Thursday, February 25, 2010

Golden Ticket

Still no working comp at home but I will keep knocking these out as often as I can. Dont be afraid to read my old posts when I havent put up a new one in awhile,rofl. Also dont be shy about letting me know if i spelled something wrong or any other criticisms. A Killer Whale killed a trainer recently. I dont know when they will stop trying to train and domestic so many wild animals and also really big ones. If a bird acts up you will be ok but a whale or tiger gets mad and thats your butt. It is also called a "killer" whale for a reason.

There is a funny clip of Oprah trying to wipe the birthmark off Drew Brees face. Im sure the big O fired someone for allowing her to look silly on camera. The two days a year Oprah pretends to be a sports fan she should look at a picture of the people she is going to interview first. That way she can avoid thinking Drew Brees has lipstick on his face instead of the birthmark any casual fan knows about.

ESPN is up to their shady"we are so big we can do what we want when we want"games again. They suspended Tony Kornheiser for saying Hannah Storm is 50 and needs to stop dressing 20 and Chris Berman is fatter now than he was before he started nutrisystem. Both are true but ESPN decided to bring down the hammer on Tony and punish us with 2 weeks of Lebatard. If Tony retires that shows ratings will go into the toilet because Wilbon doesnt have chemistry with anyone else like TK. So Mike Greenberg can call Dr. MLK a racial slur on his holiday but Tony cant tell a super cougar to stop dressing like a teeny bopper. Greenberg didnt get suspended or a slap on the wrist. I actually see Greeny on ESPN more now.

I stumbled on the Undercover Boss show on CBS. I didnt want to watch it because the ad was for the head of Waste Management to go undercover and who wants to see garbage mens lives. I watched the on demand episodes starting with the Hooters Ceo. It was actually a good show and i was just expecting to see the waitresses but that one and the 7-11 one were nice. All 3 episodes I watched had good stories.

Speaking of nice stories the powerball is 95 million for saturday and the megamillions is 99 million for friday so go get your ticket if you are into that sort of thing.

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