Thursday, February 25, 2010

Golden Ticket

Still no working comp at home but I will keep knocking these out as often as I can. Dont be afraid to read my old posts when I havent put up a new one in awhile,rofl. Also dont be shy about letting me know if i spelled something wrong or any other criticisms. A Killer Whale killed a trainer recently. I dont know when they will stop trying to train and domestic so many wild animals and also really big ones. If a bird acts up you will be ok but a whale or tiger gets mad and thats your butt. It is also called a "killer" whale for a reason.

There is a funny clip of Oprah trying to wipe the birthmark off Drew Brees face. Im sure the big O fired someone for allowing her to look silly on camera. The two days a year Oprah pretends to be a sports fan she should look at a picture of the people she is going to interview first. That way she can avoid thinking Drew Brees has lipstick on his face instead of the birthmark any casual fan knows about.

ESPN is up to their shady"we are so big we can do what we want when we want"games again. They suspended Tony Kornheiser for saying Hannah Storm is 50 and needs to stop dressing 20 and Chris Berman is fatter now than he was before he started nutrisystem. Both are true but ESPN decided to bring down the hammer on Tony and punish us with 2 weeks of Lebatard. If Tony retires that shows ratings will go into the toilet because Wilbon doesnt have chemistry with anyone else like TK. So Mike Greenberg can call Dr. MLK a racial slur on his holiday but Tony cant tell a super cougar to stop dressing like a teeny bopper. Greenberg didnt get suspended or a slap on the wrist. I actually see Greeny on ESPN more now.

I stumbled on the Undercover Boss show on CBS. I didnt want to watch it because the ad was for the head of Waste Management to go undercover and who wants to see garbage mens lives. I watched the on demand episodes starting with the Hooters Ceo. It was actually a good show and i was just expecting to see the waitresses but that one and the 7-11 one were nice. All 3 episodes I watched had good stories.

Speaking of nice stories the powerball is 95 million for saturday and the megamillions is 99 million for friday so go get your ticket if you are into that sort of thing.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Shovel

Tennessees version of a blizzard has finally passed over. The few inches we got put the city to sleep and even my computer at home went down. I have to post from work until I buy a new one so here we go,rofl.

Tiger Woods had his press conference and the velvet curtains looked like he was announcing he is the new host of the tonight show. The media keeps trying to justify why we "need" answers from Tiger on his sex life. They dont complain when Brett Favre holds the press hostage every offseason.

I saw a commercial with Kim and Khloe Kardashian selling a diet pill I think. There is no woman on earth who wakes up saying they want to look like Khloe. Ron Mexico said she looks like Frankenberry(funny line that I wish I thought of first) and I agree with Ron. That pill needs to advertise talking rich suckers into marriage. Even Kim K hasnt talked reggie bush into marriage like Khloe talked Lamar Odom. Right now Kim isnt even a baby mama to reggie she is just trying to steal some of his superbowl limelight(he didnt play well) to help promote her show.

I saw a show about NBA wives and the preview showed Dwayne Wades ex,Jason Kidds ex and Richard Jefferson ex so I just knew it would be man bashing from the womans point of view but I was wrong. The mixed it up and Dwayne Wades ex didnt throw Gabby Union under the bus because both of them cheated. So all you women calling Gabby a homewrecker need to stop because that home already had structural damage. Next up on the possible homewrecker list is alicia keyes until further notice,rofl. Jason Maxiell shaved his head to support his wife who went through chemo for cancer and Charles Bell had a good story of not giving up on his NBA dream even after going to europe with his wife. So its worth checking out if you get a chance.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Many Thanks

Thanks to everyone who visits the site. I try to keep it light and I would rather make you laugh or think about a new perspective on a topic than to get someone upset. Staying positive is important and your life has enough drama without logging on and having to debate strangers.

Ron Mexico left xxlmag but he still has his site so make sure you visit the links to Ron and also Amp over on the right. The saints had their victory parade yesterday but you didnt miss anything the police kept the fans very tame since it was a live stream around the world.

