Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Many Thanks

Thanks to everyone who visits the site. I try to keep it light and I would rather make you laugh or think about a new perspective on a topic than to get someone upset. Staying positive is important and your life has enough drama without logging on and having to debate strangers.

Ron Mexico left xxlmag but he still has his site so make sure you visit the links to Ron and also Amp over on the right. The saints had their victory parade yesterday but you didnt miss anything the police kept the fans very tame since it was a live stream around the world.

Congratulations to the happy couple in North Carolina,Retired Asheville Fire Department employee Frank Griffin and his wife Loretta, who won the powerball jackpot. After taxes they take home 47 million dollars. They made good decisions by not giving out all of their kids names at the press conference and not telling all of their family members about winning. The not so great decision was doing a press conference and not seeking any financial advice before they claimed the jackpot.

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