Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lottery Tickets FTW

As you read my post(when I remember to post) you will notice I tend to have run on sentences and references to the lottery. The funny thing is I dont get offended when people make fun of lottery players I laugh right along with them. The Moron Tax,Idiot Tax or just plain a waste of money I have heard it all. Maybe I laugh because I know I will never win and im wasting money but if you cant budget in $2 a week for lottery or whatever you like to do then you have real problems. If I wasnt buying lotto tickets I would buy fast food with the money so maybe Im saving my health here. Dreams are important as long as you know when to get serious in life. If the thought of winning the lottery is keeping some senior citizens happy twice a week and extending their life I say its a good thing.

Some people even call it a sin but I disagree. Stock brokers take as many chances as someone playing the lottery does and it should cost us less and it wont screw up the economy. If I move away from Tennessee one day Delaware sounds like the place for me because their citizens are smart enough to allow lottery winners to remain anonymous for their own safety and they legalized betting on the NFL. I would just have to cheer on the Titans via satellite. I have my powerball tickets for tonight so I will cross my fingers and my toes. Also a good site to visit for lottery information is

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