Thursday, June 24, 2010


Landon Donovan scored the winning goal for the US in the 91st minute to advance to the round of 16. Soccer purists say it isnt the biggest USA win in soccer ever but it is in the top 5. Donovans dad actually lives here in Nashville. Landon also used the big goal as a chance to let his ex wife know he still loves her and wants to get back. I put the link to his love story below. That concludes the Landon Donovan useless facts portion of our show.

Dead Prez has a hot mixtape out. In the mixtape they address the Drake line he lifted from them. When I first heard Drake say it i knew Dead Prez couldnt be too happy about the most "commercial" rappers in years using their line.

The Boondocks took aim at Tyler Perry in another funny episode last week. Everything they said about him and his works is absolutely true. That Boondocks episode is 10 times better than anything Tyler Perry has ever put out. Tyler Perry uses the Showtime at the Apollo approach to writing, as long as you mention Jesus you dont get booed no matter how bad you are. I can remember Jay Anthony Brown taking Tyler to task over always making the dark skinned black man the evil liar and the light skinned guy the Christian hero to save the day for the black woman. Tyler laughed it off but Jay was speaking the truth.

Rick Flair is doing commercials for the Tennessee megamillions so I cant stop laughing when I hear his "Woo". Rick will sell alot of tickets because people love wrestling down here. The Powerball is 20 million and the megamillions is 12 million. The NBA draft is tonight so John Wall will become a very rich man when he is drafted by the Chocolate City Wizards.

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