Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gone Til November

Wyclef Jean of the Fugees and the unofficial peoples president of Haiti is in some trouble. His charity to help Haiti after the devastation is under fire now. The Smoking Gun website (who are the same people who brought us the hilarious Kobe Bryant rape interview transcripts and those mugshots of random people) has pulled the tax records of Wyclef. Wyclef denies the money is paying for studio time for his terrible solo albums and to pay for those Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld like fleets of cars. Wyclef released a statement denying everything but he didnt release any paperwork to back up that denial. Instead Wyclef pulled the old diversion tactic that never works unless the person listening wants it to work on them.

Cheaters arent brilliant liars they are usually just lying to people who want to believe the lie. Mark McGwire lies were laughed at by people unless you are a Cardinals fan. Just like Spygate is no big deal if you are a Patriots fan. Wyclef said we shouldnt be focused on the rumors of where the money goes during a crisis like this we should be focused on helping the people...what? The average person doesnt have a private cargo plane we can fly down with supplies, so we give what we can and sometimes more to the charities we hear about. Most people can only pray most of the money goes to that cause or they will say,"Its the thought that counts, you had good intentions." Whatever my intent was to help people in Haiti not help Wyclef buy another sports car to cheat on his wife in. Wycelf would then remind me he is in fact Haitian so the money is helping out a Haitian,rofl.

So angry people are now saying give your money to the Red Cross but you cant trust them either. I remember when Katrina happened I sent ALOT of money to the Red Cross and I went to mississippi to help out in person. That was when another storm happened in one of the Carolinas I think. So Red Cross sent some of that Katrina money to go help out people in the Carolinas and another storm in Florida. When some people give money to a charity they want it to go to that specific area not go into a bank account and then be sent where the charity wants to spread it out too. It may sound cold blooded but if you sent a check to your grandmother for her birthday wouldnt you get mad if another old woman got the check, Red Cross would say dont get mad because it was that old womans birthday too. You want the money you donate to go where your heart was pulled to or touched.

Some of the really cold people said dont give money to anybody because they choose to live in high risk areas. I didnt consider New Orleans a high risk area unless you count getting shot or stabbed. Katrina type storms come along maybe once every 100 years to that city. These other people in the middle of the country who live in Tornado Alley or down in Florida where Hurricanes have a season of their own and daytime lightning strikes can kill you. Even Nashville has had a tornado or two but its not an every year or even 2 year thing.

That diversion stuff was done before by Rick Pitino. Pitino was exposed as a cheater and a guy who paid for his mistress to have an abortion after he impregnated her on the floor of his restaurant. Pitino brought up his brother in law dying in the 9/11 attacks and even Ted Kennedy dying as reasons people shouldnt be talking about his cheating. Pitino lost alot of fans and respect but he didnt lose his job. Wyclef can bounce back like that too he just has to spend this 2 million in 6 days he has raised the right way on the people of Haiti.

Speaking of shady coaches Lane Kiffin had a 60 second press conference in the middle of the night and used a police escort to sneak out of Knoxville,Tennessee. He quit to go coach USC after only 14 months on the UT job. This guy has had 3 head coaching jobs in 3 years so I guess you cant hate the player hate the game. The shadiest part was that his assistant called the UT freshman players and told them not to go to class so they could more easily transfer to USC. The NCAA criminal organization allows this stuff to happen with so many coaches like Calipari and Kiffin, so anytime I hear Dick Vitale crying about players leaving early I know he is just looking out for the Evil Empire. They want the kids to not get paid meanwhile they are making billions off the kids and if they stay and get hurt they end up with no money and back home working at Walmart and regret everyday like Al Bundy.

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