Maury Povich(paternity test day) in a failed attempt to avoid having to see and hear Suzy Kolber and Michelle Tafoya talk NFL. Wendi Nix looks like Halle Berry compared to those two scratchy voiced women. Tyras show was about the states tha have legalized 16 year old strippers as long as they get home before the 11pm curfew. Of course tyra is doing her high horse thing looking down on a 16 year old girl when Tyra started modeling around the same age. I guess its ok for a teenage girl to be a model where two of the basic food groups is cocaine and nicotine. All the drugs and sex orgies Tyra saw and maybe got involved in are ok but any stripper of any age is making a messed up life decision. The girl went left completely when she said "sex for money" is an option down the road.

Honestly I have more respect for escorts/prostitutes than I do for some person who marries for money. At least with the prostitution everyone knows what the other wants and its more of a business transaction. The gold digging or gigolo type thing can end up with someone getting their heartbroken by lies and promises of love and faithfulness. Tyra knew that topic was crap thats why she only have it 30 minutes of her one hour show. Maury needs to send out tweets to cellphones so we will know when the DNA test is about to be read. He finally starting reading it before the commercial break because I kept forgetting to comeback or I would comeback to late and by then they have moved onto another couple. My biggest beef is with the guys who hear they are the father but then they hug the chick and smile like they won the lottery. Why are you so happy? Your wife/girlfriend is still a slore and now the whole country knows it which means she is more famous and will probably be cheating on you again now that she has more attention from guys. It doesnt matter if its you are or are not the father you should make your next move your best move and end that relationship with the cheater.

Serena comedy hour

I saw the late rerun of the VMA's last night and the Janet Jackson dancing with Michael Jackson part was cool. They could have kept 95% of that show to themselves. Serena Williams came out to introduce Pink I think and she made a joke about not stepping on "lines" because Pink would be suspended in the sky. The crowd didnt make much noise because they didnt know what the hell serena was talking about. The day before at the US Open Serena went off on a line judge for calling a penalty and threatened to stuff a ball down her throat. The crowd didnt get the joke because who the hell watches tennis. I only knew about it because ESPN showed it on sportscenter. The ratings cant be too great because it has been on ESPN2 instead of one. They would never send Monday Night Football to ESPN2 full time.

Speaking of the VMA's they need to stop focusing on security to stop random fans from having fun and start focusing on drunk celebs. Kanyeezy fosheezy rushed the stage to say beyonce deserved the award over Taylor Swift but so far he has no one defending him today. The beyonce vid was spoofed worldwide and also set off a tranny alert alarm for the paranoid folks who breakdown every frame of every video but thats no reason to rush the stage. Ye is supposed to perform with Jay z on Jay Leno's new show tonight so maybe he will get booed or cheered who knows. Also Little Mama rushed the stage for the Jay-z and Alicia Keyes performance. At first I wasnt sure who that little guy was but when I got online it said it was Lil Mama up there posing.

Update on the winner in the Bronx is that 3 people have claimed to be the winner but so far the lottery in NYC hasnt confirmed anything to the public. One of the guys complained that he is now getting calls begging for money. Why did you say you are the winner before you had the money in hand? Of course you will get death threats and people begging for money. Its pretty obvious this guy doesnt read my blog or or he would know better.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Titans/Steelers/Madden Curse lives on...

I just watched the titans/steelers game and pitt won in overtime. Troy Polamalu was injured during the game so the Madden Curse is halfway done not Larry Fitzgerald will probably get hurt filming another Ihop commercial. The titans receivers played better than I thought they would but they need to step it up even more. Chuck Cecil is the new defensive coordinator and Colinsworth pointed out the titans didnt blitz big ben enough. I have to agree so Jeff Fisher will need to take over play calling duties or tell Cecil to mix it up some more.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

50 cent interviews>>>

I just watched an interview 50 cent did on CNBC, posted by shabooty. 50 interviews dont disappoint because he tries to keep things honest and open. Even when 50 and Game were at the height of their beef 50 still called Game a good "rapper" but he said Game doesnt know how to make good songs with the hook,beat and everything. 50 didnt say "aggressive content" so the drinking game cant continue this week but Robert Greene his co author did say "aggression" so go ahead and open that Patron.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BET making a comeback?

