Thursday, August 6, 2009

Barbershop 3 starring Brisco

I just watched a clip of Brisco the rapper getting robbed in a barbershop. This is one of the few times Im glad I usually cut my own hair at home(I blame it on the recession). The clip isnt funny until they show the police officer at the end. Imagine Al Bundy in a police uniform trying to rap.

The cop said things like, "They took a little more off the top than he expected","This robbery was off the chain" and "Steal a rappers bling and you might as well have stolen his heart." If I was Brisco I wouldnt think it was funny at all. I just got put face down on the floor and robbed of my jewelry,cash and range rover but this cop is trying to get signed to Slip N Slide records.
I thought he was David Caruso making a crack at the beginning of CSI Miami before the yelling music intro started.

Brisco did the smart thing and just gave up his stuff without a fight but his gangsta rap career took a hit. He can transition from a gangsta rap/alleged woman beater to a Kanye West type of rapper. No violence involved in friendly raps. Unfortunately it doesnt sound like he wants to change it up because he already is denying some facts that we all can see on the clip. Rappers have admitted to getting robbed,beat up and burned by STD's so he can just keep it moving if he wants but most entertainers would wake up after a close call like this.

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