Wednesday, April 28, 2010

White Horse

The two links above represent some stories you may want to checkout. The first one is about Pam Grier and her new book about her life. The wild story she told is that her doctor talked about a cocaine buildup in her vagina. Pam says she didnt do drugs but she was having unprotected sex with Richard Pryor at the time. So her boyfriend Richard(I didnt know he dated her)had so much cocaine in his semen that it was leaving residue and he was also rubbing this expensive coke on his penis to stay erect. You guys wont complain about the price of your ED medicine anymore after hearing that story.

When I hear about couples who dated but didnt marry like John Tesh and Oprah,Jim Brown and Raquel Welch and now Pam and Richard I wonder how their careers would have been different if they chose to get married. Oprah especially would have been different because she has never been married before.

The second link is about the controversy over Myron Rolle dropping in the draft because he is considered to smart for the NFL. Clay Travis does a great job of explaining how dumb this idea is. Steve Young became a lawyer while he played for the 49ers even though most of it was done as a backup. Another draft pick one year chose to stay home and fish with his dad instead of going to the draft he was picked in the first round. Travis talked about how the NFL wants dumb players who only care about playing football and not outside interests. The NFL has no guaranteed contracts for a sport that is the most violent and profitable in the world. The players union is a joke and the NFL might as well not have a union like Walmart.

Rolle is a Rhodes Scholar who wants to be a doctor when his NFL career is over. Players who go to jail dont get picked apart like Rolle was by the NFL experts. The execs and coaches were not used to sitting in a room with a player who uses words they cant define and his intelligence intimidates them and they are too much of cowards to admit it. The biggest shock to me was the rumor that Tony Dungy of all people was on the side of Rolles critics. Dungy has helped Mike Vick get back into the NFL and other players who commited crimes and did bad things but if its true that Tony has a problem with a Rhodes Scholar playing football and questions his commitment level. I would lose alot of respect for Tony Dungy if that is true. Jemele Hill put it best when she said that Rolle just like Dungy knew he was destined for greater things in the ministry beyond football, Rolle is destined to open a clinic and help others through medicine. I couldnt find the negative comments from Dungy online so I hope it is not true.

The good news is the team who drafted Rolle is my titans so i get to root him on 8 times a year in person. I should get to meet him and the other players this summer and I will let him know how much I support what he wants to do on and off the field.

The titans had a good draft I would give it a B+ or A-. They addressed every need position but Fisher didnt get enough for Lendale White in my opinion and he drafted players from Montana and that is the team his son plays for. If you had any doubt that this was a favor and inside job, Fishers son actually called to tell one of the players he was just drafted. Fishers son isnt a titans employee so he should not have made that call. It was unprofessional and Goodell could have fined them but he has his hands full with Big Ben and morons in the front office of the dolphins asking Dez Bryant if his mother was a a prostitute. If Bryant had punched that guy in the eye I would have started a defense fund for Dez. What does Bryants mother beinga prostitute,stripper or whatever have to do with running down the field and blocking or catching a pass? Hire a detective to get information about a persons legal problems or their families problems but asking a disgusting question like that to a mans face should be enough to get a man fired in the NFL. The bucs asked Myron Rolle how it felt to desert his team when he left to go to study at Oxford for a year and now the Dolphins front office is asking dumb questions too. Most NFL fans will be cheering for both of those florida teams to stink it up this year as Karma. I know the jags are in florida too but you dont have to root for them to lose they will just do that anyway while they wait to move to LA in a few years.

The powerball is 30 million tonight and the megamillions is an amazing 224 million for fridays drawing so get your tickets if thats your thing. The powerball is low because it was won last thursday but Chris Shaw in Missouri. Shaw is 29 and he has 3 kids by two women and he lives with a woman who has 2 kids so he could really use the money. Most people have focused on the fact that he has his 2 front teeth missing but with the 258 million he won he can pay a man to chew up his food for him now. He didnt say he will buy new teeth and take all 5 kids to disneyland. So congratulations to him and his family.

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