Friday, July 31, 2009

GTA junior edition

First I need to say I dont have kids and my only experience watching kids is my nephew,cousins or kids I mentor or tutor. I just watched a video of a 7 year old boy who stole a car and drove it home to avoid going to church. Of course he should be punished in some way. This funny video brings up a good question, what age should you be able to choose where you want to go? Obviously he isnt 18 and cant get an apartment and job but he is old enough to know stealing a car is wrong and he knows spongebob isnt a real person. This is a bad look for the parents but an even worse look for the church. If kids steal cars to getaway from your house of worship you may want to shorten the service or turn up the air conditioner to bring people in from the heat of summer.

Whenever an athlete does something wrong there is always a parent there who sounds like Reverend Lovejoys wife on the Simpsons,"What about the children?" Kids know right from wrong and if you are expecting a church or an athlete to raise your kid you need to focus on your job as a parent. Tell your kid number one,"stop watching so much tv." Number two tell your kid,"The athlete or entertainer is an adult and they are choosing to do that or say that."

A child should learn values in the home anyway so if you are forcing your child to go to church when they dont want to you might end up with a rebel like Madonna. If the only memories your kid has of a religious private school or church are counting the hour until they have to leave then your efforts are already wasted. Im not saying give a minor child a beer and a stripper but if you give them a chance to choose their own way sometimes they might surprise you.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sites I visit

These arent all the sites I visit but these are the ones off the top of my head and an explanation why I visit and you may want to visit. -This website is unique because Ron has fun with anything not just hip hop. He also writes on Ron has really shined on every site he wrote for so it makes sense that he has his own site now. The name caught my attention initially because its the name Mike Vick allegedly used when trying to get "medical" attention in Mexico. Jim Rome has fun with names like this. Jim calls Michael Jordan"45" and Tiger "Eldridge". Most of those people dont come on his show so it may be a way of luring them to visit his radio or tv show. Other alleged names used by celebs during possible crimes:
Kobe Bryant in Eagle,Co=Javier Rodriguez
Plaxico Burris in NYC=Harris Smith I was on and one commentor told an infamous story about the Howard Stern show and I clicked on his name after reading the story. Amp like ronmexicocity covers what he wants and when he wants. He posted support for LeBron James but even as a fan of his play on the court Amp stepped up to call out LBJ about Nike hiding the dunked on tape. Nike has since released the footage and it was nothing like they made it out to be. Amp also is the one who encouraged me to start up a blog of my own. Is a site I clicked on through because he had a review of a tv show I hadnt seen. The sites name is a combination of Stern(howard stern),hip hop and booty. Shabooty has alot of fun with his cam around town and he posts the classic howard stern interviews. I go straight to the gossip section and read what Illseed writes. I also click through to Illseeds site if he has up something new. Illseed does the rumors in a way where he tries to not show bias. If he does show bias he will respond to your email directly to you or in his next post and let you know what he meant or to let you know to just chill out and not take life so seriously. I think I got banned from this site for wild comments or my comp just messes up when I try to post. This site has Dallas Penn,Bol/Byroncrawford and Ron Mexico together with fresh material. I normally end up reading all 3 of their posts and commenting(kind of addictive). Thats how I ended up on their individual sites. Im also a member of the comments section social group known as "The Commission".Xxl having all 3 bloggers with this much talent is like when the cowboys had aikman,irvin and smith(emmitt smith was lucky to have that o-line because he was an average back and barry sanders would have 3000 yards a season behind that same line).
"Commission!!!" think this is the first site I made a comment on but it could have been allhiphop. This was the first site I started commenting daily because they had good stories,blogs and "brains and beauty" was epic at one time. The layout has changed and I think Im too lazy to scroll down to the blogs anymore. is probably the most controversial blogger I visit. I skip over the negative President Obama posts but most of his other stuff is funny and clever. The comments section is very "opinionated". have been banned from commenting on this site so I know its not my comp messing up,rofl. I still visit because They cover somethings ESPN wont cover or ESPN has to wait until they can confirm it with two sources. The commentors arent as funny as they were before the comment ninjas took alot of them out, so it would be a nicer site for sponsors.

