Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Dhani tackles the globe was good last night so make sure you catch the rest of the season. Shyne dissed 50 cent again. Shyne sounds really different now. I dont know if Shyne was faking his Biggie voice just to get signed to Bad Boy or if something actually happened to his voice in prison. Shyne gets alot of respect from rappers for doing his time and not snitching but his lyrics and energy better pick up if he wants to sell alot of records.

Roethlisberger is supposed to be suspended by Goodell soon. I am surprised that Goodell is doing this but no one can accuse him of racism after he finally comes down this hard on a popular white player. Jared Allen was recorded almost fighting a guy in bar over his future wife. Allen almost drank himself out of the NFL so to be caught in a bar and almost fighting was really dumb. Jared should let his spouse go to bars with her friends so he can avoid those temptations to drink and fight. If a guy can bait him into punching or shooting at him then a civil case wont be far behind. Roethlisberger accusers may be after money too but there is way too much smoke with Big Ben for none of the incidents to be true. A civil case isnt always like a lottery win because you still have to actually prove it and win the case.

Speaking of the lottery the powerball is 252 million for wednesday and the megamillions is 142 million for tonight. Hang in there and maybe its your week to win.

RIP GURU. Guru is a real legend.

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