Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good tv?

Im watching "Rehab party at the hard rock"(court tv/tru tv) and this season is getting really bad now. Anytime I see Deebo I know its scripted so poorly that I think 3rd graders wrote it. Its ok for reality tv to be scripted but the stuff they have Deebo going through each week is insane and making me feel dumber for watching it. No matter how bad the writing gets you know its an hour of drunk sweaty women in bikinis so thats a positive in my book. The simpsons,cleveland show,family guy and american dad(fox) were all new sunday night but after that titans choke job(they have led in each of the 3 losses) I just fell asleep and missed the shows. Ill have to catch up on Hulu.com. First 48 also has new episodes.

Its "always sunny in philly"(FX) started back up too and when tv is just awful like it normally is I can watch football on the weekends. A new show called "2 months 2 million"(G4) gets you excited about playing online poker again. They rented out a mansion in vegas for the summer and they are trying to win 2 million in online poker in 2 months. They are in las vegas so they keep getting sidetracked by hot women who believe it or not are attracted to millionaires wow what a shocker. "South Park"(comedy central) and "Parking Wars"(A&E) will start up in october so watchable tv is finally around the corner.

"Surviving Disaster"(Spike Tv) is really good and its useful information just in case. Also on Spike im watching ultimate fighter for the first time ever and its ratings are higher than ever so others want to see Kimbo Slice as much as I do. Even if he loses they need to have him in the UFC because a fight between Kimbo and Brock Lesnar would be the biggest pay per view in MMA history. The show wont have the usual coaches fighting at the end because rampage jackson left ufc for good to play Mr. T on the "A team" remake. If the roles in hollywood dry up he may have to crawl back like Tito Ortiz had to do once he knocked up Jenna Jameson and needed more money.

Behind the Music with Bobby Brown didnt disappoint. The Lil Wayne one didnt tell me anything I didnt know but that Bobby Brown proved he is lucky to be alive. Bobby said he would see someone driving a car after a concert and he would buy the car with cash, drive it around all night and then leave it in whatever city it was. He doesnt know how many cities it happened in and cars he abandoned over the years. I watched a documentary on CNBC "Dirty Money" it was about high end prostitution and it was pretty good. It reruns october 6th at 9central10eastern. I dont believe the women who write the books and show their faces but the disembodied voices of women still working in the business online were very believable.

Update: I left off "Shark Tank"(ABC) its a good show. They had a show with George Foreman that was alot like this but it wasnt this good. Now they have one guy Kevin O leary who I think was on the Joan Rivers show "How did you get so Rich"(TV Land). The African American man on the show is one of the guys from FUBU. He keeps bragging about doing 6 billion in sales which is impressive but its 2009 homie and Dave Chappelle turned wearing FUBU in america into a punchline years ago. 6 billion is still alot of money. The powerball rolled over to 190 million so thats my best chance of getting rich like the FUBU guys "say" they are.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Titanic like season

The titans are 0-3. It has been pretty ugly around nashville. Most of the people who defend Jeff Fisher,Chuck Cecil and Kerry Collins are finally turning around and wondering if this team can bounce back. They lost the first game because of no offense, the second game because of no defense and the third game because of special teams. That has to be some kind of NFL record for failure.

I dont know how Deadspins new comment ninja work but I had about 4 comments approved this weekend for the first time since my banning. The guys thought I was funny or they just wanted a chance to take pity on an underdog. The megamillions is 88 million and the powerball is 170 million. Deadspin has a new "bad beats" gambling stories on tuesdays so ill keep you posted if they print one of my stories of losing money.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update day JVM,Lottery winners

Ok ill update the JVM show and give out some credit along with updates on the Bronx lottery winner and South Carolina winner trying to be a young Vince McMahon. So I woke up and caught the end of the JVM update tonight on the Hofstra rape and I gave credit to police in the last article but I was wrong. The prosecution pressed the woman on her stories getting confused and told her about the tape and she decided to come clean. The police are the ones who held a press conference after only 2 days and showed the mens faces and names to the world. The police also went into intimate details of what happened in the bathroom according to the woman. Jane Velez Mitchell brought up a good point about how the police here acted and the police in the Yale murder acted. They didnt release names of suspects at Yale and they waited on DNA evidence to comeback. The accused murderer was freed and spent time at home while these accused rapists were shown to the world as "monsters". JVM said race could have played a factor but its sad that innocent men went through this. JVM threw most of the blame on the cops but at least she did a story talking about the false claim being exposed. Ive learned to settle when it comes to the media being fair and unbalanced.

