Saturday, November 13, 2010

Deja Vu

The latest update on the porn store lottery winner happened friday. A man came forward at the press conference as part of a lottery group. He said he doesnt play the lottery and he doesnt know who bought the lottery ticket at the porn store that is also connected to Deja Vu strip club. I put the link below. The comments section of any site where you find this story are full of the religious people who condemn gambling and porn stores fighting with the people who dont like to pass judgement on what other people choose to legally do with their hard earned money.

The titans play the dolphins and this is of course the debut of Randy Moss. I dont have a good feeling about the game because Vince Young may be hurt and Kerry Collins will have to start if VY cant play. I would still pick the Titans to win anyway but I have more confidence in Vince under center. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thanks to all the Veterans on this Veterans Day weekend. Thank you for your service to your country.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The Boondocks Season 3 DVD came out today so make sure you go pick it up. It may be the last season so go support the show please. One place you cant pick up the Boondocks DVD is a porno store but apparently you can buy lottery tickets. Someone in Detroit just one the $128.6million dollar powerball jackpot at Uptown Book Store(porno store). This was michigans first powerball jackpot win ever and it follows
the $140million megamillions jackpot win in the same week.(The link is below) Congrats to the michigan winners and if its a married man or woman just tell your spouse you were late and that was the only place that sold lottery tickets. That story may not fly because there is a gas station across the street that sells them too. Plus how can your spouse be mad about your porn store visit when you just won 9 figures in the lottery before taxes. Worst case scenario you end up a divorced which means you will be a single millionaire with the freedom to do anything you want without having to run it by a partner first.

I watched a new show on MTV called World of Jenks and this episode was about a Titans cheerleader. I attended college with a young woman on the Titans cheerleading squad so I wanted to see if she popped up in the show(she did). The show was really good it was about Jessi who moved from cali to nashville to slow her life down and be truly happy again. I wont ruin the end for you so check it out on or on demand if you cant catch the rerun on MTV. Jessi seems really nice and she will make some lucky guy a great wife.

Megamillions is $25 million for tonight and powerball is $20 million for wednesday.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


The RM stand for Mister Randy Moss. Randy Moss is now a Tennessee Titan. I cant begin to explain how shocked I was to hear this and I didnt sleep for 24 hours after my friend called me and told me about it. This reminds me of that Chris Rock joke where he said if you have any work you need done the day after Obama becomes president it wont get done if black people are there. I have been way off every since the news broke its really funny. The Titans are such a conservative team I cant believe they did this so im not allowed to bash them for not going after a big named free agent anymore. The only bad news is that the Titans have a bye week this weekend so I have to wait another week to see Randy in that blue #84 jersey. Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon sounded like some dummies on PTI last week. They kept talking about Kerry Collins should start over Vince Young so Kerry can throw it deep to Randy Moss. You would think those two primadonnas would have a special team of people to look at games and stats so they wouldnt talk with their heads up their butts like that. Vince Young as of this week is the NUMBER ONE ranked quarterback in passer rating and Vince is number two in passes completed over 20 yards downfield. Vince throws a great deep ball one of the best in the NFL but Wilbon is too busy kissing up to celebrities and chasing blondes to know that. The Titans are also the number 2 ranked scoring team in the NFL. Kornheiser proved he hates nashville when he was in the monday night football booth not being funny and he kept making elvis references and other things that are Memphis staples not nashville staples. In tonys mind it doesnt matter because who cares about the south they are all the same. Now if Vince and Moss play really well they will say on PTI that Moss is making Vince a great quarterback instead of saying Vince already threw a great deep ball he just needed someone on the team who can catch the ball most of the time finally. If I wasnt broke I would buy a Moss jersey to wear to the remaining home games. I have never felt more like a Super Bowl was possible. They should have drafted Randy and the Titans would have 2 or 3 super bowl wins right now. Moss would have scored that touchdown in the super bowl standing up that Dyson stretched out a yard short. Another thing about Kornheiser on PTI is he always thinks that black people are racist but white people arent. When a white person says or does something the most he will do is call it insensitive but when its Torii Hunter talking about latin players Kornheiser called him racist and he also called Dwayne Wade racist when he dressed up like Justin Timberlake for Halloween with makeup on his face but he then said Tropic Thunder was one of his favorite movies. So in Kornheisers mind its ok to have a white guy(Robert Downey Jr) dressed like a Don Cheadle(black guy) twin for an entire movie but Dwayne Wade cant dress like Timberfake for Halloween or its racist. I can only stomach that Kornheiser guy when I know they will be talking about the Titans now. He used to be funny bouncing off Wilbon but it may be time for him to retire because he has lost his funny edge and now sounds like an old fart grumpy about everything young guys do. I thought it was funny when he would quote Lil Wayne lines that some young intern probably wrote for him but now he is just irritating. It was a break from lame ass corny ass Scott Van Pelt who quotes rap and tries to sound like Eminem and Stuar Scott combined and he thinks he is cool when he does at least Kornheiser knew he was being lame in a funny way.

