Monday, December 21, 2009

Reality Kicks In

Tigers wife wants 100% full custody and she wants the pre nup torn up so she can get 300 million(half his fortune)instead of the 80 million she thinks is chump change. The worst part of this new information is she said Tiger should only have "supervised" visits with his kids. Is this woman serious? I know alot of women especially the women Nancy Grace has on everynight hate Tiger and what he did but supervised visits with his biological kids is a crime. Just because a person likes to have alot of sex with consenting adults doesnt mean they will resort to becoming a pedophile. Not only a pedophile but with your own kids is just a prediction any person is wrong to jump to based on Tigers actions. The judge should toss any supervised visits talks out unless she can prove Tiger is a danger to his kids in anyway.

Some of the women Nancy Grace has on there riding Tiger like a rodeo show, are women who have never been married or are on their 2nd or 3rd husband. They may have cheated before and they are being hypocrites to paint Tiger as an animal who will have sex with anything even his own kids now. That is when the sensationalism goes too far and Tiger can end up looking like a victim. It happened with Barry Bonds the government kept going at his family and friends with threats if they didnt snitch on him meanwhile other players are breaking records using steroids and hgh and no one seemed to care. Barry came out looking like just another player instead of the only one cheating(if he did).

Another crazy story is I talked about Keith Bulluck in my last post and now he is out for the season with an injury. This was probably his last game as a Titan and it will be hard to win the last two games without him and David Thornton. The titans need 4 teams to lose out and the titans have to win out to make the playoffs this season. I will be at the game friday against the Chargers on Christmas screaming until I cant speak anymore. Its the last home game of the season so it will be nice if they win. It would have been nicer if Fisher had started vince young earlier to give the team a spark and they wouldnt need a miracle to make the playoffs. The titans also could have beat the colts and ran the table 10-6 to get a wildcard playoff spot. The chargers dont need the win but they are so talented and cocky they will want to play the starters the entire game. If one star gets hurt for the chargers it will be their own fault for not resting the players. They cant catch the undefeated colts anyway so they are just risking injuries unless they fear the players would get rusty and tight in the playoffs if they dont play for a few weeks now.

The title "Reality Kicks In" is about what happened when I was in line for the lottery today. I realized as the machine locked up and delayed my ticket printing that this could be anywhere,anytime and any lottery state. The same 2 seconds it takes to print my ticket, there are hundreds of men and women in other states and my own state buying their own ticket or tickets for the same game. Thousands of people hoping and praying during that same 5 minute span and multiply that by the hours and days between lottery draws, im going against millions of people and millions of tickets to win. I always felt like it was me against the ball machine or computer but its a whole lot more competitive when you factor in those people. The powerball is 106 million for this wednesday drawing and the megamillions is 162 million for this tuesday drawing. If the megamillions rolls over Christmas may have a 200 million jackpot up for grabs so check, or to see what game your state has or a state near you has.

I saw the "Lottery Changed My Life" shows on TLC again and when the lottery winnings bring drama some people say,"I wish I had torn the ticket up." How selfish can you get to tear up a winning ticket. When people hear that they are happy you blew your money and are suffering because you could have easily given that ticket to a charity or person who needed it. Lottery tickets are good, cheap presents but if that person wins be prepared if they dont give you some of the winnings unless you have a signed contract before. A persons word and a handshake is worth the paper its printed these days.

The holidays have the higest suicide rates so try to stay positive and you dont know what happens when you die so you may as well hang around here and spend time trying to improve the life you already have.
(Update Merry Christmas)

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