Monday, June 29, 2009

Trophy Wives/Husbands

I had a boss who was about 55 and his second wife was 24. He would bring her around to show her off but I was thinking to myself if she is at home while you are at work what does she do with her time? She has a babysitter for the kids,a maid to clean the house, a chef to cook and a pool boy to do what pool boys do. So im basically saying she was in a mansion with nothing to do but flirt with any man or woman that came by to do some work. Im not saying trophy wives or husbands need busy work but use common sense here. They eventually divorced after he caught her cheating for a second time. I dont blame the person getting cheated on because I see cheating as very selfish act in marriages(im looking at you Sandra Tsing Loh) but like i said before I havent been married and maybe a 7 year itch would kick in for me too. Ive never cheated before so I would feel like a real hypocrite to give into temptation to stray after Im married. Starter Wives and Starter Husbands arent rare anymore so if you have been married or have kids isnt a question anymore for a first date its now how many?

Cheaters Give Advice Now

Sandra Tsing Loh wrote an article about why marriage is failing in this country and why her own marriage failed. She isnt the best person to take advice from because she cheated on her husband. So because her marriage didnt work out she thinks all marriages are doomed. Maybe if she worked on the marriage instead of cheating she would still be married. I havent been married and I dont have kids so maybe I will know where she is coming from in the future but right now it sounds like a selfish cheater who wants to be free so she can be more selfish.


Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years today. The only people who dont like the sentence are his closest family members. The best thing that could come out of this is no one should be able to repeat what he did for 20 years. His ability to do this for so long was a massive failure by the governing bodies. The post I did about banks isnt totally related but the hole in a matress is a good standby while you make your decision, just dont accidentally throw it away or let a family member throw it away. Also dont smoke in bed and fall asleep. Stay thirsty my friends.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Wedding

I was invited to a Sunday Wedding but church let out late so I cant make it. The bride said its cheaper to do it on Sunday because most places charge more for Saturday. The cheapest wedding must be a Sunday on the winter. If Sunday is cheap the weekday must be even better or maybe its so odd that it cost more. Ive heard strip clubs are cheaper during the week when most people are at work but I wouldnt know about that.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


My bank surprised me with a larger monthly maintenance fee this morning. I went paperless so they only contact me by phone or email now. If a girl ask me I went paperless to save trees but in reality it was mostly to avoid identity theft which im sure they can find a way to get me if they wanted anyway. Like Chris Tucker said,"If a thief robs me right now it would just be practice because im so broke."When I made a large deposit last year they called me everyday but now I cant get a heads up on a fee increase.

Banks seem more important if you have alot of money. When you dont have that much they seem like a luxury that you dont really need. Paying bills or cashing checks is easier but in this economy they are going to poke you as much as they can to get your extra pennies. Its saturday and hot so ive been in better moods. The fee increase made me realize I would rather play less tickets tonight(one) and go for a the big georgia megamillions on monday or tuesday. Its a long drive but for 94million dollars and my only dream I still have left Ill tough it out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Obese kids

I watched a show "half ton teen" and I noticed the mother wouldnt stop feeding this guy. He was almost a 1000 pounds and she kept feeding him. I think he was maybe 15 or 16 so at that size he isnt going to a job everyday earning money and blowing it on tacos, his parents are feeding him. Parents should be held accountable and in some cases arrested when their kids are morbidly obese. Some crazy parents want their kids to never be atractive to other people so they wont ever leave home. Force feeding your kid into a heart attack or stroke is just as much abuse and kissing his face with your fist.

The best news out of the show was they started to limit his interaction with his mom so he lost 200 pounds in 2 months before gastric bypass surgery. That is an amazing amount of weight to lose in 10 years but to lose it in 2 months is motivation for anyone who wants to drop a few pounds.

King of Pop

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Insecure or Smart?

When you suspect your partner of cheating and they tell you that you're insecure it probably means they are cheating. Every case is different so dont quote me or do I dont care. That insecure word gets thrown around alot but if you have a feeling I say go for it. I dont care if someone im dating goes through my phone or follows me because I have nothing to hide.

Ill admit upfront after getting burned and watching too many episodes of "Cheaters" and Maury Povich DNA tests Im more paranoid than most people but I would rather be called "insecure" than a "sucker". There is alot more at stake than just getting your heartbroken there are diseases. If you are man you should have a choice if you want to raise another mans child it shouldnt be decided for you by a cheating spouse who lies about you as the only possible father.

