Monday, August 31, 2009

Tom Brady for Emperor of the World

Tom Breaky I mean Tom Brady is hurt again. Albert Haynesworth the former titan(lights a candle) tackled Brady and flopped on him. The play was totally legal but because Brady got a sore shoulder now Skip Bayless and others at ESPN want the rules changed. There already about 3 "brady" rules and who knows how many patriots rules to help them win but now some people want another one. Maybe this guy Brady is just soft and needs to toughen up. Peter King and others wanted to change the overtime rules and the playoff rules so Peyton Manning could win a game and the patriots could be in last years playoffs. Its insane how they act over Brady but at least Goodell hasnt said anything about changing that flop rule just for Brady. So far its just journalists running their mouths.

BREAKING NEWS: Goodell just passed a rule that any man who makes eye contact with Tom Brady is banished from the NFL for life.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2012 Super Bowl Champs?

I just saw a commercial for a movie about the mayan calender ending in 2012. Its hard for me to believe anyone can predict the end of the world. The local weathermen here cant predict snow or rain but people are predicting the end of the world correctly. If you can predict the end of the world why dont you predict the lottery numbers for me so I can enjoy the next years of my existence. I can just imagine the Titans about to win the super bowl and the world ends. I would also be a billionaire and engaged to Tamera Mowry or Kelly Rowland at the time.

Speaking of the end of the world the Titans lost again last night. I thought the world was ending or hell was freezing over because the local yokels on the radio were actually giving Vince Young credit for playing well. Vince had a fumble and threw an interception for a touchdown but it was his best game statistically and they actually were positive about him and the rest of the offense I was shocked. The paper was brutal like always but the big problem is they didnt hire "NFL" type reporters when the titans came so the same bums who covered high school and college football were now covering the local NFL team the EXACT type of way. Their stories are harder to read than my

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rich Kids Athletic Ability,FTL

I can remember an episode of Married With Children when Al Bundy had a flashback to being a little kid in a library. The Librarian met all again when he tried to return a book after 30 years and she said,"I always hated you. Is it wrong to hate a kid? I dont know but I always hated you." That was the funniest thing in that episode to me outside of Al having the hand down his pants habit even as a kid. Im watching Teen Cribs and I can understand where the Librarian was coming from.

Hating on someone like Hannah Montana or the Olsens doesnt make sense because they earned their positions and money but these kids are just getting spoiled by their rich parents so the hate should be cool. Ive noticed a trend in the kids that they are usually unattractive and geeky looking kids. Without their parents money they would surely be on the bottom of the social ladder in those high schools instead of the most popular because they throw parties and sleepovers at the estate/compound 6 nights a week.

I also noticed that the kids and parents will say they are great athletes but when you see them playing its street hockey or hoops at home,wtf? Who cant do that. Im not the first person to notice this because Deadspin had an article about Rich Parents dont raise as man pro athletes as Middle Class or Poor parents do. The poverty or just having to do without can feed a hunger and desire to be a success one day. When you are rich at birth whats your motivation to work really hard in the gym and watch your die to become a great athlete?People like Grant Hill are in the minority because his parents had money and he became a great pro athlete when he wasnt injured. Most of the NCAA booster violations are gifts given to poor kids who want to get paid for their talent one day anyway. Its not easy for a college to recruit a kid by offering him money or a car when his parents already gave him that for his 16th birthday.

The rich kids arent hungry to succeed can also apply to some in the music industry too. Once they have hit and make money from tours they dont have motivation to be creative. Jay-z had a good quote,"It took me a lifetime to make Reasonable Doubt so that is my best album",thats true for so many peoples lives. Even comedians can fall into that trap because they are so hungry and will perform for a meal when they are working the comedy clubs but after making it big they arent as funny or they try to cover new topics and not stay in the type of material that made them famous.

Reporter:Why did you start telling jokes or rapping?
Entertainer:To make money and get pretty women
Reporter:Dont you have that now
Entertainer: Oh yeah I have all that
Reporter:What is your motivation to keep going on
Entertainer:I dont know. Maybe to just maintain this lifestyle and have people call me the greatest ever

Start Dreaming Folks

The megamillions is 325 million for Friday August 28th. If you want to know if you are lucky enough to live in a state that sells megamillions or near one look at the list below. Its a federal offense to MAIL lottery tickets across state lines so if you have a friend or family member you want to buy tickets for you in another state be careful. Im in a lottery pool so we sent someone to georgia to get our tickets. Your tax responsibility also depends on what state you live in and what state you buy the ticket in because you have to pay taxes in both. Florida,Tennessee and Texas dont have a state income tax so those are great places to win the lottery and keep alot of it.

