Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Be the Best if not the First

I was in the comments section of Nahright I think and someone said Michael Jackson didnt invent the moonwalk. The commentor said some kids in california maybe(I should have payed closer attention,dont blog sleepy) invented the moonwalk. This isnt really a big deal to me but he felt like MJ didnt give the originators enough credit. I can understand his point because it really bugs me when someone takes credit for something I did or said first. They dont have to pay me but a shoutout would be nice. I mean I have so little at least give me some credit when I do something right. All of that said brings me to my main point which is"If you cant be the first then be the best ever."

Michael Jordan didnt invent dunking but he is one of the most famous people to ever do it. Same goes for Michael Jackson if he didnt invent the moonwalk, he is more famous for doing it than any dancer I know. Most people cant name all the astronauts who actually walked on the moon but they know who the King of Pop is.

*moonwalks to restroom*

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