Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 countdown
Thanks to everyone who bought picks at youcapper,of course you can too. I will start offering some free picks here in 2010. The titans won against the rams 47-7. Vince Young got hurt and Kerry Collins came in and slowed down the offense just in case Chris Johnson moved so fast you couldn't see him. Johnson needs to average 160 yards in the final 3 games to beat Eric Dickersons season rushing yards mark.

In music alot of albums have been flopping lately and of course the artists blame the label,fans being too dumb to follow the growth and in Chris Browns case he is mad at stores that wouldnt carry his music. Brown had to know that his career was almost over after Rihanna threw him under the bus and he should try to stay humble and "play the game" so he can get back in the door. The music industry is shady so you can do what they want or you can keep your pride and just drop hot music on small labels or give it away free on mixtapes. If you choose to make your living this way then you have to stay out of trouble and cant cross certain lines. Oprah coming down on Breezy was pretty much the end. If you see a guy dancing while working register 5 at a Walmart in Virginia then its probably chris brown.

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