Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PYT versus Cougar

The young woman versus old woman debate will rage on forever. It depends on what you are looking what you will like. I have seen women in their late 40's or early 50's that looked nice but they have maybe 3 years tops of looking that hot. You can get a 25 year old who will look hot for 20 more years. The biggest advantage of an older woman would be less games in the relationship and she knows what she likes sexually. The disadvantage is she could be immature and still playing games or try to be your mom. Hannah Storm is getting alot of burn online but she is 47. Anne Curry is in her early 50's and she is a looker. Vanessa Williams is late 40's and she is still a perfect 10 in my book. The first thing that turns me off about an older woman is when she has that wrinkly,saggy,deflated looking baggy neck. I cant take my eyes off it and the surgery to fix it isnt good. If you see an old woman who wears turtlenecks and its not winter now you know what to expect. Stay thirsty my friends.

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