Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chris Johnson and Bud Adams>>>

I just got back from the titans game and now they are 3-6 and 3-0 under vince young as the starter. Chris Johnson had 132 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving with 2 touchdowns. It was a about 70 degrees and the women must have known it because they were in shorts and skirts. Miss Black Tennessee was near my row so she would have made it a great game to be there even if they had lost,rofl. I dont play Fantasy Football because I dont know how to make any real money doing it but if you do play then Chris Johnson should have been your number one running back the last 3 weeks.

UPDATE: I just watched Bud Adams on youtube flipping the bills fan and players the bird. I saw the hookem horns symbol live but I was too busy flirting with girls to catch the funniest part live. Next time ill pay closer attention to owners box. The commissioner of the NFL was in his box so even if he laughed at him he will have to fine him anyway. I think it is funny but if it was another owner I may have a different opinion. He is 86 years old so at that age I would have a do wtf I want attitude too, especially if you are that rich.

UPDATE two: Bud Adams was fined by the NFL 250thousand dollars. That is the same amount the patriots were fined for the spygate situation. So either you overcharged Bud Adams or you undercharged the Patriots because they cheated their way to 3 superbowls so 250thousand isnt much to pay for 3 superbowl rings.

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