Monday, June 29, 2009

Trophy Wives/Husbands

I had a boss who was about 55 and his second wife was 24. He would bring her around to show her off but I was thinking to myself if she is at home while you are at work what does she do with her time? She has a babysitter for the kids,a maid to clean the house, a chef to cook and a pool boy to do what pool boys do. So im basically saying she was in a mansion with nothing to do but flirt with any man or woman that came by to do some work. Im not saying trophy wives or husbands need busy work but use common sense here. They eventually divorced after he caught her cheating for a second time. I dont blame the person getting cheated on because I see cheating as very selfish act in marriages(im looking at you Sandra Tsing Loh) but like i said before I havent been married and maybe a 7 year itch would kick in for me too. Ive never cheated before so I would feel like a real hypocrite to give into temptation to stray after Im married. Starter Wives and Starter Husbands arent rare anymore so if you have been married or have kids isnt a question anymore for a first date its now how many?

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