Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stay in your Successful Lane

I mentioned in another blog about Joe Buck spreading himself thin with the show on HBO but that is an understatement compared to the next examples. I dont know why Will Smith broke his blockbuster movie streak with Seven Pounds. The same thing happened with Jim Carrey when he tries to get dramatic. Jim and Will(like im really on a first name basis with them) really want an oscar. They have successful movies that are in the top 50 grosses of all time but they are bored with their action/comedy(will) or comedy(jim).

Most of us wish we had one thing we could make 8 figures doing and we would stay in that job until we want to retire or until we drop dead especially if we love our work. As an alpha male or female its not easy for them to accept failure(bagger vance,23) so they keep chipping away hoping to pull a jamie foxx and rub that oscar in our faces. If they dip into the other areas too often they may lose their touch for action or comedy. Just like Eddie Murphy was the funniest man on earth when I was young but now after so many family movies I dont know if he is capable of another Coming to America or Harlem Nights. As as fan of Jim and Will(old golfing buddies of mine) it will show if they are just doing a movie for money and their heart isnt really in it so I wouldnt want that but why not do 4 of the 'same old same olds" for ever 1 of your "artsy begging for an oscar" movies. I want the average to be heavy in favor of the good movies(highest earning).

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