Sunday, March 28, 2010

For Your Health

Im trying to recover from my dead brackets like most of you. Tennessees men team has a chance to make the Final Four today and the womens team was beaten by Baylor. The same player who threw the haymaker for Baylor near the end of the regular season, helped Baylor knock Pat and the girls out of the tournament. ESPN,CBS,SOBE and even Yahoo have no perfect brackets left out of millions of entries so its not easy to win the millions and now everyone is waiting for next year to try again.

Speaking of Tennessee a man ran a car off the road here because they had an Obama bumper sticker. The victim had his 10 year old daughter in the backseat so it was really scary for them. The healthcare bill has sent tempers to a fever pitch but just like smart rappers keep it on wax, political debates shouldnt get physical like this.

The new Erykah Badu video "Window Seat" is a classic video for a great song so check it out and buy her album in 2 days. I dont want to ruin any suprises in the video for anyone so I cant comment on much but I will say Common and Dre 3000 had a reason to get sprung.

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