I just turned on BET and there is an Everybody Hates Chris Marathon on. Im shocked they actually have a show worth watching on this network again. Most of the shows I like get cancelled before they can hit syndication so im happy this show made it to 5 seasons. I never thought the day would come when MTV and VH1 would have me watching more than BET. This is on your head Bob Johnson*shakes fist at sky*.

Someone in the boogie down Bronx won half of that big 333 million megamillions jackpot so they took home about 107 million after taxes. They were smart enough to claim it anonymously so if they are that wise maybe they wont blow through their money.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Silencio Por Favor

I was at the Titans game last night so I missed most of the Boise State/Oregon game. I should have watched the end now that I see the highlights. One player for Boise State(they won) was talking trash and then he hit/pushed the Oregon starting runningback on his shoulder pad. Apparently the Boise State player is from a small town called"talk crap and walk away unscathed" the Oregon runningback is from another town on the other side of the country because he punched that guy in the jaw and knocked him out cold like a UFC fight. The ESPN people keep showing the highlight from the point after the guy hit his shoulder pad so it looks like the runningback was mad about losing to the Smurfs favorite football team and sucker punched him. Of course its a dumb idea to risk your college career and maybe even jailtime by punching another player but this guy wasnt completely at fault. He should have walked away and next time he will. I dont know if his next game will be in college or the nfl but he wont be this dumb again...I think.

The NCAA and the hottest woman in Boston ,Jackie McMullen, likes the idea of shaking hands at the beginning or end of games and this incident is why most of us said it was a dumb idea to do. This isnt golf or tennis where you have no contact with the players body. This is football and after trying to take my head off for 3 hours I will shake your hand but most of the people I played football with didnt want to speak to their own teammates after a loss so I know they didnt want to hug and gently hold the other team,no fishsticks.

On another note entirely the Titans won and Vince had his best game of the preseason. The local paper and radio say the preseason doesnt mean anything when VY plays well but everyone else on the team it shows"they are in game shape"...gtfoh.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tom Brady for Emperor of the World

Tom Breaky I mean Tom Brady is hurt again. Albert Haynesworth the former titan(lights a candle) tackled Brady and flopped on him. The play was totally legal but because Brady got a sore shoulder now Skip Bayless and others at ESPN want the rules changed. There already about 3 "brady" rules and who knows how many patriots rules to help them win but now some people want another one. Maybe this guy Brady is just soft and needs to toughen up. Peter King and others wanted to change the overtime rules and the playoff rules so Peyton Manning could win a game and the patriots could be in last years playoffs. Its insane how they act over Brady but at least Goodell hasnt said anything about changing that flop rule just for Brady. So far its just journalists running their mouths.

BREAKING NEWS: Goodell just passed a rule that any man who makes eye contact with Tom Brady is banished from the NFL for life.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2012 Super Bowl Champs?

I just saw a commercial for a movie about the mayan calender ending in 2012. Its hard for me to believe anyone can predict the end of the world. The local weathermen here cant predict snow or rain but people are predicting the end of the world correctly. If you can predict the end of the world why dont you predict the lottery numbers for me so I can enjoy the next years of my existence. I can just imagine the Titans about to win the super bowl and the world ends. I would also be a billionaire and engaged to Tamera Mowry or Kelly Rowland at the time.

Speaking of the end of the world the Titans lost again last night. I thought the world was ending or hell was freezing over because the local yokels on the radio were actually giving Vince Young credit for playing well. Vince had a fumble and threw an interception for a touchdown but it was his best game statistically and they actually were positive about him and the rest of the offense I was shocked. The paper was brutal like always but the big problem is they didnt hire "NFL" type reporters when the titans came so the same bums who covered high school and college football were now covering the local NFL team the EXACT type of way. Their stories are harder to read than my

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rich Kids Athletic Ability,FTL

I can remember an episode of Married With Children when Al Bundy had a flashback to being a little kid in a library. The Librarian met all again when he tried to return a book after 30 years and she said,"I always hated you. Is it wrong to hate a kid? I dont know but I always hated you." That was the funniest thing in that episode to me outside of Al having the hand down his pants habit even as a kid. Im watching Teen Cribs and I can understand where the Librarian was coming from.

Hating on someone like Hannah Montana or the Olsens doesnt make sense because they earned their positions and money but these kids are just getting spoiled by their rich parents so the hate should be cool. Ive noticed a trend in the kids that they are usually unattractive and geeky looking kids. Without their parents money they would surely be on the bottom of the social ladder in those high schools instead of the most popular because they throw parties and sleepovers at the estate/compound 6 nights a week.

