Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Harlem keeps on making it

Nahrights comments section was funny again monday. If you want to check out the funniest one its under the fake pastor mase post. Even the stuff that applied to me was still funny but I will get into that later on. Amp described "Harlem World" Mase's first album as a classic. A few people disagreed but I had to agree. I remember when the first single and video dropped all the girls were talking about Mase so most of the guys here were hating on him. One of my friends talked about a funny skit with Mase talking about following an underage girl to school to verify her status as a minor. I bought the CD used and it was one of the best albums I have actually purchased not just copied from a friend or downloaded.

I was expecting Mase to be more like a have fun and party Kid N Play type album but he had some Murda Mase type stuff on there. The skits were funny too. "I been to jail twice man and Im not scared and I love and I want to go back. So dont give my girl ya number no mo."ROFFLE. If you listen to it today the jealous boyfriend also said something that came true,"When the smoke clears man Puff Daddy and all them niggas you running with aint gone be there man." Of course now we see Mase and Puff have a strained relationship and also the other people Mase rolled with but I dont know the whole story so most of it could be Mases fault his alliances fell.

There is also a rumor that Kanye West first commercials beats were on Mases album. I dont know if its true and you can email me or correct me in the comments that Ye sent a beat to D Dot and he used it. Im not sure if he got a ghost producer fee or if he just learned a lesson about how the music biz can steal your ideas. The entire story could be a lie who knows. Ghost producing worked out for alot for scott storch and others working their way up the ladder so maybe thats how kanye got on. I think john legend played piano for Laryn Hills Miseducation album. All of this also brings up a point why was I chasing girls and goofing off while people the same age as me were on classic albums producing and playing? Either these guys are lying about their age or I was underachieving back then...also now.

Another album that caught me by surprise was Cam'rons "Confessions of Fire." I was on a date with a girl in college and she wanted to stop by some music store and listen to the Camron album. I knew who he was but I didnt know about that "357" being enough for me to pick up his album even though I like the beat. This was back when you could preview an entire CD in the store so we sat there and were actually late for the dinner reservation listening to it. She didnt want the CD but I bought it for myself. With the internet you dont have as many album sneaking up on you like those did me because you can hear the entire leak weeks before it drops.

Over on nahright Amp mentioned how cheap people are to buy 5 items off the $1 menu at McDonalds when they could just get the meal. I had to laugh at that because I do that before the Titans games so I wont be tempted to give them anymore money that my tickets already costs. I usually end up at least getting something to drink at the game. Ill just say "I like a variety" as my excuse for getting 5 items instead of a meal,rofl.

Megamillions tonight is 252 million so get your tickets and start dreaming or join an office pool at work. If you do get everyone to sign something anything after they chip in their money so you wont be in court getting clowned for your money like Nas. Kelis is rumored to want 90k instead of the 55k the court ordered but until I see some paperwork filed ill keep believing Kelis is able to raise ONE newborn on 55k.

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