Monday, January 11, 2010

On to the next one

Avatar is now the second biggest movie of all time. I havent seen it but I may go just to check out the 3-D. I just dont think it will look as good in 3 years on TBS with my small low def tv,rofl. The ravens demolished the patriots and after the game the head coach quoted Jay-Z because "On to the next one" is the song they played before the game to get hype.

The sports announcer Craig James is thinking about a run for congress. James said this country is ready for another "revolution" to happen and overthrow the government. Craig wants to join the government but also lead a revolution to tear it down...oh ok. These rich people like Craig James and Glenn Beck who talk about revolution must not realize the poor people who rise up will head straight for their mansions to loot and pillage. They are pretending to care about poor people but they dont want to help them out in anyway so if its a revolution the poor will just break in and take their riches like Robin Hood. I keep hearing so many people complaining about taxes and the government now but during the 8 years of Bush they were silent except to defend Bush. The same people now talking about revolution and taxes being illegal according to the constitution were telling democrats for 8 years,"If you dont love America then you can get the hell out." Democrats should be saying the same thing right now to the people who are talking about basically committing treason. Ann Coulter wrote a book called Treason but she was stretching the definition of it, what some of these people are talking about now would be illegal to do against any government on earth. One thing you can say positive about the Clintons is they know how to fight dirty and not let republicans run over them. The Clintons are also great friends and business partners with the Bush family so some of that may be a front to look tough and ready to die for the democratic cause. Hillary was a republican in college.

I saw a tennessee megamillions sign at the grocery store but I still havent seen any start dates for the game. Until I have a ticket in my hand it will be hard to believe. There are 2 big lotto stories recently. One won because the cashier messed up his order he wanted 3 tickets to give as Christmas presents but the lady put all three on the same ticket and he won 128 million on Christmas eve. The other story is a couple who owe the government a million dollars after they misused funds meant for a homeless shelter. They were supposed to set up the shelter but they bought HDTV's and other luxuries. Now that they won millions in the lottery they dont want to pay what they owe. They are risking jailtime if they dont pay this amount. They would rather try to fight it in court again. It is their money they can do what they want but their history has alot of failed jobs and ideas in the past so most people would want to get that debt out of the way and move on with a happy life. When its child support or alimony they take it out immediately but since the lottery didnt do it this time the people have a chance to live it up on the money while they wait on another appeal case. The money could all be spent by the time it goes through the courts again. They won 162 million but dont want to pay the 1 million they owe the government.

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