Ignorant Press Conference: Walk in with new tuxedo on and top hat. Playing Mike Jones"Back Then",Biggie Smalls"Juicy",All American Rejects"Gives You Hell",Nas"Hate me Now" and Biz Markie"Vapors". Read off list of people you want to front on who will never get a penny from you.

Smart Press Conference: No press conference or send your lawyer. Hire an actor to play you and claim it that way everyone is looking for him/her. You could stay home or pretend to be the lawyer or bodyguard for the actor. If you did that make sure the actor looks nothing like you and also another race would be smart. to ask for money and marry.One woman in Illinois I think knew the lottery wouldnt allow her to claim without a press conference so she showed up in a wig,shades and makeup done by a hollywood makeup artist. Some people arent sure she was really a woman because the make up was so good it could make Flava Flav look like Halle Berry.

-12 Megamillions states: Georgia,California,Illinois,Maryland,Massachusetts(RIP Ted Kennedy),Michigan,New Jersey,New York,Ohio,Texas,Virginia and Washington.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


If you have money and power you rule the world especially this part of the world. The NFL and NCAA came together to stop Delaware from legalizing sports gambling. They just did it yesterday so Delaware will lose alot of money now because some people who normally would fly out to Las Vegas to be on sports were planning trips to Delaware during the college and pro football seasons.

The NCAA and NFL dont want anyone making more money off the athletes than they do. Unless of course they get their cut. Mike and Mike today OF COURSE said its not big deal you can always just gamble online. It was Mike"the thrill" Hill sitting in for greenberg but greeny would have said the same thing. Actually you cant gamble online because the government saw billions of dollars being won and loss without people paying taxes so Bush shut that down. If you are gambling online now be careful because your banks will snitch on you if you send or receive money from a gambling website.

The NFL gave approval for Lottery Scratch off tickets with NFL team names but the dont approve this Delaware gambling because they dont get a cut. They same way the NCAA the NBA say they are keeping kids in school for their own good,gtfoh. If they cared about the kids the graduation rate for athletes wouldnt be a joke. Even the one who do graduate dont always sound exactly articulate in interviews so Suzy and Becky probably did their homework for them and helped them cheat on tests.

Also here in the south the NCAA dropping the hand of "maino" down on Memphis is big news for two reasons but the main reason is how did they do it so fast?USC has been under investigation since Reggie Bush was there and still no penalty for them. Memphis gets hit fast and hard,no fishsticks. The NCAA has so many double standards its crazy because they know ESPN loves USC and the ratings and attendance at games are high for USC so they drag their feet and probably will never hit them with a death sentence. I predict a slap on the wrist for USC like the NFL gave the patriots.

They took away Delawares right to gamble on single games but at least they still have a lottery. If you win up there you have the option to remain anonymous. So you dont have to worry about family members and hustlers begging you for money unless you tell them or you pull up to church in your new porsche.

Stay positive with whatever you are doing in life because you never know what choices will make your dreams come true or cause you to live with regrets. Mike Jordan said he was an Adidas fan and he wanted to sign with them but they refused to see the bigger picture of their product selling in America and not just europe so they didnt offer him anywhere close to what Nike did. That mistake is what separates Nike from Adidas,McDonalds from Burger King and Coca Cola from Pepsi. There is nothing wrong with being number 2 overall but as Mel Brooks said,"Its good to the be the King."

Adults cant drink Alcohol now?

ESPN is reporting that Mike Vick had an alcoholic beverage. Uh ok ESPN so Mike Vick having a drink is story but Roethlisberger accused of rape isnt and Erin Andrews being recorded nude without her knowledge arent stories worth covering initially. ESPN still hasnt covered the EA story on the network from what I have seen. The Big Ben story eventually was too much for them to deny. Donte Stalworth having a drink is a story but Vick having one drink is not a story. Mike Vick at another dogfight is a story.

If that Erin Andrews things happened at Fox,CBS or NBC ESPN would have been first to report it."AHHH AHHH", sorry about that I just pictured Andrea Kramer naked in a hotel room. If that nightmare happens I dont want it to ever leak to the internet,please.

