Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year New You

Happy New Year to everybody. My computer has been in the shop so I have been Awol on the posts. Congratulations to Amp for working with Combat Jack now. Make sure you visit Amps site,Ron Mexicos site and Combat Jacks site and his blog on xxlmag.

2010 is starting off big in sports and with the lottery. Arkansas joined powerball 2 months ago and they had their first winner saturday of 25 million. Chris Johnson became only the sixth man in NFL history to get 2000 yards in a season. Unfortunately he is the only one whose team didnt make the playoffs. CJ also set the record for most yards from scrimmage.

TI is free and Lil Wayne will soon be heading in so we should all be expecting albums from both of them this year. Those are both gun cases so the resolution for this year should be to get your guns registered or dont have them at all if you can afford security. Gilbert Arenas also has a potential gun charge so the small amount of athletes who get in trouble get the most press and make the good ones look bad. The titans like most NFL teams do alot of charity work but ESPN doesnt cover those stories enough.

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