-Bill Simmons is on page 2 sports guys world at His mailbag is the funniest stuff he does(I keep trying to get in there)but he has deeper posts you can read. Simmons is also writing a book or maybe he is working on his second book. I respect him admitting that maybe Manny was on roids with the red sox and he also understands that the patriots may have cheated on all 3 super bowls so even as a die hard fan he admits the faults of his teams. Mchales biggest GM move was hooking up his old team with KG to lead them to a title. I know one book is about the red sox winning so he can die happy and the other one is about basketball I think(dont do posts while you are sleepy). you have read a few of these post here you know I have given up on most of my lifes dreams but I do throw a few dollars a week at one of my last dreams and thats the lottery. This site is the best one I have found online to answer any lottery questions and you can get results for any lottery on earth,I think. Around election time the site got REALLY political and I dont go to that site for that. Todd the guy who runs the place encouraged others to put political thoughts in the blog area and not the normal lottery area. an interesting site all around. They post alot of music you cant find anywhere else and "Eskay" the owner of the site will come into the comments section and talk for hours with people. The reason I try to make it a final stop or near a final stop is because the comments are so entertaining and move at fast pace. The fast pace causes the comments to add up so if I cant check it for a day there may be 500 comments broken up over 20 posts. The sites comments can also have what Fifty Cent refers to often as "aggressive content." I stay away from making fun of the other commentors even if they take a shot at me but I will make fun of celebs/rappers because they are famous so they dont have feelings or a soul and they wont care. Sometimes when Im really busy like today I kept peaking in but I didnt type anything because if I cant sit there and keep up with the pace I would just get in the way.
This site and the link below it is where one person makes picks if you want to buy them*hint hint*. Right now the only sport to choose from is Baseball but that "person" is more accurate during the pro and college football and basketball season. Actually Baseball picks havent been too bad and the prices are competitive. If you to the first link you can start your own site and make picks and sell them. You can buy that "persons" picks and sell them for a profit on your own. old comp messes up and I cant get to this sit as much as I want but Combat Jack has amazing stories. CJ is like talking to an ex football player about his days in the NFL. The stories are good about the music industry but attorney client privilege stops him from giving us the wildest stories about famous folks in music. Charlie Murphys true hollywood stories would look like sesame street compared to the stuff CJ is holding back from us.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Surviving Plane Crashes

I just watched a highly overrated safety video for a New Zealand airlines and it made me think about how plane crashes are almost certain death. Sully in the Hudson was a real modern day miracle that convinced alot of people you can live through plane crashes. Of course it is possible just like its possible I will win the 88 million dollar powerball saturday night but the odds are 1 in 195,249,054 that I will. So many things like no ferrys and clear weather had to happen for Sully to save all of those lives and when his book comes out I will buy it.

Before that happened DJ Am and Travis Barkers plane went off the runway and only they survived. They didnt drop out of the sky into a building they just burst into flames and continued to burn because of the full tank of fuel. Just imagine the odds of living through a flight that actually took off.

I have heard about the odds of dying in a car crash are better than dying in a plane crash but there are alot more cars on the road a day than planes in the air. Odds tend to throw people off if the number is smaller than they thought it would be. The head between your legs the seat cushions the oxygen masks to give you a high before you die they all work together to help you feel safer. The oxygen high is more of a humane thing like when people ask if their relative suffered before they died. The person is still dead but it makes some feel a little better to know they didnt suffer too much.Even in the completely unrealistic crash in "Castaway" only one person survived. (My favorite scene in "Castaway"is when they bring up the Titans/Rams superbowl....but uh back to dying a fiery death folks.)