Harlem keeps on making it

Nahrights comments section was funny again monday. If you want to check out the funniest one its under the fake pastor mase post. Even the stuff that applied to me was still funny but I will get into that later on. Amp described "Harlem World" Mase's first album as a classic. A few people disagreed but I had to agree. I remember when the first single and video dropped all the girls were talking about Mase so most of the guys here were hating on him. One of my friends talked about a funny skit with Mase talking about following an underage girl to school to verify her status as a minor. I bought the CD used and it was one of the best albums I have actually purchased not just copied from a friend or downloaded.

I was expecting Mase to be more like a have fun and party Kid N Play type album but he had some Murda Mase type stuff on there. The skits were funny too. "I been to jail twice man and Im not scared and I love and I want to go back. So dont give my girl ya number no mo."ROFFLE. If you listen to it today the jealous boyfriend also said something that came true,"When the smoke clears man Puff Daddy and all them niggas you running with aint gone be there man." Of course now we see Mase and Puff have a strained relationship and also the other people Mase rolled with but I dont know the whole story so most of it could be Mases fault his alliances fell.

There is also a rumor that Kanye West first commercials beats were on Mases album. I dont know if its true and you can email me or correct me in the comments that Ye sent a beat to D Dot and he used it. Im not sure if he got a ghost producer fee or if he just learned a lesson about how the music biz can steal your ideas. The entire story could be a lie who knows. Ghost producing worked out for alot for scott storch and others working their way up the ladder so maybe thats how kanye got on. I think john legend played piano for Laryn Hills Miseducation album. All of this also brings up a point why was I chasing girls and goofing off while people the same age as me were on classic albums producing and playing? Either these guys are lying about their age or I was underachieving back then...also now.

Another album that caught me by surprise was Cam'rons "Confessions of Fire." I was on a date with a girl in college and she wanted to stop by some music store and listen to the Camron album. I knew who he was but I didnt know about that "357" being enough for me to pick up his album even though I like the beat. This was back when you could preview an entire CD in the store so we sat there and were actually late for the dinner reservation listening to it. She didnt want the CD but I bought it for myself. With the internet you dont have as many album sneaking up on you like those did me because you can hear the entire leak weeks before it drops.

Over on nahright Amp mentioned how cheap people are to buy 5 items off the $1 menu at McDonalds when they could just get the meal. I had to laugh at that because I do that before the Titans games so I wont be tempted to give them anymore money that my tickets already costs. I usually end up at least getting something to drink at the game. Ill just say "I like a variety" as my excuse for getting 5 items instead of a meal,rofl.

Megamillions tonight is 252 million so get your tickets and start dreaming or join an office pool at work. If you do get everyone to sign something anything after they chip in their money so you wont be in court getting clowned for your money like Nas. Kelis is rumored to want 90k instead of the 55k the court ordered but until I see some paperwork filed ill keep believing Kelis is able to raise ONE newborn on 55k.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Worlds biggest HDTV

I watched the Titans/Cowboys game and it was a blowout. I actually fell asleep it was so bad. The tickets I wanted were about a grand so instead of blowing that money on an exhibition game I decided to stay home and watch it. The game was also played in texas at the new stadium so I would have to add in the cost of driving down or flying down.

They will play the 2011 super bowl at this new place. The stadium is the best in the NFL for many reasons but the most noticeable thing is the worlds biggest HDTV hanging in the middle of the stadium. So after the game I thought Jeff Fisher would let us fans know that the defense stunk and the offense and everybody except Javon Ringer forgot to get off the plane. Instead Jeff Fisher is complaining about the punt that hit the big I can understand if you lose by 3 points or even 7 points but to lose by 20 points and act like that one play mattered is bologna. The height required by the league is 90 feet and the tv is 95 feet high so its way above the minimum. Before the game the punters for the Titans bragged about being able to hit that tv ever punt if they wanted to and the plan was to punt into it about 10 times if possible. Jerry Jones before the game told them to stop trying to intentionally hit it. So now Fisher is whining about the height now that his team lost.

Of course if that tv costs the cowboys a single yard during the regular season Jerry will raise it up until its visible in the next county. For now its just Fisher deflecting attention from the fact that haynesworth is gone so now NO defensive lineman on that Titans team commands a double or triple team. Now its one on one and the defensive lineman were tossed around by the Cowboys o-line. The offense was supposed to score fast and let Vince Young get a chance to come in and play but that didnt happen in the first half. Fisher is denying being worried publicly but he already admitted he would start Kerry Collins against the Browns in the 4th game of the exhibition season. Normally the 4th game i when starters rest up for the season. The running game except for Javon Ringer was bad and of course the receivers who couldnt catch anything last year are also dropping everything this year. For some reason Bud Adams and Jeff Fisher think this team didnt need a real number one receiver. The steelers players and fans are praying for week one to get here so they can run the ball right down the middle of the titans defense.

