Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mary J

Mary J Blige has done songs about being verbally and physically abused but she forgot to mention she was the abuser not the abusee. I saw a clip of her hitting her husband at her album release party. The bad press didnt hurt her album sales because there wasnt any bad press really. Chris Brown career is almost over for hitting Rihanna but Mary J gets a pass because she is a woman. Oprah has banned Chris Brown from her show so we will see if she has venom like that for Mary J too.

The titans had alot of dumb penalties and lost to the chargers on Christmas. I froze my rear off out there to watch a blowout. Chris Johnson is the only Titan going to the Pro Bowl unless a few get selected as alternates.

Alicia Keyes sold over 400 thousand,mary J over 300 thousand and young money cash money sold over 100 thousand all in their first weeks. After so many albums flopped this year these sales prove albums can still sell in this economy. Another megamillions winner in new york so congrats to the winner and nyc for being a lucky spot.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Reality Kicks In

Tigers wife wants 100% full custody and she wants the pre nup torn up so she can get 300 million(half his fortune)instead of the 80 million she thinks is chump change. The worst part of this new information is she said Tiger should only have "supervised" visits with his kids. Is this woman serious? I know alot of women especially the women Nancy Grace has on everynight hate Tiger and what he did but supervised visits with his biological kids is a crime. Just because a person likes to have alot of sex with consenting adults doesnt mean they will resort to becoming a pedophile. Not only a pedophile but with your own kids is just a prediction any person is wrong to jump to based on Tigers actions. The judge should toss any supervised visits talks out unless she can prove Tiger is a danger to his kids in anyway.

Some of the women Nancy Grace has on there riding Tiger like a rodeo show, are women who have never been married or are on their 2nd or 3rd husband. They may have cheated before and they are being hypocrites to paint Tiger as an animal who will have sex with anything even his own kids now. That is when the sensationalism goes too far and Tiger can end up looking like a victim. It happened with Barry Bonds the government kept going at his family and friends with threats if they didnt snitch on him meanwhile other players are breaking records using steroids and hgh and no one seemed to care. Barry came out looking like just another player instead of the only one cheating(if he did).

Another crazy story is I talked about Keith Bulluck in my last post and now he is out for the season with an injury. This was probably his last game as a Titan and it will be hard to win the last two games without him and David Thornton. The titans need 4 teams to lose out and the titans have to win out to make the playoffs this season. I will be at the game friday against the Chargers on Christmas screaming until I cant speak anymore. Its the last home game of the season so it will be nice if they win. It would have been nicer if Fisher had started vince young earlier to give the team a spark and they wouldnt need a miracle to make the playoffs. The titans also could have beat the colts and ran the table 10-6 to get a wildcard playoff spot. The chargers dont need the win but they are so talented and cocky they will want to play the starters the entire game. If one star gets hurt for the chargers it will be their own fault for not resting the players. They cant catch the undefeated colts anyway so they are just risking injuries unless they fear the players would get rusty and tight in the playoffs if they dont play for a few weeks now.

The title "Reality Kicks In" is about what happened when I was in line for the lottery today. I realized as the machine locked up and delayed my ticket printing that this could be anywhere,anytime and any lottery state. The same 2 seconds it takes to print my ticket, there are hundreds of men and women in other states and my own state buying their own ticket or tickets for the same game. Thousands of people hoping and praying during that same 5 minute span and multiply that by the hours and days between lottery draws, im going against millions of people and millions of tickets to win. I always felt like it was me against the ball machine or computer but its a whole lot more competitive when you factor in those people. The powerball is 106 million for this wednesday drawing and the megamillions is 162 million for this tuesday drawing. If the megamillions rolls over Christmas may have a 200 million jackpot up for grabs so check, or to see what game your state has or a state near you has.

