Thursday, June 24, 2010


Landon Donovan scored the winning goal for the US in the 91st minute to advance to the round of 16. Soccer purists say it isnt the biggest USA win in soccer ever but it is in the top 5. Donovans dad actually lives here in Nashville. Landon also used the big goal as a chance to let his ex wife know he still loves her and wants to get back. I put the link to his love story below. That concludes the Landon Donovan useless facts portion of our show.

Dead Prez has a hot mixtape out. In the mixtape they address the Drake line he lifted from them. When I first heard Drake say it i knew Dead Prez couldnt be too happy about the most "commercial" rappers in years using their line.

The Boondocks took aim at Tyler Perry in another funny episode last week. Everything they said about him and his works is absolutely true. That Boondocks episode is 10 times better than anything Tyler Perry has ever put out. Tyler Perry uses the Showtime at the Apollo approach to writing, as long as you mention Jesus you dont get booed no matter how bad you are. I can remember Jay Anthony Brown taking Tyler to task over always making the dark skinned black man the evil liar and the light skinned guy the Christian hero to save the day for the black woman. Tyler laughed it off but Jay was speaking the truth.

Rick Flair is doing commercials for the Tennessee megamillions so I cant stop laughing when I hear his "Woo". Rick will sell alot of tickets because people love wrestling down here. The Powerball is 20 million and the megamillions is 12 million. The NBA draft is tonight so John Wall will become a very rich man when he is drafted by the Chocolate City Wizards.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wrap up

The real sports seasons have wrapped up now because baseball is too early to matter now. The Lakers beat the Celtics in game seven last night so congrats to them and their fans.

Vince Young went to 3 charity events saturday and decided at the last minute to cap off his night with a strip to Onyx strip club in Dallas. Their website advertises $2 lap dances so its not a shock VY ended up fighting in place like that. That place sounds like a broke mans heaven but VY has too much to lose and he has to be smarter where he goes and who he lets bait him. I feel like im the only one in Vinces corner sometimes because there are fans here who want the rookie to start over VY this year. The Titans receivers will drop the ball they dont care if Joe Montana is back there. Joe Montana said VY would win many superbowls but that was during his rookie season. I want VY to prove Montana and me right but leading this team to the super bowl.

The world cup is still going on so I have to sort of pay attention so I can see if the teams I bet on actually win. So far its best to choose the team that says win or draw because of the low scores. You can say alot about soccer guys to make fun of them but you cant hate on their WAG's(wives and girlfriends). I think I actually started drooling when I saw some of those models. In america skinny is in for the big time models but in the latin countries the women who dominate the advertisements are curvy like our american video girls. You can debate forever if the women are with the guys for their looks, personality or money but if you need motivation to get rich those women could provide it. Of course the smart person wouldnt date anyone who just wanted them for their money but thats another long post entirely.

Speaking of money the powerball is 78 million for saturday and the megamillions is 17 million for friday. Enjoy your very hot weather weekend folks.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hip Hop Honors the South

I watched the Vh1 Hip Hop Honors The Dirty South last night. I have to admit I didnt change the channel I enjoyed the show. I wanted to see Outkast perform but at least they have a new single out "Looking For Ya" that will be on Big Boi's solo album. Bow Wow did a good job and it was nice to see Diddy and Game show up to perform. Timbaland kept saying things like "Im too big for the box of hip hop or pop im too big I will bust out of that. Im full of all that." The fat jokes had to pop into the head of everyone in the audience because they all started giggling like schoolgirls. Lil Romeo shouted out Vince Young and Chris Johnson during his No Limit tribute set so you know I loved that.

Cool Breeze performed last night and I can remember his first album was a real southern classic. Chris Rock was on MTV buying(pretending to steal) a CD a few years ago and when he got in the car it was the clean version so he took it back. That is what I did the first time I bought the Cool Breeze album but it turns out he just didnt curse alot on it. Artists can be creative and Cool Breeze chose to focus more on lyrics than profanity and trying to sound hard. When you hear it just remember what year it came out and how new alot of the slang on there was. Most people didnt start saying those words until they heard that album but Atlanta was already talking like that for years before. Xxlmag listed videos that were based on movies and Cool breeze and the Dungeon Family made it on with "Watch for the Hook" based on Reservoir Dogs. The article mentioned that the Dungeon Family has a catalog that could hang with the Wu Tangs catalog and when you include everyone like Killer Mike and Goodie Mob I have to agree its a legit argument.

Slim Thug is in hot water for comments he made about black women being materialistic. I put the link below and he also talked about black men needing to prioritize and not spend all their money on rims when they have bills to pay. The mistake Slim made was saying anything negative about women in public, period because you cannot win and you will not win that argument. The second mistake he made was in about 5 paragraphs he only spent 2 sentences on men so it was uneven and made it look like woman bashing. Thug made valid points but you have to wait for one of those lame Tavis Smiley"Black men are no good especially that Obama who wouldnt comeback on my show"debates. Tavis and Michael Eric Dyson have these debates like once a month were single women will blame every problem in their life on all men. Luckily I have never been bored enough or brain damaged enough to watch any of them.

The new argument made against paying Chris Johnson is that he will have less yards and never rush for another 2000 yards.REALLY? He wont rush for 2000 yards again you have to be kidding me? Only 6 men have ever done it and you want this man to do it every year just to earn a raise that you will never pay him. The titans would rather have Cj get hurt or cut him instead of having to pay him the money he has earned. Kobe Bryant has to score 81 every game to earn his contract and Tom Brady has to throw 48 touchdowns every season to earn his contract too right? This is so stupid you can be the best player at your position or even in the league and not have to win the championship or break records to do it. The titans need to stop pinching pennies and CJ what he is worth.

The powerball is 28 million and the megamillions is 26 million. Ohio Won the 261 million powerball jackpot so congratulations to the buckeye who snagged the quarter of a billion jackpot.