I also noticed that the kids and parents will say they are great athletes but when you see them playing its street hockey or hoops at home,wtf? Who cant do that. Im not the first person to notice this because Deadspin had an article about Rich Parents dont raise as man pro athletes as Middle Class or Poor parents do. The poverty or just having to do without can feed a hunger and desire to be a success one day. When you are rich at birth whats your motivation to work really hard in the gym and watch your die to become a great athlete?People like Grant Hill are in the minority because his parents had money and he became a great pro athlete when he wasnt injured. Most of the NCAA booster violations are gifts given to poor kids who want to get paid for their talent one day anyway. Its not easy for a college to recruit a kid by offering him money or a car when his parents already gave him that for his 16th birthday.

The rich kids arent hungry to succeed can also apply to some in the music industry too. Once they have hit and make money from tours they dont have motivation to be creative. Jay-z had a good quote,"It took me a lifetime to make Reasonable Doubt so that is my best album",thats true for so many peoples lives. Even comedians can fall into that trap because they are so hungry and will perform for a meal when they are working the comedy clubs but after making it big they arent as funny or they try to cover new topics and not stay in the type of material that made them famous.

Reporter:Why did you start telling jokes or rapping?
Entertainer:To make money and get pretty women
Reporter:Dont you have that now
Entertainer: Oh yeah I have all that
Reporter:What is your motivation to keep going on
Entertainer:I dont know. Maybe to just maintain this lifestyle and have people call me the greatest ever

Start Dreaming Folks

The megamillions is 325 million for Friday August 28th. If you want to know if you are lucky enough to live in a state that sells megamillions or near one look at the list below. Its a federal offense to MAIL lottery tickets across state lines so if you have a friend or family member you want to buy tickets for you in another state be careful. Im in a lottery pool so we sent someone to georgia to get our tickets. Your tax responsibility also depends on what state you live in and what state you buy the ticket in because you have to pay taxes in both. Florida,Tennessee and Texas dont have a state income tax so those are great places to win the lottery and keep alot of it.

Ignorant Press Conference: Walk in with new tuxedo on and top hat. Playing Mike Jones"Back Then",Biggie Smalls"Juicy",All American Rejects"Gives You Hell",Nas"Hate me Now" and Biz Markie"Vapors". Read off list of people you want to front on who will never get a penny from you.

Smart Press Conference: No press conference or send your lawyer. Hire an actor to play you and claim it that way everyone is looking for him/her. You could stay home or pretend to be the lawyer or bodyguard for the actor. If you did that make sure the actor looks nothing like you and also another race would be smart. to ask for money and marry.One woman in Illinois I think knew the lottery wouldnt allow her to claim without a press conference so she showed up in a wig,shades and makeup done by a hollywood makeup artist. Some people arent sure she was really a woman because the make up was so good it could make Flava Flav look like Halle Berry.

-12 Megamillions states: Georgia,California,Illinois,Maryland,Massachusetts(RIP Ted Kennedy),Michigan,New Jersey,New York,Ohio,Texas,Virginia and Washington.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


If you have money and power you rule the world especially this part of the world. The NFL and NCAA came together to stop Delaware from legalizing sports gambling. They just did it yesterday so Delaware will lose alot of money now because some people who normally would fly out to Las Vegas to be on sports were planning trips to Delaware during the college and pro football seasons.

The NCAA and NFL dont want anyone making more money off the athletes than they do. Unless of course they get their cut. Mike and Mike today OF COURSE said its not big deal you can always just gamble online. It was Mike"the thrill" Hill sitting in for greenberg but greeny would have said the same thing. Actually you cant gamble online because the government saw billions of dollars being won and loss without people paying taxes so Bush shut that down. If you are gambling online now be careful because your banks will snitch on you if you send or receive money from a gambling website.

The NFL gave approval for Lottery Scratch off tickets with NFL team names but the dont approve this Delaware gambling because they dont get a cut. They same way the NCAA the NBA say they are keeping kids in school for their own good,gtfoh. If they cared about the kids the graduation rate for athletes wouldnt be a joke. Even the one who do graduate dont always sound exactly articulate in interviews so Suzy and Becky probably did their homework for them and helped them cheat on tests.

