Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Madness

March Madness is upon us and the sites offering a million dollars for a perfect bracket are Yahoo and Foxsports. That will be paid out over 40 years but add that to what you normally make a year and its a party. So dont be afraid to sign up and normally people who nothing about basketball do the best so try it out. ESPN and CBSSPORTS have 10grand contests for a perfect bracket because they are too afraid to offer a million just in case you get lucky and pick all the games right. The powerball is up to 200 million for saturday so you may want to donate a dollar to that as well because who the hell knows what may happen so why not.

Torii Hunter talked about how there are less blacks in baseball and he thinks no one complains because they count the latin players with the black players as minorities. Torii said it was cheaper to scout latin players instead of building inner city programs in america and baseball fields which is all true. Tony Kornheiser fresh off his suspension for running his mouth too much called Torii Hunters comments racist. Kornheiser took up for Mike Goldberg calling Dr. King a racial slur,Bruce Pearl joking about the KKK and tonys own racist comments heard off air of his radio show talking to a black staff member but now out of all those people he thinks Hunter is the only one who said something racist. Tony will talk himself out of a tv job as soon as they can find someone who gets the ratings he does. Tony can stay on radio forever because they dont really care what you say on there. Even Imus eventually got another job on radio making more money.

Allen Iversons wife filed for divorce and Stephen A Smith felt the need to tell the world that Iverson has a gambling and drinking problem. Ben Roethlisberger is catching another sexual assault charge this time in georgia. Tiger Woods is making preparations to play his first tournament of the year in a few weeks and may even play in the Masters. Woods hired Ari Fleischer for some strange reason. Woods only hires people suggested by IMG but between Mark McGwire,GW Bush and the BCS I dont see Ari has having been really successful at improving any of their images. Ari seems really average at his job and Tiger needs the best of the best PR people working on defusing this timebomb of his. On a completely unrelated note they now say chewing causes wrinkles and loose skin around your mouth. That means I will look like droopy dog in a few years as much as I like to eat.

Nancy Grace is a show that does alot of good but she also has a lot of unintentional comedy.
Caller Caroline: "Nancy I love you and I told my husband that if I ever come up missing I want him to call you first."
Nancy Grace: "You tell your husband to hide under the bed because if you come up missing im coming after him first."

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