Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Short and Sweet

This wont take long. Artie Lange did what he was paid to do and thats make people laugh with shock comedy. Joe Buck is another one of these people who isnt happy dominating one thing they need to venture out and fail at others. Strahan has a tv show on the way and I think it will end up like the Emerill Lagasse comedy show.
Espn hired rush limbaugh to do his thing and bring in ratings and they turned around and fired him for it. Im not a rush fan but espn,hbo,msnbc know who they hire and they know the risks so the feigned outrage is a way to save face to sponsors and uptight viewers. Charles Barkley said if a tv show or athlete is raising your kid by their comments or actions then you are bad parent and I have to agree with the chuckster. Turns out this wasnt so short and sweet.

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