With all that said you may ask if I go John Madden/Tony Kornheiser and drive everywhere so the answer is "No" I actually have flown. I think it has been 50 or more flights over the course of my life. Even if I did panic or worry it wouldnt matter I always fall asleep on flights longer than 30 minutes so we are back on the ground by the time I wake up. I stayed awake one time to flirt with a woman but I should have chosen sleep because she wasnt really that into me, no bad book and movie.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

ESPN=Foxnews(Big Ben and Erin Pageviews)

(update 1:05pm ESPN just reported on Ben because Ben had a press conference to address it)
Every post is going to be about ESPN if they dont start covering sports more fairly. They say they are journalists but they cover stories and dont cover stories depending on their best financial interest. Ben Roethlisberger is being sued in civil court for sexual assault and Erin Andrews was recorded nude in her hotel room. These are huge stories but ESPN sent out an internal memo not to cover the stories or take any calls.

Erin Andrews I can understand not covering that much because she is an ESPN employee and it was possibility an ESPN employee who took the footage. Big Ben(no fishsticks) on the other hand is just an athlete and suddenly ESPN doesnt cover civil matters. I suggested it had something to do with Ben appearing on the ABC show with Shaq. "Sleep" over on NR said that it would help ratings but I really think ESPN is worried it would hurt ratings to see Shaq tossing a football around with a possible rapist. Now that I think about it the Lakers ratings didnt suffer when Kobe was balling post colorado hotel case so maybe "Sleep" is right.

The only thing about ESPN's crap of an excuse is that we have seen them cover A-rod(no fishsticks) through a divorce and possible Madonna affair. Isaiah Thomas was in a civil trial that ESPN covered relentlessly and helped run him out of the NBA. The pacman jones tip drill type video was shown for no journalistic purpose at all it didnt show any illegal activity but ESPN flips when the NY Post shows clips of ERIN. The good thing is maybe Lupica wont be on sports reporters anymore talking about nothing on his high horse. He probably has a contract with ESPN to be there no matter what ban happens to his paper. T.O. maybe attempting suicide. Vince Young maybe having a breakdown but none of that stuff seems to have more sports importance than a rape case or Ben. Even a rape case should be important at least to the fantasy football fix if Ben needs to be in another state for a trial and misses practice or maybe even a game(all games arent on sunday or monday anymore, the nfl network is evil) .

The reason I said ESPN is like Foxnews is because Fox decides what is news and what their type of viewers want to see and hear. It is no coincidence that Dick Cheney wanted Foxnews on every tv of the hotel room he stays in. Bill Oreilly is on a network where everyone thinks like him and he manages to stick out. People like Joe Scarborough,Maria Bartiromo and Pat Buchanan stay on MSNBC and CNBC because their anti-President Obama views will stick out over there. If they were on Fox we wouldnt know who were because Big Fish in small pond is better than small fish in Big pond. Plus Maria used to be considered hot but 99% of the women on Fox are former beauty queens and about 10 years younger than Maria so she knows to stay put(erin burnett is on her heels). How this relates to ESPN is Bill O showed the Erin Andrews peephole vid last night. Of course he was railing against it while showing it and then he had two attractive blondes to talk about the nude blonde we just saw. The same way the NFL fines people for touchdown celebrations but has them in the video game. The same way ESPN can say they are reporting only "real" sports news but they give us updates on that crappy Superstars show on ABC like its a real sport. We are lucky we have the internet or we may not know about what ESPN isnt reporting and not considering real news.

