Monday, February 8, 2010

Geauxco Lizard

I thought I would jack up the spelling of my nickname in honor of the saints winning. Congrats to the saints on the big win. If you have been picking against me in the playoffs you should be a rich person by now. I didnt think the colts injuries would be a big deal but the Greg Williams coached defense was great. Fun Fact folks, the Titans had a chance to bring Greg Williams in to be the defensive coordinator but power hungry jeff fisher didnt want to hire gregs son as package deal. So instead we got Chuck"I have brain damage from playing"Cecil calling the shots and that 13-3 best record in the NFL turned into an 0-6 start, the next season. Cograts to Greg Williams for rubbing it in the faces of all the teams who passed on him and also to Drew Brees who was ran out of San Diego in favor of trash talker and playoff choker Phillip Rivers. The Dolphins even chose Dante Culpepper over Brees in free agency so this is a good weekend for serving up that vengeance on a cold platter. I still call it "frontin" but that is probably just showing my age. This may be a good week to buy a lottery ticket and then I can front on my ex and other people. If the "Aints" can win the super bowl then that is another reason for all of us to hang in there just in case things get better for you.

Rachel Nichols was reporting for ESPN in new orleans and people threw beads at her but she didnt flash them,ha ha. Her throaty voice she uses to sound sexy was hard to hear over the chants, so she should try speaking up when she is outside. Normally her phone sex operator voice is popular but when you cant hear her you focus in on her crooked teeth and thats not good.

Peyton Manning was called God in Cleats,The greatest ever and alot of other undeserved things before the game. After the game Rich Eisen was defensive and ready to cry just like he was when Brett Favre choked away the game with an interception. Peyton is alot like he was in college he is great during the year but cant win that big one. He has one super bowl thanks to Joe Addai and Bob Sanders who both deserved the MVP more than peyton in that years super bowl win. Peyton is 9-9 in the playoffs so he needs to start getting it done or people will start saying the playoffs are a mental block for him like the Gators were in college. Ill say Peyton has a shot at being the best regular season QB but he isnt with Montana,Brady,Aikman,Roethlisberger or Bradshaw until he delivers more in the playoffs.

Drew Brees mom died last year but I havent heard him or anyone else mention her. Normally reporters eat up the chance to ask a living person what a dead person would say or if they are looking down on you right now. I think Drew and his mom werent close because of her criminal history and many of us can understand that because we have criminals in our family who dont want to change. It must really be hard to distance yourself from your own biological mother because she always wants money or to hustle you and other people.

Abraham Shakespeare is a lottery winner who was murdered in Florida and he complained about so many people asking for money and bothering him. He kept helping people out but they kept coming back for more. Abe didnt stay away from the right ones because someone murdered him and Dee Dee Moore is the first one they have put in jail for it. Dee Dee pretended to be a reporter writing a story on him and soon she had talked the barely literate man into giving her all of his money. She said it was to protect the money so he could hide from beggars but they found him buried under a driveway in a house she bought with his money. Even the lawyer who helped Abe is connected with her and a police officer was arrested for selling information about Abe to Moore. When even the cops are shady who can you trust after you have alot of money? The unfortunate answer keeps coming up as trust no one.

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