I saw the "Lottery Changed My Life" shows on TLC again and when the lottery winnings bring drama some people say,"I wish I had torn the ticket up." How selfish can you get to tear up a winning ticket. When people hear that they are happy you blew your money and are suffering because you could have easily given that ticket to a charity or person who needed it. Lottery tickets are good, cheap presents but if that person wins be prepared if they dont give you some of the winnings unless you have a signed contract before. A persons word and a handshake is worth the paper its printed these days.

The holidays have the higest suicide rates so try to stay positive and you dont know what happens when you die so you may as well hang around here and spend time trying to improve the life you already have.
(Update Merry Christmas)

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Blind Side of remakes

The Blind Side is a big hit at the box office and people act like they are shocked. Im not surprised because "Webster" and "Different Strokes" were big hits and this is basically the same type story certain people love. The difference is webster and arnold didnt grow up to go to the alma mater of the host family which im sure was a coincidence*coughs* and they didnt become millionaires who could reward the family. Arnold and Webster were so small they would have to become jockeys if they wanted to shine in a pro sport.

So many kids need to be adopted so its great when good people take kids in. It has been said that some people are choosing kids they think will be great athletes and help out the family. I cant prove anything like that. Keith Bulluck(really nice guy) had a similar situation in his life and he plays for the Titans so ive met him and ive read about his background story. They could make movie out of his life if they wanted to but make sure the Titans win the super bowl at the end.

Elin Woods is turning into the new Rihanna according to the media. The real Rihanna isnt selling as well as she is being promoted plus she is half naked in mags,videos and everywhere you look. That innocent victim role was too "hard" for her to maintain for too long. The wild freak inside rihanna was dying to grab her ankles for the public again as soon as possible.

Tiger is allegedly heading for sex rehab now to try and get his wife back. Oprah has been suggested for Tiger too rehab his image but if his wife is leaving he should dodge oprah like she dodges treadmills. If his wife is going to leave anyway then why go on Oprah and get clowned. Tiger needs to be sitting next to his wife on Oprah so she can throw sucker punches at him like Robin Givens did Mike Tyson in that interview years ago. Elin is after the loot just like Givens except Elin has some sympathy while Robin is a machine designed to debone mens wallets from a mile away. Elin admitted she never dated or was attracted to black men before Tiger but something about him was different and not the money. Elin will file in California to get more money and also has a pre-nup that was recently redone to get more money but Jesper(golfer who introduced them while Elin was his "nanny") says she isnt about money...uh yeah right. Im not saying she is wrong but come on at least keep it real the money is what matters because people say she needs money to take care of her kids but Tiger is a billionaire those kids will never need anything. That money is so Elin can travel the world and ball like she was actually a famous model and not a nanny who took some model type pictures in high school.

Powerball is 92million and megamillions is 140 million so get those lucky Christmas,Hannakuh and Kwanzaa tickets to give out.(I dont know much about other religions except Christianity so if giving lottery tickets would offend your group dont do it. I dont want you blaming me for you getting cursed out by family,rofl.)

RIP Chris Henry

Monday, December 14, 2009

Open Season

Violence is still getting the double standard treatment. The same people who thought it was cool for Tigers wife to hit him with a golf club are defending a womans right to murder her husband. If a man has a weapon, is trying to strangle,drown or she is in immediate danger and she grabs a weapon and he dies that is one thing. Mary Winkler shot her husband in the back while he slept and she unplugged the phone so he couldnt call 911. Her young daughter also witnessed this murder but she only got 7 months and women in tennessee and around the country giving her a thumbs up.

When a man is dead you can say he beat you,yelled at you and raped you. Some of the women who use this defense dont have any witnesses to the abuse and no bruises. The man can have a clean police record but because she is alive and crying the jury or judge believes her. Tigers wife and the women who abuse and definitely the murderers are all wrong to respond with violence to a disagreement. The woman below wasnt in immediate danger she hired a man to kill her husband now she is trying to use that Mary Winkler joke of a trial to get off death row and out of jail. Men and women need to learn to walk away because right now courts favor crying women but you may be the one chick they decide to put on ice. Oh yeah the Open Season title was because its Open Season on men in america if women can walk free after murder.The money she used to hire a hitman she could have just hired a divorce lawyer.