They showed the LeBron video last night and today on ESPN. Im supposed to believe that is worthy of coverage on ESPN but Ben and Erin are not. They have a thing called Blog Buzz where they list the top 5 sports buzz online. Of course Ben and Erin have not been on it all week long for ESPN. In reality they are in the top 4 buzz on every search engine that tracks buzz. I can remember one time on Blog Buzz they listed Hannah "im way too old to be dressing like this"Storm in the top 5 and of course the buzz was about what she was wearing. Mike Greenberg said he is an entertainer not a reporter so he can getaway with saying what he wants and not covering every story. Greeny(no fishsticks) also uses that entertainer excuse to getaway with openly being a jets fan while still covering NFL on a daily basis with what should be an objective point of view. Wilbon name dropping celebrities he gets to hug(rofl)and getting into places for free shows the line is blurry between reporters not understanding what fans have to go through to afford our seats every year and when our team loses. Mike Wilbon is friends with Barkley,Jordan and Tiger Woods so when a negative story comes up about them on PTI Wilbon is on the verge of another heart attack if you dont kiss his friends asses(no fishsticks). Damn this is getting long folks Ill wrap it up.*man in back holds up Chappelle "wrap it up" box*

Right now Colin Cowherd is yelling about Michael Vick being a bad decision maker because he went to a strip club with Allen Iverson when he got out of jail. After almost 2 years in jail most guys would be on their way to live in a Las Vegas brothel until they ran out of money. Again someone is downplaying prison. Going to a strip club is not illegal so I dont know why ESPN keeps covering athletes in strip clubs as some crime. Rape is a crime and recording a nude woman without consent is a crime but its too bad ESPN doesnt know that or chooses when those will be considered crimes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let Vick out the Doghouse

Like most people I dont condone what Vick did but he has paid his debt to society. I dont think some people understand how bad prison is. They arent adding extra stuff into the tv shows and movies just to scare you straight they are normally leaving the worst stuff out. It is really bad in there. Vick did almost 2 years and that enough time for what he did. If an NFL team wants to hire him then thats their business but PETA loves publicity so they will be out there to protest. IF they really felt that passionate about Vick they would have protested him at the construction site he works at. There are no cameras there so PETA doesnt feel the need to stretch their hamstrings out in front of that place.

The latest report from Chris"I make stuff up"Mortenson and Sal"the titans have made a draft day offer for anquan boldin"Palantonio is that Roger Goodell will meet with Vick and allow him to be signed by a team an attend camp. I would be shocked if Goodell does that but if he does maybe I can change my opinion of him for awhile or at least until he starts changing even more rules to guarantee his best friend Bob Krafts Patriots always make the playoffs and Tom Brady never gets his jersey dirty or breaks a sweat.

Roger Goodells wife Jane Skinner works for Foxnews so its not a shock that he is very conservative and strict(except with the Patriots).The two stews called him Goodell Castro and someone in the stands here called him GOD-dell but he has been playing God with certain players lives and contradicting himself with stricter punishments for players than clubs. The one good thing he changed was having kids out of wedlock doesnt look so bad for us guys now that Tom Brady did it. ESPN has stopped doing an outside the lines report everytime a babymomma gets bored and says something negative about an athlete. They have to protect Tom Brady. I need Brady to start playing the Lottery so I can finally be ahead of a cool trend instead of always being 4 years late on trends like Europe.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

ESPN vs LeBron

ESPN confiscated the Mike and Mike roast video but now they are making fun of Nike for not releasing the LeBron getting dunked on video. I agree that the video should be released and LeBron should have a sense of humor about it but I also think the Dana Jacobson rant video footage should be out there. ESPN as usual acts like some hypocrites by making fun of LeBron and Nike for their power move with the video. Most people would have been fired for what Dana Jacobson said.

Someone said I hate ESPN but I dont hate ESPN. I enjoy the work of Bill Simmons,Jemele Hill,Kenny Mayne, Anthony Kim,Mike"the thrill"Hill,The Jay guy on Firsttake but I dont like Firsttake I like first and ten. PTI when its tony and mike is good and Around the Horn when Jay Marriotti isnt there. Hate is a very strong word I wouldnt throw it around to describe how I feel about a network.

Dont hate the player, hate the game?

