Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Shovel

Tennessees version of a blizzard has finally passed over. The few inches we got put the city to sleep and even my computer at home went down. I have to post from work until I buy a new one so here we go,rofl.

Tiger Woods had his press conference and the velvet curtains looked like he was announcing he is the new host of the tonight show. The media keeps trying to justify why we "need" answers from Tiger on his sex life. They dont complain when Brett Favre holds the press hostage every offseason.

I saw a commercial with Kim and Khloe Kardashian selling a diet pill I think. There is no woman on earth who wakes up saying they want to look like Khloe. Ron Mexico said she looks like Frankenberry(funny line that I wish I thought of first) and I agree with Ron. That pill needs to advertise talking rich suckers into marriage. Even Kim K hasnt talked reggie bush into marriage like Khloe talked Lamar Odom. Right now Kim isnt even a baby mama to reggie she is just trying to steal some of his superbowl limelight(he didnt play well) to help promote her show.

I saw a show about NBA wives and the preview showed Dwayne Wades ex,Jason Kidds ex and Richard Jefferson ex so I just knew it would be man bashing from the womans point of view but I was wrong. The mixed it up and Dwayne Wades ex didnt throw Gabby Union under the bus because both of them cheated. So all you women calling Gabby a homewrecker need to stop because that home already had structural damage. Next up on the possible homewrecker list is alicia keyes until further notice,rofl. Jason Maxiell shaved his head to support his wife who went through chemo for cancer and Charles Bell had a good story of not giving up on his NBA dream even after going to europe with his wife. So its worth checking out if you get a chance.

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