Monday, June 22, 2009

Celebrity Justice

The Donte Stallworth case and the Rihanna/Chris Brown case have led to people yelling double standards and celebrity justice. Both cases did surprise me because the sentences were less than I thought they would be. I cant say who deserves what especially since Rihannas lawyer said she is satisfied and the family of the man Stallworth killed with his bentley received a financial settlement and are also satisfied with the ending of the case.
It seems really cocky to go around telling people they should feel a certain way about something that happened directly to them. You are basically telling adults whats best for them and most people like to form their own opinions not have yours forced on them. Some women said it was the "battered woman syndrome" that makes Rihanna not want jailtime for Chris. These are adults and they can make their own decisions so I just know that I wouldnt want to be in either situation.

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