Richard Gasquet tested positive for cocaine and was suspended from professional tennis. Somehow he in reinstated after telling them that he kissed a woman in the nightclub who passed the cocaine to him. This story sounds like a bad episode of (plug in name of any lame attempt at making a tv show recreate a pro sport). All I can say is dont hate the player hate the game I guess. With a mouth like that this guy should be paid more as a motivational speaker than Tony Robbins and Sarah Palin combined.

Powerball 27.6 mill lump sum after taxes for wednesday and Megamillions 15.8 milli after taxes for tuesday. August 3rd first Titans preaseason game and august 15th Titans first home preseason game. Any football will be good to rescue me from golf without tiger woods in contention and wnba games. Im also looking forward to this preseason because Vince Young will play alot because he is 2nd or 3rd string QB. I think he should be the starter but I dont run the team or coach the team I just help pay all the salaries like the other fans but we have no say in who starts or gets signed in free agency. We also have no say in whose number gets retired by the team but thats another post for another day. If I win the lottery I will sit in the same section at games but ill have (plug in any single woman who is an 8 on a scale of 1-10 in beauty) sitting next to me. I do want kids while im still young enough to keep up with them BUT right now on lifetime there is a movie called,"The Cheaters Club" about wives who are advised by their therapist to have affairs to save their boring marriages,WTH??? As my old boss used to say I dont want to be put in a trick bag(translation) I dont want to be made to look like a fool. Getting cheated on as a boyfriend is bad and hurts but once you are married there is custody hearings and even if she cheated you can lose half your loot depending on what state you are in. If this poor guy is so boring to you now why dont you do him and yourself a favor and leave him so you can both be single. You arent doing him a favor by cheating. Cheating is all about pleasing you, it doesnt make you a better wife or mom. Im not a fan of hypocrites who hide selfish acts as them doing someone else a big favor.

Bill Simmons mailbag>>>anything else on espn except maybe mnf on mute

Friday, July 17, 2009


Did we land on the moon? This is one of those things I never questioned growing up like religion but now I wonder. Some new photos and footage has been released that was never seen before of the first moon landing. 40 years and no one thought to release it? The Michael Jackson footage of his hair on fire was just released but im sure that was more of a pepsi not wanting bad press and the insurance company not wanting to lay blame.
At the time with sputnik and the space race I can understand why we may have lied. Im on the winning team(usa) so Im happy. The biggest thing is technology has come so far in 40 years but we dont have the civilian vacation trips now. Why havent we been back more recently? We have ipods,hdtv,internet,viagra and so many other things then why havent we been back more recently? It should be like a trip across the country to us now because its so easy.
I dont know if we really got there or not but this is the 40 year anniversary and im happy to be an american because if I lived anywhere else my life wouldnt be as good. Now that im on the winning team of being an American I am ready to get on the winning team of winning millions in the lottery. I have my megamillions for tonight and my powerball for saturday. The cash payout is 11.7 million for megamillions and 23.1 for powerball. I want the cash payout and not annuities because I dont want my money now I want my money right now. Stay thirsty my friends.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Millionaire versus Billionaire