Also here in the south the NCAA dropping the hand of "maino" down on Memphis is big news for two reasons but the main reason is how did they do it so fast?USC has been under investigation since Reggie Bush was there and still no penalty for them. Memphis gets hit fast and hard,no fishsticks. The NCAA has so many double standards its crazy because they know ESPN loves USC and the ratings and attendance at games are high for USC so they drag their feet and probably will never hit them with a death sentence. I predict a slap on the wrist for USC like the NFL gave the patriots.

They took away Delawares right to gamble on single games but at least they still have a lottery. If you win up there you have the option to remain anonymous. So you dont have to worry about family members and hustlers begging you for money unless you tell them or you pull up to church in your new porsche.

Stay positive with whatever you are doing in life because you never know what choices will make your dreams come true or cause you to live with regrets. Mike Jordan said he was an Adidas fan and he wanted to sign with them but they refused to see the bigger picture of their product selling in America and not just europe so they didnt offer him anywhere close to what Nike did. That mistake is what separates Nike from Adidas,McDonalds from Burger King and Coca Cola from Pepsi. There is nothing wrong with being number 2 overall but as Mel Brooks said,"Its good to the be the King."

Adults cant drink Alcohol now?

ESPN is reporting that Mike Vick had an alcoholic beverage. Uh ok ESPN so Mike Vick having a drink is story but Roethlisberger accused of rape isnt and Erin Andrews being recorded nude without her knowledge arent stories worth covering initially. ESPN still hasnt covered the EA story on the network from what I have seen. The Big Ben story eventually was too much for them to deny. Donte Stalworth having a drink is a story but Vick having one drink is not a story. Mike Vick at another dogfight is a story.

If that Erin Andrews things happened at Fox,CBS or NBC ESPN would have been first to report it."AHHH AHHH", sorry about that I just pictured Andrea Kramer naked in a hotel room. If that nightmare happens I dont want it to ever leak to the internet,please.

Harlem keeps on making it

Nahrights comments section was funny again monday. If you want to check out the funniest one its under the fake pastor mase post. Even the stuff that applied to me was still funny but I will get into that later on. Amp described "Harlem World" Mase's first album as a classic. A few people disagreed but I had to agree. I remember when the first single and video dropped all the girls were talking about Mase so most of the guys here were hating on him. One of my friends talked about a funny skit with Mase talking about following an underage girl to school to verify her status as a minor. I bought the CD used and it was one of the best albums I have actually purchased not just copied from a friend or downloaded.

I was expecting Mase to be more like a have fun and party Kid N Play type album but he had some Murda Mase type stuff on there. The skits were funny too. "I been to jail twice man and Im not scared and I love and I want to go back. So dont give my girl ya number no mo."ROFFLE. If you listen to it today the jealous boyfriend also said something that came true,"When the smoke clears man Puff Daddy and all them niggas you running with aint gone be there man." Of course now we see Mase and Puff have a strained relationship and also the other people Mase rolled with but I dont know the whole story so most of it could be Mases fault his alliances fell.

There is also a rumor that Kanye West first commercials beats were on Mases album. I dont know if its true and you can email me or correct me in the comments that Ye sent a beat to D Dot and he used it. Im not sure if he got a ghost producer fee or if he just learned a lesson about how the music biz can steal your ideas. The entire story could be a lie who knows. Ghost producing worked out for alot for scott storch and others working their way up the ladder so maybe thats how kanye got on. I think john legend played piano for Laryn Hills Miseducation album. All of this also brings up a point why was I chasing girls and goofing off while people the same age as me were on classic albums producing and playing? Either these guys are lying about their age or I was underachieving back then...also now.

Another album that caught me by surprise was Cam'rons "Confessions of Fire." I was on a date with a girl in college and she wanted to stop by some music store and listen to the Camron album. I knew who he was but I didnt know about that "357" being enough for me to pick up his album even though I like the beat. This was back when you could preview an entire CD in the store so we sat there and were actually late for the dinner reservation listening to it. She didnt want the CD but I bought it for myself. With the internet you dont have as many album sneaking up on you like those did me because you can hear the entire leak weeks before it drops.