Jimmy Groves was being honest when he said he was the winner of the Megamillions half in the Bronx. To come forward before the press conference and then doing a press conference doesnt make sense if you really hate the attention and people asking for money like he said. Half of his neighbors are saying move away while the other half are saying "spread the wealth" to them. Good luck Jimmy to you and your family.

I thought the only millionaires I would read about on Deadspin were athletes and owners(most are billionaires but still complain players are overpaid). Today the site came full circle to all my interests(lottery,sports,women,making bad decisions with money and women) by posting a link to an article about Jay Vargas. You may remember he is the 19 year old South Carolina powerball winner who said he would go to college with his money and learn how to make it grow. Well something happened on his way to the freshman dorm...he bought a wrestling league/reality show. "Wrestlicious" is the name of the show and you can see episodes on youtube right now. The owner is named "JV Rich". The story says he is the youngest powerball winner ever so congrats on that part but it also says he is married now so that was fast man. He said he was single at the original press conference so she moved in fast on him. He also moved to Tampa,Florida. I have heard of younger winners of the lottery but I guess they werent powerball winners. He won 17 million but I dont know how much he has left now.

Update: Big Ben is still running around in the pocket looking for open wide receivers a week later thanks to Chuck Cecil only rushing 3 and 4 lineman. Guess what Chuck 5 is more than 4 or 3 thats why the 5 steelers lineman were able to block your 4 or 3 defensive lineman. You dont have albert haynesworth demanding a double and triple team anymore so guess what try to mix in a blitz or two at the end of the game so the titans can win. If that game was played at home the titans may have gotten booed again. I would never boo the titans but I wouldnt have been sitting there complaining. Ill be out there probably in the rain sunday so try to beat the Texans this year and not choke like the end of last year. Titans players and coaches keep saying that this years team is better than last years team but you beat pittsburgh last year and you lose to them this year so start backing up your talk on the field. I dont know if next season will be uncapped but if it is and eventually every season after is uncapped then cheap Bud Adams will put me and my friends out on the field before he pays a good player the money they deserve. An uncapped year sounds like a dream to the redskins owner dan snyder and the cowboys owner jerry jones but the small market teams with cheapskate owners see our tickets being worthless because we can watch your teams lose from the comfort of our own homes.

Clear Your Name/Yeezy not a criminal

The past few nights Jane Velez Mitchell has taken her man hating to another level and she has declared a "War Against Women". One of the stories she lumped in with the murder at Yale was a story of a woman who claimed she was raped on a bathroom floor at Hofstra. JVM called the 5 men "monsters" and other names and she showed their faces everynight on the air. Other news organizations didnt show the faces because the men hadnt been convicted of anything. Well in a few hours I will see if JVM apologizes to these men because now the "victim" has changed her story. The police noticed her story kept changing and when the told her there was cellphone video of the incident she now admits that it was concentual sex with FIVE MEN at one time.

When people are found innocent it doesnt get the same coverage as the original story so I doubt JVM will even bring it up. She would have to change the show from War against women since made up stories like this and women blaming the wrong guy as the father of their child intentionally dont make national news. The poor guys cant file charges against this woman for ruining their names. For the rest of their lives when some employer,girlfriend or even their kids Google them they will see a rape incident first and maybe the retraction further down. Richard Jewel in atlanta was thought to be the bomber of the olympics in 1996 but he was found innocent. I cant remember the name of the real bomber but I remember Mr Jewels name. Thats why Richard Jewel won a lawsuit and he is living off that money because he would have a hard time getting another job in america. If a woman allows you to pay child support knowing its not your child you should be able to charge her with fraud and get some of that money back(in a perfect world). Just because those 5 guys chose to get freaky in a bathroom like Humpty Hump they shouldnt have had their faces shown all over the country and world by JVM until they were convicted. This rush to get news out is insane and violating many rights. JVM has a passion for hating men and she needs to issue an apology right away.