I watched an interview with the same guy who wrote "Bringing down the house" and his new book is about young billionaires like the Youtube guys and the Facebook guy. The facebook guy is the youngest self make billionaire in american history at 25. They said he didnt like money but if thats true I would have received my,"Hey dude I hate money so im giving what I dont need away a million at a time"check(im still up to receive that if you want to send it kind sir).
So being the dreamer that I am I wondered if I wanted to be a billionaire or a millionaire. So many pro athletes are millionaires and they go broke trying invest to be become the first one to hit the billion mark. Antoine Walker owes 3 casinos in vegas 832,000 but they reported he made 100 million in his career(see my other post about reporting salaries). Of course vegas casino floors are the type of investment im talking about normally but some lawyers and accountants have to be financially set from working for walker for 12 years and now he is in need. It could be his own doing but try to slow him down if you can. Like any other person it eventually falls at your feet what you do with your money. Depending on the economy Tiger Woods could hit the billion mark in earnings by next season. The author also mentioned the facebook billionaire now has friends he would have never had and he is in the cool crowd who would have never been with him in high school.
Fair weather friends dont bother me after I win the lottery or marry a rich woman*clears throat*. The thing that really bothers me is maybe the whole safety issue. I wouldnt be as paranoid as a millionaire but a billionaire is in Forbes at least twice a year on that list and criminals also see that. Bill Gates cant just pop up places and even a fun loving frat boy like Mark Cuban has to watch his steps closely. I have met any millionaires and they acted like any regular person in the suburbs would act. I sat next to one at the titans game and im sure there are many more in every section,club,nosebleeds and of course the private boxes. A frugal millionaire may not want to pay extra for better seats or like with the titans 100 level you hang around until halftime and most of the people around you are buying strangers beer anyway so you all are friends for 3 hours(sports breaking down racial and social barriers again*sheds tear*)
With me being single and not having kids I would be a great target for a woman who wants to use me. In a perfect world you meet your spouse before you are rich so you know the dont just want you for money or you both have money so its not an issue. Marriage is really getting beat up lately so that is a long shot but I definitely want kids. A surrogate would be an issue too because what if she changes her mind and wants the kids or what if when the kids grow up they are mad that I chose that route. I grew up in a two parent household so it wouldnt seem fair to force kids to grow up in a single parent household by my own choice when I have no experience in that department.
I notice I use "() and **" too much. Moving right along. So maybe the desire to stay at millionaire status is just fear to succeed or maybe its the smart thing to do. Then again if I moved to vegas Im sure I would knock the billions down to millions in a few months but the memories would be priceless.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mission Statement

On Jerry Maguire they kept asking him what he meant by his letter and he kept saying it was a "mission statement". My point of this blog or what I wanted to become is like a bill simmons meets Bol(less controversial by a mile but still try to be cleverly funny).

Ampgeez made the suggestion for me to start it and his site is goo and he posts when he wants and what he wants so I like that style too. Shabooty makes it clear in his name what most of his topics wil consist of and he prefers the comedic route just like me. Bill Simmons ,Ron Mexixo,Combat Jack,Bol and Dallas Penn have their styles down so you know it was written by them when you read it even without checking to see who wrote it.

I dont think I am as funny here as in the comments sections so maybe im more of a power forward who needs people to pass him that topic(ball) so he can score instead of creating his own shot. Maybe I just take a different approach here because I can type more and I have more time. Its really up to you the reader to decide how you feel about me.
Stay thirsty my friends(if you thought that joke would get old to me by now then you dont know me very well).

Origin of Name

Someone emailed me asking the origin of my name. He admitted he was drunk reading the comments over at xxl and he thought about why the heck would I name myself geico lizard? The answer is I was on hhdx and my friends kept recognizing my funny comments. They would say,"Man I know thats you on hhdx talking about you are still in love with your ex and stuff" or "I saw you talking about how angel lola luv cant hold a candle to vanessa williams or kenya moore". So I decided to change my username and much like batman seeig a bat on his window or falling down a well into a batcave it depends on what version you read or saw first(nerd alert). I saw an add for geico insurance at the top and thats what I chose.

Some people have copied the name and even became family members like the "geico lizards dad" username over on byroncrawford,ha ha. One person thought I worked for geico and I was some genius advertiser try to reach urban youth, ha ha, I wish i was drawing a check from geico that would be cool but for now im trying to avoid putting their name into to too many controversial statements. If they want to pay me Id go for that but no Geico tattoos for me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Creationism versus Evolution

Well this isnt a religious article or an atheist article. I was just thinking(pretty dangerous) and I decided to write my thoughts down. With the celebrity deaths alot of people wonder "What happens when we die?" Killing yourself is a really bad idea(understatement of the century) since we dont know for certain what happens after death. I have to admit I was raised a Christian and I still am one but I dont go to church wednesday and sunday as much as I used to. I can do another post about "Snakes in the Pulpit" draining 400 billion out of the community in tithes since 1980. Tax free mansions,cars,private jets and vacations all from our tithes we put in the baskets (plates got too small for all the money)and faith that a better day and blessing is coming to us if we give our last dimes. But I digress...

