Thursday, June 11, 2009


My friends have been complaining about ESPN for years now. The majority unattractive women they have covering sports, the biased reporting and the insulting of the fans. PTI (when Kornheiser and Wilbon host only) and Bill Simmons Page 2 Mail bag is the only thing we can all agree ESPN does right. ESPN edits his letters so he cant rag on his fellow espn guys like we know he wants to so that does take some of the venom out of his snake,no fishsticks.
Mike and Mike is popular but they are such shills it gets shameful. If they are doing Bassmasters its just as much excitement as the super bowl for them. We all understand getting your money but come one turn it down a few notches. Meg Ryan did less faking of excitement in "When Harry Met Sally".
I heard Wilbon complain that the redskins fans were wrong for voting in their players who didnt have pro bowl caliber years. He said the same thing about dodgers fans trying to vote manny into the mlb all star game. Wilbon actually said take the vote away from the fans. WTF??? I attend every titans home game and after watching the ravens come into nashville and knock the team out of the playoffs the only positive I had left to look forward to was the titans in the pro bowl. It would be tacky to tell you how much my PSL costs but lets just say any fans who pay that much money have earned the right to vote at least once for who they want in the pro bowl. Wilbon and Mike Greenberg talking about "take away the vote to protect the fans from the fans" are proving espn doesnt do it for us fans anymore. Press get free tickets and food to games but they also think they should vote for who plays. The commish is smart enough to leave the vote in the hands of the people who are paying these billions into their pockets not the cocky media who hate fans and think we are too dumb to choose who WE want to see play in a game.
The same way espn keeps covering steroids,brett favre and other issues that fans have shown they dont care about but espn wants to force you into believing they are right. Mike and Mike say,"we are sick of this Brett Favre story" but then they bring in 3 more reporters to talk about favre and they talk about him every single hour. If they were tired of talking about him they would stop talking about him. Dont fall for their tricks.

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