Speaking of apologies I never thought I would have anything bad to say about President Obama but he needs to apologize to Kanye West. President Obama knew he was miked up and knew he was being filmed but he called Kanye a "jackass" anyway. Kanye campaigned for him and performed at his inaguaration. KW name drops the president in many of his rhymes. Kanye has always done stuff like that at awards shows so President Obama knew what kind of guy he was before that taylor swift stuff. If he felt like he was a "jackass" he should have turned down his help in the election. I dont like anybody who is two faced and they are cool with asking for your money or your time to help them out but behind your bad they are calling you names. That was really shady and I was waiting for the media to ask the President about it but Jimmy Carter started talking about the south being full of racist people, so the media jumped all over that. I am from the south and live in the south so that isnt really news to me I wanted to know the presidents response to insulting Kanye just to look good in front of the reporters. I remember Bernie Mac(rip) introduced President Obama at a fundraiser and some of the people didnt like his material so President Obama ripped him right there in front of people. We didnt know how sick Bernie was and that he had risked him life just to show up and perform for the future president only to be ripped. Bernie died soon after that so I doubt the president apologized for turning on his supporter just to please that small crowd.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chris Myers loves Beyonce

Chris Myers always seemed really boring on ESPN and he has since moved onto Foxsports. So this past weekend he talked about a player going from the super bowl champion steelers to the detroit lions as "Going from dating Beyonce to dating Whoopi Goldberg." Its hard to attack this topic because some people hit him with the sexism thing and the racism thing but he was just dumb to think anyone would be cool with that comparison. You can say alot of things in private and they can seem like facts to any man with eyes but you cant say that publicly because its rude. I didnt see The View so I dont know if Whoopi ripped him a new one but she could easily attack him and almost end his chances of being any bigger than he is right now. Its not so much about being too sensitive and its ALOT more about most women in this country are alot closer to Whoopi than they are Beyonce in the looks department. Thats why more women relate to Oprah Winfrey than a Tyra Banks and its reflected in their ratings. The average american woman is a size 12 dress size.

Speaking of Tyra Banks I was flipping between her show and Maury Povich(paternity test day) in a failed attempt to avoid having to see and hear Suzy Kolber and Michelle Tafoya talk NFL. Wendi Nix looks like Halle Berry compared to those two scratchy voiced women. Tyras show was about the states tha have legalized 16 year old strippers as long as they get home before the 11pm curfew. Of course tyra is doing her high horse thing looking down on a 16 year old girl when Tyra started modeling around the same age. I guess its ok for a teenage girl to be a model where two of the basic food groups is cocaine and nicotine. All the drugs and sex orgies Tyra saw and maybe got involved in are ok but any stripper of any age is making a messed up life decision. The girl went left completely when she said "sex for money" is an option down the road.

Honestly I have more respect for escorts/prostitutes than I do for some person who marries for money. At least with the prostitution everyone knows what the other wants and its more of a business transaction. The gold digging or gigolo type thing can end up with someone getting their heartbroken by lies and promises of love and faithfulness. Tyra knew that topic was crap thats why she only have it 30 minutes of her one hour show. Maury needs to send out tweets to cellphones so we will know when the DNA test is about to be read. He finally starting reading it before the commercial break because I kept forgetting to comeback or I would comeback to late and by then they have moved onto another couple. My biggest beef is with the guys who hear they are the father but then they hug the chick and smile like they won the lottery. Why are you so happy? Your wife/girlfriend is still a slore and now the whole country knows it which means she is more famous and will probably be cheating on you again now that she has more attention from guys. It doesnt matter if its you are or are not the father you should make your next move your best move and end that relationship with the cheater.

Serena comedy hour

I saw the late rerun of the VMA's last night and the Janet Jackson dancing with Michael Jackson part was cool. They could have kept 95% of that show to themselves. Serena Williams came out to introduce Pink I think and she made a joke about not stepping on "lines" because Pink would be suspended in the sky. The crowd didnt make much noise because they didnt know what the hell serena was talking about. The day before at the US Open Serena went off on a line judge for calling a penalty and threatened to stuff a ball down her throat. The crowd didnt get the joke because who the hell watches tennis. I only knew about it because ESPN showed it on sportscenter. The ratings cant be too great because it has been on ESPN2 instead of one. They would never send Monday Night Football to ESPN2 full time.