Annie get your gun

I just saw on espn(while Las Vegas was on commercial) that Julian Peppers signed a 16.7 million dollar contract for one year. Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless(vandy alum) talk about why athletes dont need guns but when you announce their salaries to the world every day I can understand why they would be paranoid. Dan Patrick has a guess the career earnings game that he plays but he never tells us how much he has made. The espn guys also dont tell us how much they have made but they expose athletes all the time. The only reason we know what rick reilly makes is because of deadspins unconventional journalism. We have a right in most states to carry weapons so as long as you have a license its no big deal to me. Plaxico Burris is treated like a murderer on espn but Lance Armstrongs bike thief received 3 years in prison. Money does buy Celebrity Justice these days but it always has in every country.
I dont know how they tied this in but somehow they made it about overpaid athletes and how wnba should be equal work for equal pay like the nba. The wnba is leaking money and their salaries are determined by the market and revenue. The owners are billionaires but there isnt jealousy and animosity towards them. I know teachers,soldiers,fire department and police are doing much more important job than athletes but again their salaries are a part of life and the amount of money available.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PYT versus Cougar

The young woman versus old woman debate will rage on forever. It depends on what you are looking what you will like. I have seen women in their late 40's or early 50's that looked nice but they have maybe 3 years tops of looking that hot. You can get a 25 year old who will look hot for 20 more years. The biggest advantage of an older woman would be less games in the relationship and she knows what she likes sexually. The disadvantage is she could be immature and still playing games or try to be your mom. Hannah Storm is getting alot of burn online but she is 47. Anne Curry is in her early 50's and she is a looker. Vanessa Williams is late 40's and she is still a perfect 10 in my book. The first thing that turns me off about an older woman is when she has that wrinkly,saggy,deflated looking baggy neck. I cant take my eyes off it and the surgery to fix it isnt good. If you see an old woman who wears turtlenecks and its not winter now you know what to expect. Stay thirsty my friends.

Dollar and a Dream

The latest powerball jackpot winner is a 27 year old man in North Carolina. I like to visit sites and read the comments about stories like this and it never fails someone complains about taxes. You spent one dollar and in this case he walks away with 29 million dollars. How could anyone complain about that? It makes us seem like spoiled americans to complain about winning "only" 29 million dollars in a recession. President Obama didnt invent taxes but more people are complaining now than ever before.
There are countries who pay more for gas than us and higher taxes but they have universal healthcare and other things we dont. This is still the best country in the world I will visit other places but this is the country I always want to live in. Johnny Depp and some other people talk about living abroad and avoiding america but his movies wouldnt make as much money if he didnt release them here in america. The rest of the world follows our lead in entertainment. Technology is another issue but we will lead again in that area too one day. Im way off the farm now but basically spending one dollar to win one hundred dollars would be a hell of deal so complaining because you only get 29 million of the advertised 89 million doesnt make sense to me.
Honestly I dont know where alot of people would be if they didnt have the hope of the lottery around. Just like most of the people at lotterypost I dont trust computer drawings but in this state all we have are computer drawings and the powerball which is a live ball drawing. Like most people I think the lottery is fixed until I win it. I have won before so I know its not fixed but im looking forward to winning some of that as the kids would call "folding money".

Monday, June 22, 2009

Celebrity Justice

The Donte Stallworth case and the Rihanna/Chris Brown case have led to people yelling double standards and celebrity justice. Both cases did surprise me because the sentences were less than I thought they would be. I cant say who deserves what especially since Rihannas lawyer said she is satisfied and the family of the man Stallworth killed with his bentley received a financial settlement and are also satisfied with the ending of the case.
It seems really cocky to go around telling people they should feel a certain way about something that happened directly to them. You are basically telling adults whats best for them and most people like to form their own opinions not have yours forced on them. Some women said it was the "battered woman syndrome" that makes Rihanna not want jailtime for Chris. These are adults and they can make their own decisions so I just know that I wouldnt want to be in either situation.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stay in your Successful Lane

I mentioned in another blog about Joe Buck spreading himself thin with the show on HBO but that is an understatement compared to the next examples. I dont know why Will Smith broke his blockbuster movie streak with Seven Pounds. The same thing happened with Jim Carrey when he tries to get dramatic. Jim and Will(like im really on a first name basis with them) really want an oscar. They have successful movies that are in the top 50 grosses of all time but they are bored with their action/comedy(will) or comedy(jim).

Most of us wish we had one thing we could make 8 figures doing and we would stay in that job until we want to retire or until we drop dead especially if we love our work. As an alpha male or female its not easy for them to accept failure(bagger vance,23) so they keep chipping away hoping to pull a jamie foxx and rub that oscar in our faces. If they dip into the other areas too often they may lose their touch for action or comedy. Just like Eddie Murphy was the funniest man on earth when I was young but now after so many family movies I dont know if he is capable of another Coming to America or Harlem Nights. As as fan of Jim and Will(old golfing buddies of mine) it will show if they are just doing a movie for money and their heart isnt really in it so I wouldnt want that but why not do 4 of the 'same old same olds" for ever 1 of your "artsy begging for an oscar" movies. I want the average to be heavy in favor of the good movies(highest earning).