Congratulations to the happy couple in North Carolina,Retired Asheville Fire Department employee Frank Griffin and his wife Loretta, who won the powerball jackpot. After taxes they take home 47 million dollars. They made good decisions by not giving out all of their kids names at the press conference and not telling all of their family members about winning. The not so great decision was doing a press conference and not seeking any financial advice before they claimed the jackpot.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Geauxco Lizard

I thought I would jack up the spelling of my nickname in honor of the saints winning. Congrats to the saints on the big win. If you have been picking against me in the playoffs you should be a rich person by now. I didnt think the colts injuries would be a big deal but the Greg Williams coached defense was great. Fun Fact folks, the Titans had a chance to bring Greg Williams in to be the defensive coordinator but power hungry jeff fisher didnt want to hire gregs son as package deal. So instead we got Chuck"I have brain damage from playing"Cecil calling the shots and that 13-3 best record in the NFL turned into an 0-6 start, the next season. Cograts to Greg Williams for rubbing it in the faces of all the teams who passed on him and also to Drew Brees who was ran out of San Diego in favor of trash talker and playoff choker Phillip Rivers. The Dolphins even chose Dante Culpepper over Brees in free agency so this is a good weekend for serving up that vengeance on a cold platter. I still call it "frontin" but that is probably just showing my age. This may be a good week to buy a lottery ticket and then I can front on my ex and other people. If the "Aints" can win the super bowl then that is another reason for all of us to hang in there just in case things get better for you.

Rachel Nichols was reporting for ESPN in new orleans and people threw beads at her but she didnt flash them,ha ha. Her throaty voice she uses to sound sexy was hard to hear over the chants, so she should try speaking up when she is outside. Normally her phone sex operator voice is popular but when you cant hear her you focus in on her crooked teeth and thats not good.

Peyton Manning was called God in Cleats,The greatest ever and alot of other undeserved things before the game. After the game Rich Eisen was defensive and ready to cry just like he was when Brett Favre choked away the game with an interception. Peyton is alot like he was in college he is great during the year but cant win that big one. He has one super bowl thanks to Joe Addai and Bob Sanders who both deserved the MVP more than peyton in that years super bowl win. Peyton is 9-9 in the playoffs so he needs to start getting it done or people will start saying the playoffs are a mental block for him like the Gators were in college. Ill say Peyton has a shot at being the best regular season QB but he isnt with Montana,Brady,Aikman,Roethlisberger or Bradshaw until he delivers more in the playoffs.

Drew Brees mom died last year but I havent heard him or anyone else mention her. Normally reporters eat up the chance to ask a living person what a dead person would say or if they are looking down on you right now. I think Drew and his mom werent close because of her criminal history and many of us can understand that because we have criminals in our family who dont want to change. It must really be hard to distance yourself from your own biological mother because she always wants money or to hustle you and other people.

Abraham Shakespeare is a lottery winner who was murdered in Florida and he complained about so many people asking for money and bothering him. He kept helping people out but they kept coming back for more. Abe didnt stay away from the right ones because someone murdered him and Dee Dee Moore is the first one they have put in jail for it. Dee Dee pretended to be a reporter writing a story on him and soon she had talked the barely literate man into giving her all of his money. She said it was to protect the money so he could hide from beggars but they found him buried under a driveway in a house she bought with his money. Even the lawyer who helped Abe is connected with her and a police officer was arrested for selling information about Abe to Moore. When even the cops are shady who can you trust after you have alot of money? The unfortunate answer keeps coming up as trust no one.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not so swift

Taylor Swifts fans are defending her off key performance at the grammys. Her reps are trying to figure out a way to blame all of this on Kanye West. They can say she is still traumatized from Kanye at the VMA's. They should change the name of her song from "15" to "Cant Sing", ba-zing.
Foxy Brown dissed Jay-z sort of. The real Foxy Brown,Pam Grier,was on Smallville friday night. It was hard to recognize her because she isnt aging well. She looks more like Jackee Harry now. Pams body finally caught up with that big chest the same way Tisha Campbells body caught up with her big head after 2 kids.
My friends think its funny I watch Smallville but I just see it as Superman(thats what I keep telling myself). They said I might as well watch Dawsons Creek but the jokes on them because that show hasnt been on in years...uh nevermind.

The story below is about a strip club in ohio that is raising money for Haiti. Cant make this stuff up folks. Dig deep and give until it hurts people.
Marilyn's On Monroe, a nude dance club in downtown Toledo, Ohio, is raising money to send to the Haiti relief efforts, CNN reports, though they're not yet sure which organization will receive their donations.
"You know, just like everyone our hearts went out to Haiti and we were thinking 'What can we do?" said manager Kenny Soprano.
When asked if he thought organizations would refuse the aid based on its source, Soprano shrugged it off. "Charity's charity. Who's to judge who and where it comes from?"

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