Speaking of the VMA's they need to stop focusing on security to stop random fans from having fun and start focusing on drunk celebs. Kanyeezy fosheezy rushed the stage to say beyonce deserved the award over Taylor Swift but so far he has no one defending him today. The beyonce vid was spoofed worldwide and also set off a tranny alert alarm for the paranoid folks who breakdown every frame of every video but thats no reason to rush the stage. Ye is supposed to perform with Jay z on Jay Leno's new show tonight so maybe he will get booed or cheered who knows. Also Little Mama rushed the stage for the Jay-z and Alicia Keyes performance. At first I wasnt sure who that little guy was but when I got online it said it was Lil Mama up there posing.

Update on the winner in the Bronx is that 3 people have claimed to be the winner but so far the lottery in NYC hasnt confirmed anything to the public. One of the guys complained that he is now getting calls begging for money. Why did you say you are the winner before you had the money in hand? Of course you will get death threats and people begging for money. Its pretty obvious this guy doesnt read my blog or lotterypost.com or he would know better.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Titans/Steelers/Madden Curse lives on...

I just watched the titans/steelers game and pitt won in overtime. Troy Polamalu was injured during the game so the Madden Curse is halfway done not Larry Fitzgerald will probably get hurt filming another Ihop commercial. The titans receivers played better than I thought they would but they need to step it up even more. Chuck Cecil is the new defensive coordinator and Colinsworth pointed out the titans didnt blitz big ben enough. I have to agree so Jeff Fisher will need to take over play calling duties or tell Cecil to mix it up some more.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

50 cent interviews>>>

I just watched an interview 50 cent did on CNBC, posted by shabooty. 50 interviews dont disappoint because he tries to keep things honest and open. Even when 50 and Game were at the height of their beef 50 still called Game a good "rapper" but he said Game doesnt know how to make good songs with the hook,beat and everything. 50 didnt say "aggressive content" so the drinking game cant continue this week but Robert Greene his co author did say "aggression" so go ahead and open that Patron.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BET making a comeback?

I just turned on BET and there is an Everybody Hates Chris Marathon on. Im shocked they actually have a show worth watching on this network again. Most of the shows I like get cancelled before they can hit syndication so im happy this show made it to 5 seasons. I never thought the day would come when MTV and VH1 would have me watching more than BET. This is on your head Bob Johnson*shakes fist at sky*.

Someone in the boogie down Bronx won half of that big 333 million megamillions jackpot so they took home about 107 million after taxes. They were smart enough to claim it anonymously so if they are that wise maybe they wont blow through their money.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Silencio Por Favor

I was at the Titans game last night so I missed most of the Boise State/Oregon game. I should have watched the end now that I see the highlights. One player for Boise State(they won) was talking trash and then he hit/pushed the Oregon starting runningback on his shoulder pad. Apparently the Boise State player is from a small town called"talk crap and walk away unscathed" the Oregon runningback is from another town on the other side of the country because he punched that guy in the jaw and knocked him out cold like a UFC fight. The ESPN people keep showing the highlight from the point after the guy hit his shoulder pad so it looks like the runningback was mad about losing to the Smurfs favorite football team and sucker punched him. Of course its a dumb idea to risk your college career and maybe even jailtime by punching another player but this guy wasnt completely at fault. He should have walked away and next time he will. I dont know if his next game will be in college or the nfl but he wont be this dumb again...I think.

The NCAA and the hottest woman in Boston ,Jackie McMullen, likes the idea of shaking hands at the beginning or end of games and this incident is why most of us said it was a dumb idea to do. This isnt golf or tennis where you have no contact with the players body. This is football and after trying to take my head off for 3 hours I will shake your hand but most of the people I played football with didnt want to speak to their own teammates after a loss so I know they didnt want to hug and gently hold the other team,no fishsticks.

On another note entirely the Titans won and Vince had his best game of the preseason. The local paper and radio say the preseason doesnt mean anything when VY plays well but everyone else on the team it shows"they are in game shape"...gtfoh.