The local media is also following Fishers lead today. They spent the first two hours of the radio show talking about how the Cowboys stadium is too much and the tv is too bright(it was only at 20% brightness for the game). Jerry left off the star in the middle of the field he didnt have the tv at full capacity so its obvious he is saving more of the stadium for the regular season open and the local guys are full of it. If it was the titans stadium they would love it. Also in the first 2 hours they ripped Vince Young as playing so bad and not being a team player when he said,"Dont just point he finger at Vince." I dont blame Vince for saying that he didnt get into the game until the second half and Vince doesnt play defense. Vince wasnt missing tackles and getting blown off the line the entire first half. From now own Vince should give the generic Tiger Woods answers to questions because back when Tiger was candid a reporter printed an off the record joke and Tiger has never opened up again so Vince needs someone to tell him this local media hates him and they blame all loses on him even when he doesnt play.

Fisher has the nerve to say this years team will be better than last years. Last year the titans had the best record in the NFL and homefield advantage through the playoffs locked up. Fisher has to make alot of improvements and pray for his starters to stay healthy for his statement to come true.

Megamillions is 252 million for the tuesday drawing
Powerball is 25 million for the wednesday drawing

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bodyslam Betty/Plax

The powerball jackpot had a winner in south carolina last night. The last time I remember the winner being from South Carolina was last year. The winner was 19 and on his way to college. He said he would finish college and help out his family and friends with the money. The most recent update has him going into business with Jimmy Hart(yes that jimmy "mouth of the south"hart). The business is "Wrestlicious" a womens wrestling league. It is his money and if he wants to be the Vince McMahon of his own womens wrestling league that is his business. I wouldnt go that route but im also not a 19 year old millionaire with nothing but money and time on his hands. The powerball is back down to 20 million but at least the megamillions is 207 million for friday.

Update: Plaxico just plead guilty so he will serve two years and 18 months if he is good. I dont know who had the worst lawyer between Plax and Max B. Max is facing more time so Ill say his lawyer was worse but neither one did a very good job for their clients.
What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?...A good

Update reloaded: Dick's sporting goods store is not going to carry Vicks Eagles jersey. They wont carry the jersey while they wait to gauge public sentiment. Dicks wont carry Vicks jersey but they keep showing commercials with Ben Roethlisberger...uh ok.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Current Fav Commercials

Their are a total of 4 commercials with Kevin Durant,Mo Williams,Rashard"I dont know what I put in my body"Lewis and Andre Igoudala. If they can be this creative with 30 second commercials then musicians have no excuse for not being creative with 3 minute long music videos. They could have stopped Durants commercial at the "Ooowee" part and it would still be funny and my current favorite commercial.

megamillions=207 million
powerball=250 million
Brett Favre=unretired and starting for the Vikings

Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Beautiful Women,FTW?

When I take a few shots at some womens looks its usually because she said something I didnt like or she has a bad personality. When I sent shots its usually about something other than weight. I get turned off by the personality or bad attitude and then that particular woman becomes ALOT less attractive to me. I try to leave weight off the table if I can because that is really mean and im normally just trying to be funny I dont want the famous lady to read this and cry but i doubt any famous women i make fun of even know my blog exists. I do remember mentioning cankles alot but thats just a funny made up word like milf. I think I first heard cankle on Howard Stern.

Another reason I dont try to make fun of weight is because I have dated some "healthy sized" women in my day I try not to discriminate by size. Nice women come in all sizes. Some people say you want to date someone like your mother if youre a man and like your father if youre a woman. I dont know if thats true but my mom isnt big but I do remember when I stayed at my aunts house after school I would bring her mail in and a Lane Bryant type store would send her catalogs. Of course this was the closest thing to porn a young boy going through puberty had. I would get to that big bra and big panty section and it was a wrap for the night. I feel like the old men who tell us they had to walk 100 miles to school and they bought their first house for a nickel. Back in my day we didnt have this internet porn so we had to make due with bra and panty ads in newspapers or our imagination. Shows like "Silk Stalkings","Baywatch" and "Hunter" were worth watching for an hour just to catch some bikini action or "sideboob" as peter griffin would say.