Over on nahright Amp mentioned how cheap people are to buy 5 items off the $1 menu at McDonalds when they could just get the meal. I had to laugh at that because I do that before the Titans games so I wont be tempted to give them anymore money that my tickets already costs. I usually end up at least getting something to drink at the game. Ill just say "I like a variety" as my excuse for getting 5 items instead of a meal,rofl.

Megamillions tonight is 252 million so get your tickets and start dreaming or join an office pool at work. If you do get everyone to sign something anything after they chip in their money so you wont be in court getting clowned for your money like Nas. Kelis is rumored to want 90k instead of the 55k the court ordered but until I see some paperwork filed ill keep believing Kelis is able to raise ONE newborn on 55k.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Worlds biggest HDTV

I watched the Titans/Cowboys game and it was a blowout. I actually fell asleep it was so bad. The tickets I wanted were about a grand so instead of blowing that money on an exhibition game I decided to stay home and watch it. The game was also played in texas at the new stadium so I would have to add in the cost of driving down or flying down.

They will play the 2011 super bowl at this new place. The stadium is the best in the NFL for many reasons but the most noticeable thing is the worlds biggest HDTV hanging in the middle of the stadium. So after the game I thought Jeff Fisher would let us fans know that the defense stunk and the offense and everybody except Javon Ringer forgot to get off the plane. Instead Jeff Fisher is complaining about the punt that hit the big I can understand if you lose by 3 points or even 7 points but to lose by 20 points and act like that one play mattered is bologna. The height required by the league is 90 feet and the tv is 95 feet high so its way above the minimum. Before the game the punters for the Titans bragged about being able to hit that tv ever punt if they wanted to and the plan was to punt into it about 10 times if possible. Jerry Jones before the game told them to stop trying to intentionally hit it. So now Fisher is whining about the height now that his team lost.

Of course if that tv costs the cowboys a single yard during the regular season Jerry will raise it up until its visible in the next county. For now its just Fisher deflecting attention from the fact that haynesworth is gone so now NO defensive lineman on that Titans team commands a double or triple team. Now its one on one and the defensive lineman were tossed around by the Cowboys o-line. The offense was supposed to score fast and let Vince Young get a chance to come in and play but that didnt happen in the first half. Fisher is denying being worried publicly but he already admitted he would start Kerry Collins against the Browns in the 4th game of the exhibition season. Normally the 4th game i when starters rest up for the season. The running game except for Javon Ringer was bad and of course the receivers who couldnt catch anything last year are also dropping everything this year. For some reason Bud Adams and Jeff Fisher think this team didnt need a real number one receiver. The steelers players and fans are praying for week one to get here so they can run the ball right down the middle of the titans defense.

The local media is also following Fishers lead today. They spent the first two hours of the radio show talking about how the Cowboys stadium is too much and the tv is too bright(it was only at 20% brightness for the game). Jerry left off the star in the middle of the field he didnt have the tv at full capacity so its obvious he is saving more of the stadium for the regular season open and the local guys are full of it. If it was the titans stadium they would love it. Also in the first 2 hours they ripped Vince Young as playing so bad and not being a team player when he said,"Dont just point he finger at Vince." I dont blame Vince for saying that he didnt get into the game until the second half and Vince doesnt play defense. Vince wasnt missing tackles and getting blown off the line the entire first half. From now own Vince should give the generic Tiger Woods answers to questions because back when Tiger was candid a reporter printed an off the record joke and Tiger has never opened up again so Vince needs someone to tell him this local media hates him and they blame all loses on him even when he doesnt play.

Fisher has the nerve to say this years team will be better than last years. Last year the titans had the best record in the NFL and homefield advantage through the playoffs locked up. Fisher has to make alot of improvements and pray for his starters to stay healthy for his statement to come true.

Megamillions is 252 million for the tuesday drawing
Powerball is 25 million for the wednesday drawing

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bodyslam Betty/Plax

The powerball jackpot had a winner in south carolina last night. The last time I remember the winner being from South Carolina was last year. The winner was 19 and on his way to college. He said he would finish college and help out his family and friends with the money. The most recent update has him going into business with Jimmy Hart(yes that jimmy "mouth of the south"hart). The business is "Wrestlicious" a womens wrestling league. It is his money and if he wants to be the Vince McMahon of his own womens wrestling league that is his business. I wouldnt go that route but im also not a 19 year old millionaire with nothing but money and time on his hands. The powerball is back down to 20 million but at least the megamillions is 207 million for friday.

