Monday, November 30, 2009

Cheaters pay now?

The titans game was fun again. Vince Young took the titans 99 yards with just over 2 minutes left in the game to win it on 4th and 10/goal as time expired. CHris Johnson ran for 154 yards and a touchdown so he is leading the nfl in yards and on pace to make eric dickerson cry when he breaks his single season record. I was yelling and of course people were getting drunk and hugging.

The big story of the weekend off the field/course/court was Tiger Woods getting beat up by his wife or driving while impaired and crashing. I dont know if he was wasted like Gucci Mane or if he needs to start playing some of those beyonce songs to motivate him to leave an abusive household. I dont condone cheating but the correct response to a cheater is not violence so his wife was wrong if she hit him. Some women think the story is funny but most men dont. After the way Chris Brown was thrown under the bus by everyone in the media and entertainment industry its not cool to see women laugh this one off. The double standard is garbage and it should change. The mature reaction to a disagreement is to talk it out or to leave. I think Tiger was trying to leave but his wife and the golf club tried to change his mind in the street. His wife sounds like she has a better swing that David Duval but thats another story.

I remember the way women laughed at the lorena bobbit story and men thought she should be locked up for life. Chris Brown tried to defend his actions by saying Rihanna hit him first but people werent trying to hear that. Rihanna has a history of violence with her brother and other men she has hit with glasses,her fist and broken property but none of that mattered to the media. Even when she was making her album promo rounds to interview she knew that playing victim may help sell records but the real her started to come out when she started talking about loving casual sex and talking about the size of mens genitals. Chris Brown may never recover from this.

Tigers wife could be arrested if they can prove she hit him or caused that accident by hitting his suv. She should be arrested but Tiger is a rich man and he is saying the classic battered woman things like "my wife is a hero" and "it was all my fault". Many women and men everyday tell the police not to arrest the person who beat them because they love them and now Tiger is using his money to keep his wife out of jail. Tiger sent away the police times and wont let them see his face so actually his wife sent them away and she left the house but Tiger hasnt. This happened Friday and it took 13 hours for it to hit the media. So the police dont want to look like celebrity justice is getting her off but I know if police came to my house on a possible domestic abuse charge they would not leave unless im in handcuffs or I make a statement. Now after giving them the runaround all weekend tigers lawyers told him he doesnt have to talk and he is choosing not too.

TMZ is like the mob I dont know how they get all this stuff but they have been right on with the story so far as evidence comes out. Now the police "say" they are trying to get a search warrant for tigers security footage on his home and the medical records for the hospital.

Now to go in a different direction, I was watching Cheaters and at the start they said,"Some investigative services may be charged",What the....? I think they are covering their butts for the people who call and they waste money and man power following their spouse for a month and never catch them cheating. It still doesnt make it right. I guess Maury Povich will start charging men when the test says,"You are the father",since that makes it a more boring show without the drama of "you are not the father."

The cross selling of powerball and megamillions in the same states will lead to one national game in 3 years so I dont like that idea so I better try to win before that happens. I dont like the idea of trying to beat out 50 states for one jackpot. I heard discussion of a world lottery so that would be the end of my lotto days I would just start driving to a casino to gamble because if I buy a world lottery ticket and some skinny dude in Laos wins the jackpot ill be sick,rofl.

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