Thursday, March 4, 2010

Es Verdad

Free Agency starts at midnight tonight for the NFL. There is no salary cap so Bud Adams can spend like the Yankees if he wants to and buy a title but that wont happen. Jerry Jones spent so much on his stadium that I cant see him going crazy with money either. Dan Snyder will be the dream owner this offseason making it rain money on athletes left and right. The titans dont think they need a wide receiver like brandon marshall or boldin but trust me they do.

John Mayers ex girlfriend Jessica Simpson was on Oprah and said she was disappointed by Mayers comments about sex with her being like a drug. Jessica like most younger pop singers try to portray an innocent look so she told the world she was a virgin when she got married. Mayer who she never married talking about fornicating with her made her mad because it hurts her image that she doesnt have sex unless she is married to the guy. There were rumors she cheated on her husband but Nick could careless about that now, he is just happy to be free with a chance to find his partner.

Mike Wilbon cursed out a fellow writer because the guy said he name drops celebrities. So if you are keeping track at home Hannah Storm doesnt like it when you say she is 50 but dresses 20,Chris Berman doesnt like it when you call him fat and Mike Wilbon doesnt like it when you say he name drops celebrities he knows so basically no one at ESPN likes when you tell them the truth about themselves.

I saw Americans Greed on CNBC about the grandmothers who killed homeless men and collected life insurance on them in california. One grandmother had a book about sociopaths on her coffee table and she fit the profile of not having a conscience. They pretend to be sorry just so they can avoid more jailtime but true sociopaths never have regret. Since 1 in 25 ordinary Americans is a sociopath then you have to be careful out there. There are so many people walking about who dont have a conscience that they can cheat on you,rob you or even kill you without ever losing any sleep over it. Not having any guilt for anything you do sounds impossible but it is true and be aware of any signs that you know someone like this. Most doctors have to admit that sociopaths cant be reformed.

On a much more upbeat note, dream on dreamers because the powerball for saturday is 139 million dollars and megamillions for friday is 133 million dollars. Get your tickets post haste folks.

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