Friday, January 29, 2010

Fair Trade

The sports world is winding down because the Super Bowl is over a week away. The Pro Bowl matters to me this weekend because I want to see Vince Young throw the ball to receivers who can actually catch it. Terrence Cody and Greg Oden had pictures they didnt want the world to see for very different reasons leaked this week. At the end of the day if you feel sorry for them or not they will both be famous millionaires while you and I are working our 9 to 5.

The Who are performing at the Super Bowl for halftime and that means Pete Townshends past is back in the news. Most people felt like Pete was getting a pass by the media because he is a rock legend and they like his music. Well that pass is getting revoked because the people who live near the Super Bowl received sex offender updates that ole Petey would be playing there. I dont know if Pete would get the R Kelly treatment by the media if he was younger and american but I dont think there will be many protestors outside the Super Bowl. I also dont think many people will boycott watching the game but it is a good excuse to not watch halftime which most people dont watch anyway because it usually stinks. Prince did a really good job, with a bad hip and electric guitars in the rain he just killed that performance. The backlash from Janets nipple has made what was already a boring part of the Super Bowl even worse.

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