Death-row woman plans a Mary Winkler defense
Monday, December 14, 2009 at 2:27pm
By E. Thomas Wood

With the state of Tennessee trying to set a date for her execution by lethal injection, convicted murderer Gaile Owens is pointing to the controversial case of fellow husband-killer Mary Winkler as one reason her sentence should be commuted to life in prison.
Owens, 57, was convicted in Shelby County in 1986 of being an accessory before the fact in the 1985 murder of her husband, Ronald Owens. Last week, Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper asked the state's Supreme Court to set a date of execution for Owens, arguing that she had exhausted her appeals.
In response, Assistant Federal Public Defenders Gretchen Swift and Kelley Henry today filed a motion asking the high court to give them until Feb. 5 to make their case on behalf of Owens. They argue that Owens is "the only Tennessee death row inmate who was offered a plea agreement to serve life in prison prior to trial (approved by the victim's father) and who accepted that plea offer because of her extraordinary remorse, only to be forced to trial based on circumstances out of her control."
Prosecutors in 1986 did offer both Owens and the man she hired to carry out the murder, Sidney Porterfield, life sentences in return for guilty pleas, contingent on both of them accepting the deal. Owens accepted, but Porterfield refused, and so the offer was withdrawn and the pair was tried jointly for first-degree murder.
Swift and Henry contend that "no court has fairly considered evidence that Ms. Owens was a battered woman — the victim of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse." They call the imposition of the death penalty on her "truly disproportionate" in comparison to the fate of Winkler, the Selmer, Tenn. woman who was charged with first-degree murder in the death of her preacher husband, found guilty of voluntary manslaughter, and released from prison after serving a seven-month sentence.
"Ms. Owens, a battered woman who accepted responsibility and a life sentence for her role in her husband's murder, is certainly not the first woman that Tennessee should execute after 180 years — especially when other similarly situated women, like Mary Winkler, have served less than one year in jail for similar crimes," the attorneys assert.
A year ago, the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of appeals rejected Owens' arguments that she had received ineffective assistance of counsel when trial counsel failed to adequately investigate her background and failed to overcome the state’s hearsay objection to one of her penalty-phase witnesses. That ruling also turned aside her claims that prosecutors violated her rights by failing to turn over letters between her late husband and his lover and that the trial court unconstitutionally prevented her from offering, as mitigating evidence, testimony that she wanted to plead guilty in return for receiving a life sentence.
Nashville-based Judge Gil Merritt dissented from that ruling, arguing that the court's majority opinion misconstrued the facts of the case.
In addition to revealing elements of Owens' defense strategy, her filing also corrects the historical record on the execution of women in Tennessee. Although it has been widely reported that Owens would be the first woman put to death by the state, her lawyers say in a footnote that four women were hanged in Tennessee between 1807 and 1820. Owens would be the first woman executed in the state for some 190 years.

2009 countdown
Thanks to everyone who bought picks at youcapper,of course you can too. I will start offering some free picks here in 2010. The titans won against the rams 47-7. Vince Young got hurt and Kerry Collins came in and slowed down the offense just in case Chris Johnson moved so fast you couldn't see him. Johnson needs to average 160 yards in the final 3 games to beat Eric Dickersons season rushing yards mark.

In music alot of albums have been flopping lately and of course the artists blame the label,fans being too dumb to follow the growth and in Chris Browns case he is mad at stores that wouldnt carry his music. Brown had to know that his career was almost over after Rihanna threw him under the bus and he should try to stay humble and "play the game" so he can get back in the door. The music industry is shady so you can do what they want or you can keep your pride and just drop hot music on small labels or give it away free on mixtapes. If you choose to make your living this way then you have to stay out of trouble and cant cross certain lines. Oprah coming down on Breezy was pretty much the end. If you see a guy dancing while working register 5 at a Walmart in Virginia then its probably chris brown.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Jersey Bore

I read a story that MTV's new show Jersey Shore is losing sponsors faster than Glenn Beck. The show is full of stereotypes about Italian Americans and groups are protesting. The same groups protested the Sopranos but you know Tony wasnt having that so they were shut down real quick. I like this story because it should wake black people up to be more vocal about shows that are ignorant and full of stereotypes and maybe they can change or be cancelled.

