Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not so swift

Taylor Swifts fans are defending her off key performance at the grammys. Her reps are trying to figure out a way to blame all of this on Kanye West. They can say she is still traumatized from Kanye at the VMA's. They should change the name of her song from "15" to "Cant Sing", ba-zing.
Foxy Brown dissed Jay-z sort of. The real Foxy Brown,Pam Grier,was on Smallville friday night. It was hard to recognize her because she isnt aging well. She looks more like Jackee Harry now. Pams body finally caught up with that big chest the same way Tisha Campbells body caught up with her big head after 2 kids.
My friends think its funny I watch Smallville but I just see it as Superman(thats what I keep telling myself). They said I might as well watch Dawsons Creek but the jokes on them because that show hasnt been on in years...uh nevermind.

The story below is about a strip club in ohio that is raising money for Haiti. Cant make this stuff up folks. Dig deep and give until it hurts people.
Marilyn's On Monroe, a nude dance club in downtown Toledo, Ohio, is raising money to send to the Haiti relief efforts, CNN reports, though they're not yet sure which organization will receive their donations.
"You know, just like everyone our hearts went out to Haiti and we were thinking 'What can we do?" said manager Kenny Soprano.
When asked if he thought organizations would refuse the aid based on its source, Soprano shrugged it off. "Charity's charity. Who's to judge who and where it comes from?"

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