Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mary J

Mary J Blige has done songs about being verbally and physically abused but she forgot to mention she was the abuser not the abusee. I saw a clip of her hitting her husband at her album release party. The bad press didnt hurt her album sales because there wasnt any bad press really. Chris Brown career is almost over for hitting Rihanna but Mary J gets a pass because she is a woman. Oprah has banned Chris Brown from her show so we will see if she has venom like that for Mary J too.

The titans had alot of dumb penalties and lost to the chargers on Christmas. I froze my rear off out there to watch a blowout. Chris Johnson is the only Titan going to the Pro Bowl unless a few get selected as alternates.

Alicia Keyes sold over 400 thousand,mary J over 300 thousand and young money cash money sold over 100 thousand all in their first weeks. After so many albums flopped this year these sales prove albums can still sell in this economy. Another megamillions winner in new york so congrats to the winner and nyc for being a lucky spot.

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