Saturday, June 27, 2009


My bank surprised me with a larger monthly maintenance fee this morning. I went paperless so they only contact me by phone or email now. If a girl ask me I went paperless to save trees but in reality it was mostly to avoid identity theft which im sure they can find a way to get me if they wanted anyway. Like Chris Tucker said,"If a thief robs me right now it would just be practice because im so broke."When I made a large deposit last year they called me everyday but now I cant get a heads up on a fee increase.

Banks seem more important if you have alot of money. When you dont have that much they seem like a luxury that you dont really need. Paying bills or cashing checks is easier but in this economy they are going to poke you as much as they can to get your extra pennies. Its saturday and hot so ive been in better moods. The fee increase made me realize I would rather play less tickets tonight(one) and go for a the big georgia megamillions on monday or tuesday. Its a long drive but for 94million dollars and my only dream I still have left Ill tough it out.

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