Monday, January 11, 2010

Chris Rocks greatest hits/Heavy G

Chris Rock is right again. Chris over a long period of time has been one of the funniest and most clever comics out there. People like him because most of what he is saying relates to you or will eventually relate to you. In "Kill The Messenger" Rock said that he cant see America having a black first lady because black women cant be submissive to a black man they have to run everything. Rock said that she would have her husband the president hiring her girlfriends and she would be out alot. That is exactly what is going on with the President right now.

The Rock special is even funnier because it was shot during the election and he basically predicted all of this would happen. Michelles friends not only are allover the cabinet some are messing up and getting into controversy. They keep saying these are "friends" of the Obamas but these women are single and there is no way Michelle was leaving Barack alone with a bunch of single women unless she was there and they are actually her friends. Only one of them actually looks good and the rest are too old for most guys but even Chris Rock pointed out looks dont really matter most of the time if people want to cheat. The rumors are already spreading that maybe a few of them are lesbians and thats why the urge to settle down and start a family never got in the way of their careers. The party crashers incident was a mistake by a friend of michelles who was more worried about her dress and showing off than doing her job and keeping out strangers and possible terrorists. The president had to use his executive privilige to stop them from forcing her to testify. President Obama doesnt have time to clean up other people messes and run a country. Barack has more gray hair and he was already skinny but now he is so thin he makes Chris Rock look chubby. I dont want other countries to think our President is getting run by his wife(even though he is) and he is weak or anything. Image is a big deal but foxnews will always take the negative slant against him. I have to give Oreilly credit for taking up for Michelle Obama after he met her at the white house he called her attractive and charming so of course Laura Ingraham teased him and he lit her up for it and called her a kool aid drinker. It was interesting because we all can see how obvious it is that most of Fox will be negative about all democrats especially the President and his family but Oreilly took a stand that no one else at Fox would take.

Regina Benjamin is catching heat because she is a full figured woman and as surgeon general some people want a fit woman that looks like Michelle Obama. This is a touchy fight for republicans to try and start because the average american woman is a size 12 waist in jeans. Oprah is such a hero for women and she has just given up on keeping weight off now she is just fat and happy like most big women are. Being healthy is important but being happy with yourself matters too and most big women I meet now act cockier than the skinny women do. I used the Heavy G title because martin called gina that one time on "Martin" and her name is Regina Benjamin.

My only beef with some of these BBW's is that they complain about men wanting skinny women or not accepting them for who they are but they dont give the same mercy to big men. Monique the comic,Jill Scott and even Jennifer Hudson all traded in their regular looking guys with large bodies to get the skinny guys or the athletic guys. Some big ladies want the guys to look past the layers to the personality and heart but they pick their guys based on his looks and her lust for his body and dont apologize for it. Hypocrites come in all sizes folks.

Speaking of big people Mark McGwire just admitted he took steroids for a decade. Barry Bonds is somewhere laughing at the way everyone tried to make him the evil guy but almost everyone else has admitted or tested positive for the same thing he was berated for.

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