Monday, April 5, 2010


Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate that. The pope had alot of controversy around Easter. I dont understand how covering up and moving around child molestors is ok with the Pope but when the President is invited to speak at Notre Dame its a problem because he supports a womans right to choose. Clergy who molest isnt a lifestyle choice or a quirk they are criminals like any other sicko and they need to be arrested and charged.

Donovan McNabb was traded on Easter from the Eagles to the Redskins. The Titans play both teams this season so this is a big story on many levels. Andy"Drug Emporium"Reid said he did it as a favor to McNabb instead of sending him to awful teams like the Bills or Raiders. Trading McNabb in the division is a real slap in the face because that means the Eagles see him as washed up and no threat.

I saw the trailer for "Lottery Ticket" and it looks entertaining. Bow Wow,Mike Epps,Loretta Devine,Ice Cube,Teara"getting thick very slowly"Marie and Bill Bellamy are some of the stars. I will see the movie just based on the lottery being involved but it looks like a funny movie and Mike Epps and Ice Cube were in another Lottery Movie "All About The Benjamins" and it was cool. Of course Eva Mendes looking really good helped alot too. Bill Bellamy has fallen off a little bit. He was on pace to be the next Will Smith type of comedy/action tv/movie go to guy but now he looks like he has a very small role in this movie.

You can watch the Lottery Ticket trailer on youtube or their website. Also on google there is a guy who calls himself the lottery burner. He rejects the notion that you need to win the lottery to be truly happy so he burns tickets that he bought on camera. It looks insane because right now the megamillions is 76 million and the powerball is 125 million so he is risking burning millions. The smart thing he does is point out that the odds are so bad that if after the drawing you didnt win anything, you may as well have burned the tickets or not played at all.

T Pain and Terry Crews were also in the trailer for Lottery Ticket. I was just reminded of that because Terry Crews is in some weird Body Wash commercial I think for Old Spice. I see Terry in reruns of Everybody Hates Chris so between that and his reality show maybe he will get offered more roles in big movies. I think the commercial was more of a money situation than actually trying to get his face out there.

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