Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VH1 goes hard

VH1 has helped Tiger Woods dirt come out to the public. Jamiee from the first season of Tool Academy saved evidence that she had sex with Tiger 20 times over a 31 month period 3 years after he was married. I dont know who does the screening for VH1 shows but they need raise. They had a future murderer on Megan wants a millionaire and now they had this homewrecker on Tool Academy.

I watched both seasons of Tool Academy and Tiger may want to get an STD test or two because Jamiee was involved in the biggest sex swap circle. Jamiee boyfriend was not only cheating on her he already had a girlfriend before he met her. So they kicked Jamiee off the show and brought out his oldest girlfriend. It sounds confusing but it reminded me of that sex circle chart they do when one person in a city has an incurable std and they make circle of each partner until they have about 300 names and a whiteboard of people who wont be able to sleep until their tests comeback clean.Tiger has apologized and if his wife allegedly beat him with a golf club after rumors of an affair but she may cut off a body part now that there is proof and an admission by Tiger.

Speaking of VH1, I watched the first season of Tough Love and now im watching season two. Taylor from season one is back and she looks busted now. The rapper Willie Northpole is dating her own the show right now but she looks awful compared to last season. She was the second hottest chick on the show last year now she is the worst looking and even the hosts mom looks better than her now. Life hit her ass like a ton of bricks.

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