Friday, June 26, 2009

Obese kids

I watched a show "half ton teen" and I noticed the mother wouldnt stop feeding this guy. He was almost a 1000 pounds and she kept feeding him. I think he was maybe 15 or 16 so at that size he isnt going to a job everyday earning money and blowing it on tacos, his parents are feeding him. Parents should be held accountable and in some cases arrested when their kids are morbidly obese. Some crazy parents want their kids to never be atractive to other people so they wont ever leave home. Force feeding your kid into a heart attack or stroke is just as much abuse and kissing his face with your fist.

The best news out of the show was they started to limit his interaction with his mom so he lost 200 pounds in 2 months before gastric bypass surgery. That is an amazing amount of weight to lose in 10 years but to lose it in 2 months is motivation for anyone who wants to drop a few pounds.

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