Spike Lee criticized Tyler Perry and Perrys response was,"That pisses me off because Spike is acting like those people dont exist." No one is denying there are blacks like the loud ignorant acting people in Tyler Perrys movies but why is it every tv show and movie he does. In Perrys mind its ok to exploit these stereotypes for profit because he has no shame. I can remember when Perry was on Tom Joyner after Dave Chappelle walked away from comedy central. Perry said,"I would do anything for 50 million dollars,Dave is crazy to leave." Perry has no shame or dignity he just cares about money and I dont care how many times he tosses in Jesus or a bible verse in his shows to justify that ignorance we all know he cares about green more than he cares about pride in his works.

On the bright side the megamillions is at 100 million right now and the powerball is 52 million. The numbers and stats given about lottery winners going broke and having a high divorce rate have been exposed as made up numbers. They were created by CPA's or financial people who wanted to scare people who have sudden wealth to hire them. Also the numbers were thrown around by certain religions to make their members think gambling and any money you win will curse you to failure. Now that we know those stats are fake and global warming stats have been faked too you just need to make your own decisions in life and use common sense. You live once so as long as you arent hurting anyone else emotionally or physically then do your thang.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Patronize the crew

Make sure you visit Amp's site and Ron Mexico's site. Tiger is up to about 10 women on the side and that doesnt count the women who were paid to sleep with him. Tiger should have stuck with the escorts full time so he wouldnt be in this situation of snitching. Some compared this to Tiger dad dying but no one would heckle a man for his dad dying but they will tease Tiger about nailing a Perkins waitress with the face of a 60 year old man.

The titans made mistakes and had bad play calls to help them choke against the colts. Now the titans need a miracle to get into the playoffs. I copied this from cbs:
New England: 8-8 beat jags
Bal:7-9beat pitt
Mia:8-8 beat jags and houston
NYJ: 7-9 beat cincy
Pitt: 7-9 beat mia
Hou: 6-10 beat new england
Oak: 6-10 beat denver and baltimore
Buff: 5-11 beat New England
San Diego: 9-7
Cincy: 10-6 beat San Diego

If all of that happens and the titans win out they would get in at 9-7.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VH1 goes hard

VH1 has helped Tiger Woods dirt come out to the public. Jamiee from the first season of Tool Academy saved evidence that she had sex with Tiger 20 times over a 31 month period 3 years after he was married. I dont know who does the screening for VH1 shows but they need raise. They had a future murderer on Megan wants a millionaire and now they had this homewrecker on Tool Academy.

I watched both seasons of Tool Academy and Tiger may want to get an STD test or two because Jamiee was involved in the biggest sex swap circle. Jamiee boyfriend was not only cheating on her he already had a girlfriend before he met her. So they kicked Jamiee off the show and brought out his oldest girlfriend. It sounds confusing but it reminded me of that sex circle chart they do when one person in a city has an incurable std and they make circle of each partner until they have about 300 names and a whiteboard of people who wont be able to sleep until their tests comeback clean.Tiger has apologized and if his wife allegedly beat him with a golf club after rumors of an affair but she may cut off a body part now that there is proof and an admission by Tiger.

Speaking of VH1, I watched the first season of Tough Love and now im watching season two. Taylor from season one is back and she looks busted now. The rapper Willie Northpole is dating her own the show right now but she looks awful compared to last season. She was the second hottest chick on the show last year now she is the worst looking and even the hosts mom looks better than her now. Life hit her ass like a ton of bricks.