Monday, January 25, 2010

Home is where the heart is

I saw a video on MTO of some teens(I think they were teens or people in their 20's who need to start dressing their ages) grinding on a dance floor. "Hit it to the beat" was the name of the dance which is the same old grinding with clothes on you always see just with less clothes on. I thought about a Chris Rock joke when he talked about women dancing and singing along with rap songs about sex. Rock said,"I feel sorry for you guys out here who have to pick a wife out of this bunch." That joke is funny but I couldnt laugh too hard because it hit too close to home. Growing up the girls I knew looked up to Claire Huxtable types of women on tv. Claire was a hardworking attorney who was also a great mother and wife who was still every independent. Now the women are loving Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives with women basically having sex with anything with a pulse. I dont know how they can go from that wild lifestyle to a monogamous married life where everynight wont be clubs and excitement. My friend said they should play that Outkast line before every wedding gets to the vows,"Forever forever ever?" It may be something that sounds nice short term or is what he or she has wanted since they were kids but the reality of just one sexual partner for life (when they maybe feel like it) is hard for some people to deal with.

That reality of no adventure everyday may doom some marriages and relationships. TV and movies have raised the expectations of some people to impossible levels for their spouses to achieve. You are so focused on your long list of what they need to bring to the table you dont care that your list is short. You could spend time working on improving yourself and making sure you are the same type of catch for that person as they are for you. Lowering your expectations and having realistic expectations dont always have to be a bad thing or a failure in your life. Some people arent happy because they are denying themselves happiness by putting up to many high jumps for a person to reach them.

The home teams won yesterdays games so the Super Bowl decided on a neutral field should be interesting. The colts are 3.5 point favorite right now but that could change. The saints defense gave up 31 first downs,475 total yards and 4.6 yards per rush. Peyton Manning really wants this second ring and if the Saints give him any openings he will thread the needle. Kyle Vanden Bosch made the pro bowl so congrats to him. All these dropouts of the pro bowl made the way for the Titans to get added.

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