So maybe that Victorias Secret like Full figured woman catalog opened my mind to dating women of any size. Monique the comedian has lost alot of weight. She has been the most vocal figure in favor of loving your fat but now big women are about 55 pounds away from losing Monique like they lost Toccarra(not her chest of course,Claude ham mercy). I was watching "The View"(couldnt find my remote*clears throat*) a while back and Monique was a guest host and she showed off her legs and they were VERY hairy for a woman. She said,"These are a real womans legs." I think you are asking alot of a man to put up with you being very overweight and having hairy legs but she does have a good personality to work with. I dont know if men would go after her fame and money but it sort of happened to Star Jones in her larger days. Another thing I will say about "The View" is Elizabeth Hasselbeck looked great pregnant so its not like women cant look good with extra weight. Even 9 months pregnant Elizabeth was still the best looking woman on that show.

Friday, August 14, 2009

ESPN wags the Dog

This morning I was working out and they had on Mike and Mike in the morning. Vick was the main topic and Golic was really upset and saying he didnt "feel sorry" for Vick because he made alot of money already. It felt the jealousy like most retired players who left before the big money rewarded great talent and average talent. At first it was mostly positive emails saying that Vick served his time and should be able to go back to work if a team wanted him. Sal"The Titans have made an offer to the cards for Boldin on draft day" Palontonio was on the phone eventually and he started doing one of those reports that was 99% his opinion but like Bill Oreilly he stated it as facts. Sal said he walked past men and women crying at the Eagles game last night. People saying they would put Eagles season tickets on Ebay and never come to another game.

The "I will sell my season tickets" threat also happened here in nashville twice that I know of. Vanderbilt for some odd reason announced they wouldnt recruit Ron Mercer because of his grades. Ron Mercer is the best basketball player I have seen in my lifetime locally so it was a huge deal. Vandy fans said they would sell their season tickets and Vandy took a few years to recover from the loss of boosters. The start they had last season in football brought back alot of the fans lost in "Mercergate",rofl. The other incident happened when the titans didnt draft Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler. The same threat was made of selling season tickets but alot of the people who did it had financial problems and saw this as a good excuse to get out without any shame. Eagles fans hit by the current economy could use the vick excuse to sell tickets or they could upgrade like I did after the Cutler thing happened(Now I can see the game without binoculars but I bring them anyway to see if I recognize any cheerleaders from high school or college*clears throat*).

I saw that to back up what Sal said a little but after he talked about rushing over to the Eagles press conference to see how many protestors there would be, suddenly mostly negative emails and phone calls came in to Mike and Mike. Of course Golic loved this because he is jealous of the money he thinks Vick made and he may also be mad about the dogfighting. I feel like ESPN is reporting mostly negative reaction so they can turn the tide of public opinion. In politics they call it "the tail wagging the dog" because they minority who covers the story is influencing the majority opinion.

I felt like steroids in baseball was a big deal and so did most of the media. The baseball season ticket holders do not thats why baseball had a record season last year and are doing great this season. No matter what the public says reporters keep leaking names of enhancement users and doing LONG stories on how bad they are and how they wont go to the hall of fame. Most of them have a city of fans that love them as baseball players and they retire with 9 figures or more in their savings account so they dont care if they get in the hall of fame or not anyway. A local guy hit the ceiling because a caller said reporters dont fully understand players because they never played or coached the game. He said and I quote,"We should boycott a day and let these former athletes do all the sports tv,radio and print media. That will show you ungrateful fans!!!" Is this guy serious? Today players were tweeting about Vick and being positive even Jay Feely a conservative republican NFL kicker who has been on foxnews sent a positive tweet but this local reporter thinks athletes cant form an opinion and do his job.

The ego on the media is insane. One papers headline actually said,"Hide Your Dogs". Are you kidding me? Stay classy print media and good luck finding a job on tv after your paper folds. Most of you smug journalist jackasses have faces that are perfect for radio because we cant see you. ESPN is way too powerful and the best thing about the Vick story is that he gets a chance to make a living in his profession after 2 years in prison. The second best thing about this story is that ESPN DIDNT GET THE SCOOP. They act like they control all american sports and they have connections everywhere. They had vick going to so many teams but Philly was not one of them. A day or a year or a lifetime without the big egos and jealousy of the media would be great. They have an attitude of "fans are too dumb to know better so we will tell them what to think". An entire day with no Skip Bayless and Jay Mariotti going against every opinion just to stand out. No horse teeth Linda Cohn or Dana Jacobson being completely rude to people.

