Thursday, June 25, 2009

Insecure or Smart?

When you suspect your partner of cheating and they tell you that you're insecure it probably means they are cheating. Every case is different so dont quote me or do I dont care. That insecure word gets thrown around alot but if you have a feeling I say go for it. I dont care if someone im dating goes through my phone or follows me because I have nothing to hide.

Ill admit upfront after getting burned and watching too many episodes of "Cheaters" and Maury Povich DNA tests Im more paranoid than most people but I would rather be called "insecure" than a "sucker". There is alot more at stake than just getting your heartbroken there are diseases. If you are man you should have a choice if you want to raise another mans child it shouldnt be decided for you by a cheating spouse who lies about you as the only possible father.

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