Friday, June 19, 2009

Not in Kansas Anymore

I see the Foxy Knoxy case,Lisa Lings sister and the guy who has a 9 year old son in Brazil. The thing as americans we have to realize is some countries hate us. When you go to another country you dont have the freedom and rights you have in america. If you have a child with someone from another or with family from another country they can get pissed at you and disappear to that country with your child if they want. Lifetime had some movies like that when I grew but the guy always took the kid to africa or the middle east and the mom from "family ties" would have to go sneak her way there because our country wouldnt help her. Her name is meredith baxter berney or something like that.
Anyway you can say what you want about this country but when you hear these stories you realize we do have alot of rights here in comparison to those countries. When you go to another country you understand the risk and you cant expect President Obama to come save you or send in the navy seals like that somali pirate situation. Im not saying hide under your covers and never leave the country or date anyone from outside the usa but just be careful where you go and use birth control until you know this person isnt a nutjob. Stay thirsty my friends.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dont Cry Wolf

PETA is upset that President Obama swatted a fly on his arm. If you want to stop dogfighting and you go after Mike Vick that is one thing but going after a dead fly hurts your credibility in other cases. If you really were pissed at Mike Vick and didnt care about the cameras and publicity you would boycott him at his job in construction. When you wait and only protest outside of NFL stadium some people roll their eyes and think you arent being sincere.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Short and Sweet

This wont take long. Artie Lange did what he was paid to do and thats make people laugh with shock comedy. Joe Buck is another one of these people who isnt happy dominating one thing they need to venture out and fail at others. Strahan has a tv show on the way and I think it will end up like the Emerill Lagasse comedy show.
Espn hired rush limbaugh to do his thing and bring in ratings and they turned around and fired him for it. Im not a rush fan but espn,hbo,msnbc know who they hire and they know the risks so the feigned outrage is a way to save face to sponsors and uptight viewers. Charles Barkley said if a tv show or athlete is raising your kid by their comments or actions then you are bad parent and I have to agree with the chuckster. Turns out this wasnt so short and sweet.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


My friends have been complaining about ESPN for years now. The majority unattractive women they have covering sports, the biased reporting and the insulting of the fans. PTI (when Kornheiser and Wilbon host only) and Bill Simmons Page 2 Mail bag is the only thing we can all agree ESPN does right. ESPN edits his letters so he cant rag on his fellow espn guys like we know he wants to so that does take some of the venom out of his snake,no fishsticks.
Mike and Mike is popular but they are such shills it gets shameful. If they are doing Bassmasters its just as much excitement as the super bowl for them. We all understand getting your money but come one turn it down a few notches. Meg Ryan did less faking of excitement in "When Harry Met Sally".
I heard Wilbon complain that the redskins fans were wrong for voting in their players who didnt have pro bowl caliber years. He said the same thing about dodgers fans trying to vote manny into the mlb all star game. Wilbon actually said take the vote away from the fans. WTF??? I attend every titans home game and after watching the ravens come into nashville and knock the team out of the playoffs the only positive I had left to look forward to was the titans in the pro bowl. It would be tacky to tell you how much my PSL costs but lets just say any fans who pay that much money have earned the right to vote at least once for who they want in the pro bowl. Wilbon and Mike Greenberg talking about "take away the vote to protect the fans from the fans" are proving espn doesnt do it for us fans anymore. Press get free tickets and food to games but they also think they should vote for who plays. The commish is smart enough to leave the vote in the hands of the people who are paying these billions into their pockets not the cocky media who hate fans and think we are too dumb to choose who WE want to see play in a game.
The same way espn keeps covering steroids,brett favre and other issues that fans have shown they dont care about but espn wants to force you into believing they are right. Mike and Mike say,"we are sick of this Brett Favre story" but then they bring in 3 more reporters to talk about favre and they talk about him every single hour. If they were tired of talking about him they would stop talking about him. Dont fall for their tricks.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lottery Tickets FTW

As you read my post(when I remember to post) you will notice I tend to have run on sentences and references to the lottery. The funny thing is I dont get offended when people make fun of lottery players I laugh right along with them. The Moron Tax,Idiot Tax or just plain a waste of money I have heard it all. Maybe I laugh because I know I will never win and im wasting money but if you cant budget in $2 a week for lottery or whatever you like to do then you have real problems. If I wasnt buying lotto tickets I would buy fast food with the money so maybe Im saving my health here. Dreams are important as long as you know when to get serious in life. If the thought of winning the lottery is keeping some senior citizens happy twice a week and extending their life I say its a good thing.

Some people even call it a sin but I disagree. Stock brokers take as many chances as someone playing the lottery does and it should cost us less and it wont screw up the economy. If I move away from Tennessee one day Delaware sounds like the place for me because their citizens are smart enough to allow lottery winners to remain anonymous for their own safety and they legalized betting on the NFL. I would just have to cheer on the Titans via satellite. I have my powerball tickets for tonight so I will cross my fingers and my toes. Also a good site to visit for lottery information is

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Test post

This is the man some of you know as geico lizard. I post some funny(trying to be funny)comments on alot of sites and now im trying blogging out. If you see a post and wonder if it was mine just write me here or email me and Ill tell you. Im normally on xxlmag(commission),ampgeez,nahright ,ronmexicocityand byroncrawford. You can leave suggestions for changes or topics you want me to cover in my comments section or email me.