The local press is bashing the move and sounding like a broken record about team chemistry and weed use in his past but Tim Lincecum is a hippie hero and people just joke about his weed use but Moss is suddenly the head of BMF because he smokes weed so its sad to see a double standard. I dont know about you but if somebody at my job is a jerk that is their problem I will still do my job. If you let someone at work cause you to be a bad worker then you deserve to be fired along with them. Do your job and focus on your own performance. That is why you hear players say they loved playing with Moss and TO because the media picks certain players to make look like the Devil as Jackie McMullen loves to call Randy Moss. All the racist players in the history of Boston sports and Jack McMullen chose this one guy to call the devil, I wonder why?(One guy said call her jack mcmullen because she looks like an ugly man). Some peope say that stupid because he may only be on the team for 8 regular season games(crossing fingers post games maybe even super bowl). Who cares about wasting money on a jersey, if the Titans can finally take a chance I can too. SPeaking of taking a chance the powerball is 123 million for tonight and the megamillions is 25 million for tuesday. In honor of Randy Moss you know I want that lottery jackpot in "straight cash homie."A canadian couple won the lottery and gave most of it away I will put the link down below.

I dont normally say positive things about Oprah and Tyler Perry but I have to give them credit this time for doing a 2 day show about men who were molested. They have 200 men in the audience and it is an important show. People joke when they talk about boys being molested for some reason its not a big deal. The same jokes happen when Men are physically abused and they go to jail all the time when police show up because they dont believe a woman can beat a man in domestic abuse cases. I saw a show on this topic and men said they stay because of the kids and because they are ashamed to tell anyone. So I have to give Oprah credit for this show being historic really.

Some fans are saying Oprah timed the special to preceed her Jackson family show because of Michael Jacksons multiples molestation charges. Oprah also did a molestation show around the same time as Michael trial. Oprah should really do a show on Women who molest young girls like the incidents that happened at her african school. Oprah doesnt like to say bad things about women that would hurt her branding alot if she did. Even when Oprah did a show on the female teachers who molest male students she had women who werent in jail and they had written books about it like they were Jackie Collins writing an erotic novel. The most I remember Oprah saying is something like"If you were a man we would want you locked up." Wow really Oprah? We all know the hypocrisy behind women who molest and men who molest and doing a show celebrating the women who do it as some type of cougar pouncing on a cub will just help promote that type of activity.

I will end with some funny and if you havent ready Lil Duvals twitter you need to go to it he is really funny. He does go at Raz B which falls into the category of people joking about people who were molested so that isnt funny to me. He went harder at Eddie Long which would be going after the person who molested so he goes after both but I wanted to let you know so you wouldnt think I was laughing at the same subject I just blasted people for laughing at(did that make sense?)I didnt want you to think I was being a hypocrite. Engligh 50 cent was also a funny twitter he was giving translations to 50 cent tweets but 50 doesnt post as much now. I found them when I was looking for more episodes of Hood State of the Union. They must cost alot to make because they havent done one in awhile. So try and Stay positive(I know its hard just look at my post it was up and down in mood), stay focused and enjoy life everybody.