One of the questions that made Sarah Palin an easy target was her believing the earth is only a few thousand years old according to the bible. Dinosaur bones are believed to be millions of years old. You cant always trust science because I saw a case where a psycho froze her husbands body so the coroner couldnt tell how long he had actually been dead. If watching enough CSI can help fool science then maybe they are wrong about dino bones too. Also crooks fake paintings and documents they say are from hundreds of years ago that the experts and science is fooled by everyday. (So does this mean Mozart didnt really sign my new Ipod shuffle?)

I was watching "Harvey Birdman" and the evolution episode was on. He mentioned male nipples,appendix and tonsils as evidence of evolution. It doesnt make sense that God would give us extra parts. Some males do lactate(covered in venture brothers and king of the hill episodes). Also some of us like our nipples so even if they arent feeding a crying child like Salma Hayek did(she was an angel in that clip) but some men arent complaining and actually enjoy their own nips for fun, no fishsticks.*clears throat* Moving right along....

The thing about Jesus is Christians have to live by faith that all of that actually happened. It is the same as never finding out the truth about Santa Claus,the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy except its for adults who were raised with God or Jesus as their belief. Some of it may not add up but the parts that dont make sense or cant be proven you are asked to go on faith to believe in them. Most of the stories we hear were actually told long before Jesus was born or credited with that miracle. They didnt have the technology to record stories like we have now so its been word of mouth for over two thousand years now. Its easier to expose a David Koresh as not being God because of our technology and as DL Hughley said, "why would Jesus need glasses?"

If most of us are wiped out one day and only a few dvds and dvd players are left over for aliens(who knows) or the future people millions of years in the future watch Superman they may think its a documentary of a real man who flew around saving people. Superman churches would pop up all over the planet to worship the man from krypton and await his second coming. The same way we look at hieroglyphics and wonder if it says aliens help build the pyramids when it was more likely millions of slaves dying while building them.

Also in a show called, "Left Out of the Bible" they mention stories and books of the bible that were reviewed and left out. If the bible is the word of God how could men omit books like that? If I was handling what I truly believed was Gods word I wouldnt touch it unless I was translating it in its entirety.

Now that is most of the up in the air stuff as far as science or atheists. On the God side their had to be alot of coincidences that had to fall into place for there not to be a higher power. Planets are circling the Sun for millions of years and never bumping into it or each other. This evolution happens only on this planet and not on the others from what we can see on their surfaces. If evolution did happen on other planets before us where are they now and why didnt they visit us and stay?

The entire soul and conscience sounds like something someone could have made up instead of crediting critical thinking about what is right and wrong based on social acceptance. I dream, sometimes bad and some are good but my dog also rolls around barking and farting in his sleep too so his dreams must be eventful.

The only thing both sides of the argument can agree on is that you will know once you are dead the answer to "What happens when you die?" Right now I believe there are two options: You will close your eyes and thats it fade to black like when you go to sleep and dont dream or you forgot your dream. The second one is you wake up waiting in line for Heaven, Hell, Purgatory or to find out which person or animal you will be reincarnated into. I have no clue which is correct but I try to live by the golden rule anyway. There are times when I felt all alone in this world and there have been times when I felt blessed and like God was watching over me and blessing me so in those times as a Christian I thanked Jesus.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Steve McNair

I was asleep and my cellphone ringer was off so Im just now reading watching the news about Steve Mcnair. I havent had this many calls in awhile. Most people who know me and even just strangers on the internet know I have been to 90% of titans homes games. I met Steve McNair and he always had a smile on his face. The first game and seeing his pictures around the stadium this year will be tough for me and everybody else. My prayers go out to his family and close friends.