Update: Plaxico just plead guilty so he will serve two years and 18 months if he is good. I dont know who had the worst lawyer between Plax and Max B. Max is facing more time so Ill say his lawyer was worse but neither one did a very good job for their clients.
What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?...A good

Update reloaded: Dick's sporting goods store is not going to carry Vicks Eagles jersey. They wont carry the jersey while they wait to gauge public sentiment. Dicks wont carry Vicks jersey but they keep showing commercials with Ben Roethlisberger...uh ok.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Current Fav Commercials

Their are a total of 4 commercials with Kevin Durant,Mo Williams,Rashard"I dont know what I put in my body"Lewis and Andre Igoudala. If they can be this creative with 30 second commercials then musicians have no excuse for not being creative with 3 minute long music videos. They could have stopped Durants commercial at the "Ooowee" part and it would still be funny and my current favorite commercial.

megamillions=207 million
powerball=250 million
Brett Favre=unretired and starting for the Vikings

Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Beautiful Women,FTW?

When I take a few shots at some womens looks its usually because she said something I didnt like or she has a bad personality. When I sent shots its usually about something other than weight. I get turned off by the personality or bad attitude and then that particular woman becomes ALOT less attractive to me. I try to leave weight off the table if I can because that is really mean and im normally just trying to be funny I dont want the famous lady to read this and cry but i doubt any famous women i make fun of even know my blog exists. I do remember mentioning cankles alot but thats just a funny made up word like milf. I think I first heard cankle on Howard Stern.

Another reason I dont try to make fun of weight is because I have dated some "healthy sized" women in my day I try not to discriminate by size. Nice women come in all sizes. Some people say you want to date someone like your mother if youre a man and like your father if youre a woman. I dont know if thats true but my mom isnt big but I do remember when I stayed at my aunts house after school I would bring her mail in and a Lane Bryant type store would send her catalogs. Of course this was the closest thing to porn a young boy going through puberty had. I would get to that big bra and big panty section and it was a wrap for the night. I feel like the old men who tell us they had to walk 100 miles to school and they bought their first house for a nickel. Back in my day we didnt have this internet porn so we had to make due with bra and panty ads in newspapers or our imagination. Shows like "Silk Stalkings","Baywatch" and "Hunter" were worth watching for an hour just to catch some bikini action or "sideboob" as peter griffin would say.

So maybe that Victorias Secret like Full figured woman catalog opened my mind to dating women of any size. Monique the comedian has lost alot of weight. She has been the most vocal figure in favor of loving your fat but now big women are about 55 pounds away from losing Monique like they lost Toccarra(not her chest of course,Claude ham mercy). I was watching "The View"(couldnt find my remote*clears throat*) a while back and Monique was a guest host and she showed off her legs and they were VERY hairy for a woman. She said,"These are a real womans legs." I think you are asking alot of a man to put up with you being very overweight and having hairy legs but she does have a good personality to work with. I dont know if men would go after her fame and money but it sort of happened to Star Jones in her larger days. Another thing I will say about "The View" is Elizabeth Hasselbeck looked great pregnant so its not like women cant look good with extra weight. Even 9 months pregnant Elizabeth was still the best looking woman on that show.

Friday, August 14, 2009

ESPN wags the Dog

This morning I was working out and they had on Mike and Mike in the morning. Vick was the main topic and Golic was really upset and saying he didnt "feel sorry" for Vick because he made alot of money already. It felt the jealousy like most retired players who left before the big money rewarded great talent and average talent. At first it was mostly positive emails saying that Vick served his time and should be able to go back to work if a team wanted him. Sal"The Titans have made an offer to the cards for Boldin on draft day" Palontonio was on the phone eventually and he started doing one of those reports that was 99% his opinion but like Bill Oreilly he stated it as facts. Sal said he walked past men and women crying at the Eagles game last night. People saying they would put Eagles season tickets on Ebay and never come to another game.

The "I will sell my season tickets" threat also happened here in nashville twice that I know of. Vanderbilt for some odd reason announced they wouldnt recruit Ron Mercer because of his grades. Ron Mercer is the best basketball player I have seen in my lifetime locally so it was a huge deal. Vandy fans said they would sell their season tickets and Vandy took a few years to recover from the loss of boosters. The start they had last season in football brought back alot of the fans lost in "Mercergate",rofl. The other incident happened when the titans didnt draft Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler. The same threat was made of selling season tickets but alot of the people who did it had financial problems and saw this as a good excuse to get out without any shame. Eagles fans hit by the current economy could use the vick excuse to sell tickets or they could upgrade like I did after the Cutler thing happened(Now I can see the game without binoculars but I bring them anyway to see if I recognize any cheerleaders from high school or college*clears throat*).

