Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adults cant drink Alcohol now?

ESPN is reporting that Mike Vick had an alcoholic beverage. Uh ok ESPN so Mike Vick having a drink is story but Roethlisberger accused of rape isnt and Erin Andrews being recorded nude without her knowledge arent stories worth covering initially. ESPN still hasnt covered the EA story on the network from what I have seen. The Big Ben story eventually was too much for them to deny. Donte Stalworth having a drink is a story but Vick having one drink is not a story. Mike Vick at another dogfight is a story.

If that Erin Andrews things happened at Fox,CBS or NBC ESPN would have been first to report it."AHHH AHHH", sorry about that I just pictured Andrea Kramer naked in a hotel room. If that nightmare happens I dont want it to ever leak to the internet,please.

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