Sunday, August 30, 2009

2012 Super Bowl Champs?

I just saw a commercial for a movie about the mayan calender ending in 2012. Its hard for me to believe anyone can predict the end of the world. The local weathermen here cant predict snow or rain but people are predicting the end of the world correctly. If you can predict the end of the world why dont you predict the lottery numbers for me so I can enjoy the next years of my existence. I can just imagine the Titans about to win the super bowl and the world ends. I would also be a billionaire and engaged to Tamera Mowry or Kelly Rowland at the time.

Speaking of the end of the world the Titans lost again last night. I thought the world was ending or hell was freezing over because the local yokels on the radio were actually giving Vince Young credit for playing well. Vince had a fumble and threw an interception for a touchdown but it was his best game statistically and they actually were positive about him and the rest of the offense I was shocked. The paper was brutal like always but the big problem is they didnt hire "NFL" type reporters when the titans came so the same bums who covered high school and college football were now covering the local NFL team the EXACT type of way. Their stories are harder to read than my

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