I saw that to back up what Sal said a little but after he talked about rushing over to the Eagles press conference to see how many protestors there would be, suddenly mostly negative emails and phone calls came in to Mike and Mike. Of course Golic loved this because he is jealous of the money he thinks Vick made and he may also be mad about the dogfighting. I feel like ESPN is reporting mostly negative reaction so they can turn the tide of public opinion. In politics they call it "the tail wagging the dog" because they minority who covers the story is influencing the majority opinion.

I felt like steroids in baseball was a big deal and so did most of the media. The baseball season ticket holders do not thats why baseball had a record season last year and are doing great this season. No matter what the public says reporters keep leaking names of enhancement users and doing LONG stories on how bad they are and how they wont go to the hall of fame. Most of them have a city of fans that love them as baseball players and they retire with 9 figures or more in their savings account so they dont care if they get in the hall of fame or not anyway. A local guy hit the ceiling because a caller said reporters dont fully understand players because they never played or coached the game. He said and I quote,"We should boycott a day and let these former athletes do all the sports tv,radio and print media. That will show you ungrateful fans!!!" Is this guy serious? Today players were tweeting about Vick and being positive even Jay Feely a conservative republican NFL kicker who has been on foxnews sent a positive tweet but this local reporter thinks athletes cant form an opinion and do his job.

The ego on the media is insane. One papers headline actually said,"Hide Your Dogs". Are you kidding me? Stay classy print media and good luck finding a job on tv after your paper folds. Most of you smug journalist jackasses have faces that are perfect for radio because we cant see you. ESPN is way too powerful and the best thing about the Vick story is that he gets a chance to make a living in his profession after 2 years in prison. The second best thing about this story is that ESPN DIDNT GET THE SCOOP. They act like they control all american sports and they have connections everywhere. They had vick going to so many teams but Philly was not one of them. A day or a year or a lifetime without the big egos and jealousy of the media would be great. They have an attitude of "fans are too dumb to know better so we will tell them what to think". An entire day with no Skip Bayless and Jay Mariotti going against every opinion just to stand out. No horse teeth Linda Cohn or Dana Jacobson being completely rude to people.

A black player is leaving high school to go play in Europe so he can get around the NBA rules. Linda Cohn who is a mother actually said,"Where are the parents this is terrible?" She would never say that to his parents face or she would go from horse teeth to no teeth. Linda Cohn wouldnt want people to question her parenting skills. Linda Cohn also wouldnt people to question what kind of wife she was before her marriage ended in divorce(who the hell wants to be single again at 50). Of course there is a white baseball player leaving high school at the same age to take his GED and play at a junior college so he can enter MLB draft early. Mike Wilbon said the black basketball player was a shame to the black community and part of an epidemic but of course he loves the 18 year old nascar phenom and that baseball player who is going around the rules. The two white kids have great parents and a bright future but the black basketball player should risk injury and no money just to put more money in the pockets of a big university. There is also a 17 year old who just went deep into the US Open and no one was asking about her college of choice or bad parenting. Just like with most situations I gave more than one example of ESPN being hypocrites because I feel like you should cover them the same if its positive or negative coverage.

The internet again is the best thing to happen to sports journalism because with ESPN getting so big and choosing what is news or not to cover a big story because it will hurt their bottom line. That is wrong and they should be ashamed. The internet is here so we can find out about what ESPN wont cover or when they choose to put a slant on it. I told you ESPN didnt preview the Titans/Bills game on NBC because it was heads up with their Redsox/Yankees game. One person emailed me and said it was because it was preseason(exhibition). Well ESPN previewed the hell out of last night Cardinals/Steelers PRESEASON game and of course that just happened to be on their network. They are also throwing up ads for their next preseason game on Monday night. If I had money I would start a competing 24 hour sports network because ESPN is turning into Walmart/China powerful. The positive about the game last night was Jon Gruden sounded great,no fishsticks. Gruden will coach again one day but for now he is the best to step in the Monday night booth since the big homie Madden.