Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Beautiful Women,FTW?

When I take a few shots at some womens looks its usually because she said something I didnt like or she has a bad personality. When I sent shots its usually about something other than weight. I get turned off by the personality or bad attitude and then that particular woman becomes ALOT less attractive to me. I try to leave weight off the table if I can because that is really mean and im normally just trying to be funny I dont want the famous lady to read this and cry but i doubt any famous women i make fun of even know my blog exists. I do remember mentioning cankles alot but thats just a funny made up word like milf. I think I first heard cankle on Howard Stern.

Another reason I dont try to make fun of weight is because I have dated some "healthy sized" women in my day I try not to discriminate by size. Nice women come in all sizes. Some people say you want to date someone like your mother if youre a man and like your father if youre a woman. I dont know if thats true but my mom isnt big but I do remember when I stayed at my aunts house after school I would bring her mail in and a Lane Bryant type store would send her catalogs. Of course this was the closest thing to porn a young boy going through puberty had. I would get to that big bra and big panty section and it was a wrap for the night. I feel like the old men who tell us they had to walk 100 miles to school and they bought their first house for a nickel. Back in my day we didnt have this internet porn so we had to make due with bra and panty ads in newspapers or our imagination. Shows like "Silk Stalkings","Baywatch" and "Hunter" were worth watching for an hour just to catch some bikini action or "sideboob" as peter griffin would say.

So maybe that Victorias Secret like Full figured woman catalog opened my mind to dating women of any size. Monique the comedian has lost alot of weight. She has been the most vocal figure in favor of loving your fat but now big women are about 55 pounds away from losing Monique like they lost Toccarra(not her chest of course,Claude ham mercy). I was watching "The View"(couldnt find my remote*clears throat*) a while back and Monique was a guest host and she showed off her legs and they were VERY hairy for a woman. She said,"These are a real womans legs." I think you are asking alot of a man to put up with you being very overweight and having hairy legs but she does have a good personality to work with. I dont know if men would go after her fame and money but it sort of happened to Star Jones in her larger days. Another thing I will say about "The View" is Elizabeth Hasselbeck looked great pregnant so its not like women cant look good with extra weight. Even 9 months pregnant Elizabeth was still the best looking woman on that show.

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