Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dollar and a Dream

The latest powerball jackpot winner is a 27 year old man in North Carolina. I like to visit sites and read the comments about stories like this and it never fails someone complains about taxes. You spent one dollar and in this case he walks away with 29 million dollars. How could anyone complain about that? It makes us seem like spoiled americans to complain about winning "only" 29 million dollars in a recession. President Obama didnt invent taxes but more people are complaining now than ever before.
There are countries who pay more for gas than us and higher taxes but they have universal healthcare and other things we dont. This is still the best country in the world I will visit other places but this is the country I always want to live in. Johnny Depp and some other people talk about living abroad and avoiding america but his movies wouldnt make as much money if he didnt release them here in america. The rest of the world follows our lead in entertainment. Technology is another issue but we will lead again in that area too one day. Im way off the farm now but basically spending one dollar to win one hundred dollars would be a hell of deal so complaining because you only get 29 million of the advertised 89 million doesnt make sense to me.
Honestly I dont know where alot of people would be if they didnt have the hope of the lottery around. Just like most of the people at lotterypost I dont trust computer drawings but in this state all we have are computer drawings and the powerball which is a live ball drawing. Like most people I think the lottery is fixed until I win it. I have won before so I know its not fixed but im looking forward to winning some of that as the kids would call "folding money".

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