4th Fireworks

Its 3:37am here in nashville and Im hearing my younger neighbors shooting off fireworks. The only reason some call people call the police is because of the gun laws in tennessee. From inside the guns and the fireworks sound alot alike. New Years Eve is when you can hear both around here to celebrate. Staying inside is more of a safe than sorry situation. I would run through any amount of gunfire to buy my lottery tickets,lmao. The megamillions rolled over to 133 million for tuesday july 7th and the powerball for tonight is 25 million. I still need to get my tickets but ill have to work the schedule around visiting relatives and watching the Williams sisters continue to make history in the tennis final today.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July weekend

Have fun this weekend even if you are alone. Im watching a show about a paralyzed woman who is pregnant. She and her husband are very excited but nervous. They are staying positive and they are going to fight until the baby is here and healthy. That goes to show you to never give up(jimmy v) no matter what your situation is. One report said 12 people have killed themselves and left notes saying they didnt want to live in a world without Michael Jackson or they were so depressed because of his death. Some say you are a coward if you kill yourself but thats really harsh. If you cant handle life its a good idea to talk to a professional over the phone or internet and they allow you be anonymous. No one here can guarantee you what happens when you die so why take that chance of making literally the biggest mistake of your life.


I was listening to a Howard Stern interview posted on Shabooty and he mentioned he signed a prenup for this marriage. He talked about never getting married again so when he did im glad love didnt blind him. Usher is going through a mess divorce and now he wishes he listened to his mom and others before marriage. Like most people when im in love I think a prenup is so tacky and you cant really love them if you are predicted a failure. Right now since im single with no prospects and marriage and kids seems damn near impossible I can think clearly about marriage is also a contract and you need to protect yourself just in case you fall into that 55% divorce rate in this country. If a miracle happens and I win the lottery or fall in love(both would equal marriage and kids within a year of them happening) sometime soon im sure ill delete this post or write another post saying only positive things about love and negative things about prenups.


I read a quote somewhere that said," Dont complain to people about your problems because half the people dont care and the other half think you deserve the bad things that happen to you." Its sounds negative but I try not to bother my family or friends with any of my problems now. The internet is a great place to just vent to strangers without any real rejection or at least not any I take personally. On the positive side i won $10 last night and the powerball rolled over. Also on the positive side my sound on the computer is fixed. Stay thirsty my friends.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where does the money go?

I read a report about Eddy(eddie?) Curry's home going into foreclosure. Its a 4 million dollar home and he makes 11 million a year but he is losing it. Most lottery winners are broke in 5 years and athletes and entertainers are broke within 10 years of becoming millionaires. My question is where does the money go? Is there a drug or gambling addiction burning through the money? I would rather live in the suburbs for 40 years than live in a mansion for 4 years and get kicked out because im broke. In the suburbs the millionaires would have money left over for vacations and other luxuries. One person suggested the accountants and lawyers skim money off the top but that cant be the case everytime. 50 cent and Jay-Z have songs where they ask women would you still want to date me if I wasnt rich. They both admitted the money has caused women to think they are attractive when that wasnt always the case in the past so the answer to their "true love" questions seem obvious. Many people are finding out when the money goes the fake friends and shady family members go too.

Lotterypost put up this list:

You believe the best way to get rich is to win the lottery: 1 in 5
You will bowl a 300 game: 1 in 11,500
You will die in a fireworks accident: 1 in 1 million
You will be an astronaut: 1 in 13.2 million
You will climb Mount Everest: 1 in 50 million
You will be killed by a falling coconut: 1 in 250 million
You will successfully navigate an asteroid field (according to C-3PO in "The Empire Strikes Back"): approximately 3,720 to 1
You will win Powerball: 1 in 195,249,054
You will win Megamillions 1 in 175,711,536
These are always funny to me but even with the bad offs of Powerball and Megamillions I take a chance on Powerball every drawing and Megamillions when im in one of their states. Powerball is 20 million for tonight and Megamillions is 113 million for friday.