A black player is leaving high school to go play in Europe so he can get around the NBA rules. Linda Cohn who is a mother actually said,"Where are the parents this is terrible?" She would never say that to his parents face or she would go from horse teeth to no teeth. Linda Cohn wouldnt want people to question her parenting skills. Linda Cohn also wouldnt people to question what kind of wife she was before her marriage ended in divorce(who the hell wants to be single again at 50). Of course there is a white baseball player leaving high school at the same age to take his GED and play at a junior college so he can enter MLB draft early. Mike Wilbon said the black basketball player was a shame to the black community and part of an epidemic but of course he loves the 18 year old nascar phenom and that baseball player who is going around the rules. The two white kids have great parents and a bright future but the black basketball player should risk injury and no money just to put more money in the pockets of a big university. There is also a 17 year old who just went deep into the US Open and no one was asking about her college of choice or bad parenting. Just like with most situations I gave more than one example of ESPN being hypocrites because I feel like you should cover them the same if its positive or negative coverage.

The internet again is the best thing to happen to sports journalism because with ESPN getting so big and choosing what is news or not to cover a big story because it will hurt their bottom line. That is wrong and they should be ashamed. The internet is here so we can find out about what ESPN wont cover or when they choose to put a slant on it. I told you ESPN didnt preview the Titans/Bills game on NBC because it was heads up with their Redsox/Yankees game. One person emailed me and said it was because it was preseason(exhibition). Well ESPN previewed the hell out of last night Cardinals/Steelers PRESEASON game and of course that just happened to be on their network. They are also throwing up ads for their next preseason game on Monday night. If I had money I would start a competing 24 hour sports network because ESPN is turning into Walmart/China powerful. The positive about the game last night was Jon Gruden sounded great,no fishsticks. Gruden will coach again one day but for now he is the best to step in the Monday night booth since the big homie Madden.

Vick to the Eagles

Mike Vick signed with the Eagles thursday. I think this makes them the most talented team in the NFC with the Patriots having the most talent in the AFC. My early superbowl prediction is
Eagles versus Titans...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Buck Strickland>>>Bill Clinton/Why do athletes marry?

I saw a story on Deadspin that discussed athletes marriages failing 80% of the time and the wives initiate it most often. They described women getting annoyed when their husbands retire and are around too much. When he is on the road she is cheating or he is cheating on the road or both. Maybe she married him for his money and now most of it is gone or he married her for because of her beauty and now she is older and not as hot. The lucky athletes married high school sweethearts or college sweethearts who fell in love with them back when they rode a bike to class and lived on noodles and bologna. I think athletes get married to kill any gay rumors or to look like good family men to the potential sponsors.

Real love>>>

Politicians run into the same temptations as athletes because power can be a turn on. Democrats and independents get more of a pass when they cheat because they dont get elected on a family values platform like most republicans. Josh Hamilton is in this position now because his story was so great because he hit rock bottom with drugs and alcohol and every interview he did he mentioned his sobriety. Now pictures surfaced of him in a bar back in january and it makes him look bad only to the public because he never told us he had a weak moment and got drunk again. Not only drunk but doing shots and whipped cream off womens bodies. If this was Jeter getting drunk or not giving women cabfare after being in his suite all night(cold pimp move jeter I couldnt have pulled that off) it wouldnt have been the same. Jeter is smart enough to stay single so he can lick as many women as he wants and the Maxim 100 every year has almost 20 of his ex-girlfriends on it(what a life). Josh will be more humble now and just play baseball but most of the interviews he did the reporter would bring up the sobriety not Josh so its not as bad or as hypocritical as some of the politicians who hit you over the head with a bible and then get their mistress pregnant.

Derek Jeters life>>>

Bill Clinton has his office in Harlem and most comics made jokes about how much Bill Clinton loves black women thats why his office is in Harlem. I would agree he loves having sex with black women but if he really loved them he would be married to one. On "King of the Hill" Buck Strickland was in his mistresses apartment when he said,"You probably think its a coincidence that my restaurant is across the street from my mistresses apartment. Its no coincidence because I like to hump and I like to eat but I dont like to walk to far." When Buck said that the first thing I thought of was the reason Bill Clintons office is in Harlem. Bill is starting to look like Buck now too.

A friend of mine from college was in the government in Arkansas and he said,"Bill Clinton has had sex with some of the finest black women in Arkansas." One story was Bills friend(black preacher) got mad at him because Bill got his daughter pregnant. I dont think any man could be cool with a friend who sleeps with his daughter no matter what race you are. Hillary and Bill are in a power marriage and the many times he was busted cheating arent important to her because the mission was to get into the white house. "Primary Colors" Showed a wild Bill Clinton with Jesse Jackson as the religious figure. When the movie came out many thought they went over the top with the Jesse portrayal but that was before we knew about the kid by his mistress, sometimes following the wrong causes and of course the more recent smiling in President Obamas face while you say you want to castrate him behind his back. The shady vibe also caught up to Jesses son but thats another post for another day.

I dont know if ill be a Derek Jeter with alot of money or a Buck Strickland. There should be a nice middle ground in there somewhere but those couples are keeping their successful marriage secrets to themselves(Mike Wilbon said its threesomes). The lottery is the best way for me to get that Derek Jeter type money right away so for those of you who care the megamillions is up to 124 million for tuesday august 11th and powerball is 186 million for wednesday august 12th so get your ticket(s).

Those of you who want to be my Hillary Clinton you can email me. The titans beat the bills last night it was an EXHIBITION(preseason is a made up word to excuse them charging me full price) game. The critics bashed Vince Young even though he was the only quarterback who threw a touchdown in the entire game for either team. Im wearing my vince jersey to the game saturday against the bucs. Technically he is the number one quarterback in the NFL right now stats wise(since no other games have been played). Im still cheering for Vince to make it. Ill stay his fan even if they cut him until he plays the titans then ill root for him but not his team if that makes sense...while Im also rooting for the titans. Heimerdinger wants Ramsey to be the second string qb so he is calling more conservative plays to make Vince look worse than Collins or Ramsey. Houston is the only NFL city that loves VY so that would be the best team for him but the titans have a history of being real shady to players as they leave so they may trade him to the CFL or even worse the Lions. I feel like the only person in this city rooting for him because the local radio guys are harder on vince then the hypocrites at espn. ESPN had the yankees/redsox game so on sportscenter before the game they didnt preview the titans/ bills game on NBC because it was competing in the ratings,smh, when will the evil empire of ESPN finally fall or get real competition?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Barbershop 3 starring Brisco

I just watched a clip of Brisco the rapper getting robbed in a barbershop. This is one of the few times Im glad I usually cut my own hair at home(I blame it on the recession). The clip isnt funny until they show the police officer at the end. Imagine Al Bundy in a police uniform trying to rap.

The cop said things like, "They took a little more off the top than he expected","This robbery was off the chain" and "Steal a rappers bling and you might as well have stolen his heart." If I was Brisco I wouldnt think it was funny at all. I just got put face down on the floor and robbed of my jewelry,cash and range rover but this cop is trying to get signed to Slip N Slide records.
I thought he was David Caruso making a crack at the beginning of CSI Miami before the yelling music intro started.

Brisco did the smart thing and just gave up his stuff without a fight but his gangsta rap career took a hit. He can transition from a gangsta rap/alleged woman beater to a Kanye West type of rapper. No violence involved in friendly raps. Unfortunately it doesnt sound like he wants to change it up because he already is denying some facts that we all can see on the clip. Rappers have admitted to getting robbed,beat up and burned by STD's so he can just keep it moving if he wants but most entertainers would wake up after a close call like this.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Be the Best if not the First

I was in the comments section of Nahright I think and someone said Michael Jackson didnt invent the moonwalk. The commentor said some kids in california maybe(I should have payed closer attention,dont blog sleepy) invented the moonwalk. This isnt really a big deal to me but he felt like MJ didnt give the originators enough credit. I can understand his point because it really bugs me when someone takes credit for something I did or said first. They dont have to pay me but a shoutout would be nice. I mean I have so little at least give me some credit when I do something right. All of that said brings me to my main point which is"If you cant be the first then be the best ever."

Michael Jordan didnt invent dunking but he is one of the most famous people to ever do it. Same goes for Michael Jackson if he didnt invent the moonwalk, he is more famous for doing it than any dancer I know. Most people cant name all the astronauts who actually walked on the moon but they know who the King of Pop is.

*moonwalks to restroom*